What You Need to Know About the Erin Andrews Trial

ABC News' Sunny Hostin gives us the details on the Erin Andrews trial and tells us about her emotional testimony.
8:10 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for What You Need to Know About the Erin Andrews Trial
It's air it has testified. It's a spring at the speed on the basics of what we need to well you know she did testify over two days and what's interesting about her testimony is that she went into deep tale about how this Walker's actions affected her she. Her father had previously said that she was a shell of herself but she really I think. Honed in on that and and what the jury. Of the experience that she had. Has had and continues to half. She says that it's it's made her depressed. She's been angry. She's still hurt by it. And that she had to go to therapy because of it because remember. This video has been seen seventeen million times and it was expert testimony. To say that every minute. One person is still seeing it as we are sitting here today another person is looking completely and those cannot take it down it was expert testimony that cannot be taken down. Ever and so she is being victimized over and over and over again and that really was her story but also on the other side the defense. Really cross examined her really vigorously defend here was saying. But since 2009. Since this happened. You've been quite successful you've gotten endorsements you are now. Host of Dancing With The Stars you are still reporting as a sports brought channels are students who lives she would always I think she is. Even more famous arguably that she was before Carlos is asking it is absolutely absolutely and that's that's pretty significant. And I have to tell you anecdotally it's as a recovering this story have been chatting with a lot of people. And many of them. Don't seem to have sympathy or empathy for what she's going through many of them feel I think sort of the car dashing in effect they feel that she's gotten successful. Even more successful because of this and you know why should she get 75. Million dollars like what my legal had I think no that's wrong. This is a crime victim the guy that did this the stalker was put in prison if they are the two and a half years he admitted to this. His his testimony is a friend history. Why it's. It seems to me that there are several people that don't think that she was damaged the tune of 75 million dollars it was an image. Is the thing. You don't know what goes on in people's habits so can caught last year and was the subject of this activity. These heat. Didn't think it's a self any particular mental distress out of it that doesn't mean this person. Who knows that the grant mental distress except you don't know if she has yes that's just the way these people get affected by different things differently taxable entity to judge people advertisements. And Angela. The law that you really I think very succinctly. Explain the lies you you'd take the person as you finally take the name them the plaintiff as you find it just because perhaps Kim court dash in. Was able to be very successful after this. Erin Andrews is saying that is not who she is she is. At least it. She appeared to be very distraught over this and her and her family. Has also indicated that this is a very different woman. And when I think about the case I think about those anxiety dreams of so many people have where you appear in front of your classroom naked. Eight and and think about it she now has experienced bad eggs anxiety. Dreams seventeen million times but in the court of law I mean let's be an incredibly difficult thing for ever to proof which is a terrible situation to put it. The victim crime. She didn't bring the case adds that the burden is on on the victim in in this sense because she brought the case. But I don't know that it's that difficult to prove these severe and permanent emotional distress because. It is clear I think the evidence that she has. Severe and permanent ongoing emotional and Angela hunt that case but I think that the whole tells negligence. Maybe. Difficult to prove anything remotely does not. Typical. I have dollar air on the corker. RQ what. Aids itself its majestic which is it highlights actually the responsibility. That that you have. When you employ someone annals of the responsibility that the employee it's. They may be here we go in but I think her case would be that somehow it's oh. Gates in the information as to what room she was in into the maintenance so that I could just be so on the front desk you employ two days ago he meant everything grimace when he done very well have not been the hung hung. Is that other issue here yes he is hit. And suddenly the whole company in the bull in the chief exact are in trouble it take interesting demonstration of the responsibility that everyone in the company has. There's no question about it because it. Your employees are your agents and if you're the employers here the corporation we want you to be a good corporate citizen and properly train your employees. And so if they didn't have proper. An appropriate policies and procedures in place to protect people when they state there than that is their food. It's still an immediate fun but it's still possible and you can get through in due process that threat is still better about it trainee. I thought that it edit video. So is the case from here in this issue. I believe she is done testifying we didn't see I haven't seen her yet so I'm not sure but I think she maybe. It won't follow a question on this. It's such an interest in things. Sony is it. These it's not who's still who actually took the salute to the people and I love that music chat by the way to England so let's go back for me. That attempt. I didn't even under the new way that you thought and exploration program you're not going to a it is Klein on foot chop tests. But hey. He went to prison to a no means yes and she's now waits until the markets this case in April some people would side. Why she went into an off he has. That is too low but that there's quite a counterpoint which is actually. It may take to a long time to fully understand the the psychological impact of an incident asses that its legitimacy to that. There's legitimacy to that time period also. Many crime victims. Don't want to re live the trauma she's was on the witness stand for over two days. Reliving the trauma and so. That prevents a lot of people from cop coming forward but the bottom line is if the statute of limitations has run if the loss feels that you can bring that case then. I I think kudos to marry her bringing the case because this could happen to anyone who hasn't stayed in the hotel rooms. And and felt that. They should be. In the privacy of their own. So this this could happen to to anyone and I think she's really she has the resources to do it and and the platform to do it and it's I'm pleased that she is and what this vote. And he could take long wait see how it excellent people only keeps the decision. Thank you Sonny. Right so we achieve long that it is Uga I was the view today. It was terrific. I really liked the ladies I think they are wonderful. The camaraderie around this table is real people making that you leave studio hate each other that's not true I think what these amazing joy. And treatment and Paul. Campus spared us. All terrific les and they treat wonderfully. States welcome snacks to get back to. Ingraham and I we'll making me want. I asked that she today thank you wow talk up. We've achieved and the and around the control. But. I've yet seen I have water that is true. The product development needs like these who because of the likelihood. Lives in case you're wonder and it's easy. As the facts and thinking.

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{"id":37348136,"title":"What You Need to Know About the Erin Andrews Trial ","duration":"8:10","description":"ABC News' Sunny Hostin gives us the details on the Erin Andrews trial and tells us about her emotional testimony. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/erin-andrews-trial-37348136","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}