Ezra Miller On Being Queer and 2012 Election

Actor explains what queer means to him and why he lacks hope for this country's future.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Ezra Miller On Being Queer and 2012 Election
It's pretty groups -- -- -- You gotta be kidding me. If you can meet -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How does this happen. Do. You in in all of this alleged design -- and you -- born in New Jersey. Here's yet super. -- what was -- I mean it's if you look at aerial -- -- all of these squares. -- everything looks the same. There's something bizarre about that display. Each each square of property being repetition of the one before and it's great and you see it though from. An aerial view of your own -- a lot of time jumping. It -- -- really little Kennedy thing. -- you the first one in the family that's I wanna get into the acting profession. I remember when I told my dad eight. Going to be -- former office. I like people that talk to their dads with -- it's all only. I'm own. And I'm glad that means you like me -- you can and. But I remember -- -- him and in being. I've taken aback but then -- -- were you really quickly coming to the conclusion allow that is. It's kind of at and -- is that no one do. I mean your -- you think about it you've got to like a significant. Jump start. And -- my dad said that. -- -- The jump start -- on obvious from the -- I got out and gotten nothing but support. This is taking place in 1991. Person being wolf when you're -- -- -- that's. I was right there I was on the cuts and -- this. I was growing as that something was an embryo in the embryo singing opera to yourself. Yeah and your mom. That -- totally eliminate I do remember that he. -- people have all kinds of -- that. Last year your -- -- nineteen now about -- I'm getting back right. Turned twenty -- that isn't a matter of -- We as quickly here. -- we really that water that you just finished B. -- it would in any event it impacted. Now -- thing that. Becoming team you can vote this is the presidential election you can vote. -- that obvious interest. -- well obviously. -- of two evils that and I am not -- hopeful. But. -- They. Do it yes -- you can do you remember when. It's like. Path. You without. -- -- words used the word -- yet work what is would mean to. At this point. In. -- world. We've got to really confused. Idea of the -- gender and sexuality work that we've created this really superfluous sort of like. -- -- In in the way we think about gender and -- day. I -- -- is clearly I don't I don't identify with that I think that makes us less whole. As people. I don't need to be assigned to. What -- -- you can what it is affecting you are likened and I feel like. It seems like a lot of -- we keep. Recycling. These these we -- drawing these battle lines. Which are completely -- -- in and so that's that's that's what it basically. What I think we're. I'm saying that I think. Human beings are amazing and loves and is an honor and an opportunity. And and a fragile thing -- fragile process. In which there's no room. War. -- or Sheen. Orders he tree sitters public doubts -- of that is you can be confused about certain things. -- and in I mean I guess they mean. Someone else outing we did the of the year. -- personal. Based on. -- But we do -- all the time. We always put people in that can -- that little box that you see New Jersey you know this year -- of those little box yet and and that that. That box will be as. People I'm going to let you get out of here but last question ask everybody it's so is that we saw. Maybe it's because it's released -- May be but everybody. Everybody does a little section. So you. -- -- -- Technicolor dream we're. And it. My. -- -- -- is about to get really she's the opinion this pop songs about it she. Am my. Used to seeing me it is he he was he's -- musician -- -- a lot of different songs but I would when I was the kid I would only. Let him sing one song and the -- -- the policy. Goes like this and if you want to close your eyes. And you could. What makes the villages -- -- -- low by -- with. Michael row the -- -- she saw. -- And. -- in my school are -- below it. A blue. He -- -- -- -- that's. Not. -- -- and -- this. He rumored are it and he coal. -- -- eat and why did -- Is now again I mean this guy. The my -- home. -- -- -- -- -- There are role in the. Beautiful. Oh my god -- is always put me out. Will we can put that into as a service to people to three but -- we'd be respectful again and I wanna say you foresee that there are a lot of -- as the young actors come out and start to do. And they have to get past -- lot of things in orders for me to just think. I'm looking at something happening in front of me to me in the middle or something on here than you in all the things -- -- And -- good on good. Thank you name it that was -- I didn't -- this crap. An -- -- Is that.

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{"id":17349294,"title":"Ezra Miller On Being Queer and 2012 Election","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor explains what queer means to him and why he lacks hope for this country's future.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ezra-miller-interview-perks-wallflower-star-queer-2012-17349294","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}