Elton John announces retirement from touring

"My priorities have changed," he said about wanting to spend more time at home.
1:18 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for Elton John announces retirement from touring
The announcement is that I am not going to be touring. Any law a possible the last which is gonna sought in September. Of this shift going to be a global took on its the last time that I will be touring. I'm traveling the world because. My priorities have changed in my life ten years ago if you said under the stop touring a sit not on the what commits as I always play. But Tom we have children. And I checked allies. And in 2015. David and I sat down with a school schedules. And I thought I would miss two months of this not had an amazing life a kind of amazing Correa. Of and so incredibly lucky. Mom. And I just my life has changed the priorities in my life changed by parts is now on my children. And my husband and my son. And you know I've been touring since I was seventeen. With various bands and as Elton John him not to 69. And I thought the time is right to say thank you to all my friends around the world globally. On then. You know to say goodbye. And then just to have a breather. A doesn't mean to say I'm still not to be creative but I'm not gonna traveling home.

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{"duration":"1:18","description":"\"My priorities have changed,\" he said about wanting to spend more time at home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52582462","title":"Elton John announces retirement from touring","url":"/Entertainment/video/elton-john-announces-retirement-touring-52582462"}