Ezra Miller Interview on 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'

Young breakout actor talks about new film and his own weirdness.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Ezra Miller Interview on 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'
-- ever want. Everybody. -- -- -- -- -- What -- I didn't didn't do anything. Breeze on a toaster and a friend. -- see things. We understand. -- -- But as it was found. I didn't think anyone notice me. -- we didn't think -- as anyone cool left to meet. So when everyone Charlie. Yeah. Welcome to the -- dismiss it -- Hi everybody Peter Travers and popcorn we -- tell you what's happening at the movies and you just -- scene from the perks of being wallflower. That stars among others -- for Miller. Who is Null pocket you can see from the scene and -- -- -- -- Acts -- approach things with people talking about. That popcorn yeah. My work is done here. You need to talk five yet it's really really -- -- -- I'll do it. Anyway I wanna start by saying it -- -- -- in 34 maybe five. And you always. Kind of you're one of those people everybody's. -- is -- -- We've gotten to the point -- thing. And the parties do. You when you -- of the talk about it. You can't wonder. What other people are thinking about you if you drive -- -- think that. You're not trolling the Internet thing. People rag yet it had happened now obvious that we realized that I think. Wouldn't. You haven't made that move yet where people's. -- Hold -- for and really. I'm saving up I'm seriously all right -- -- dude yet do something true for us but he -- Connecticut about. A way to bring it on the right -- Perks of being the -- -- is not that -- a cool Afghan. And it is and so we should start by saying you know can you explain to those force those of this and that it's the animals -- went down. -- You. And always this Patrick. Patrick is on one hand me -- the -- Joker. Is through -- A life of the party -- On the other immediately come mighty rebels you. -- -- You know it's a character that I. A -- playing him with a lot of already developed romanticism. Surrounding him -- -- read this book is fourteen and. To me at that time in this work of fiction Patrick was definitively. The me. You know clearly that is that that kid whose self assured. Seems to have it to get exact yet exactly but there's also. You know what. What I always fun to sort of like discovery -- -- -- how. Just like any human being even if they seem to have it together all people our multi layered and we all apartments that. It doesn't have it together but. -- you know I think visit and an element and its that I may be discovered to be. A little -- you know he keeps the party's going. At what expense because. There -- their moments where where where you see that he that we. But for the most part he -- sort of wonder -- What went with for. Which. Needed one on the. We you have him but then you have Emma Watson -- yours that is right who's had some problems in life but. Is relatively seeming to be part of the cool group. But Logan -- there is the -- -- Charlie he's this guy. Who doesn't -- it he's discarding -- you guys -- seen. And he's let them. So have you lived both the life of the wallflower god. And Patrick or have you always been back -- you know it's that's that's interesting because when I first read the book. I was identifying. And -- -- I was never buy any. Stretch of the imagination -- I was always. The young -- and it stutter couldn't speak properly I would steal I would go out there. You know being held debt has -- daughter live. Exactly. I think I think coming from. A strong. Support. -- may be used. I've always been ready. By the time I got its -- Aid. -- you know exactly -- Patrick -- and and I I was coming -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But win. I read things about. It's everything it's always when it's about your acting it's great but then when it's about you you people used to -- on this. A young. Bizarre totally awesome. Technicolor dream of weird. This is a direct quote that quote from somebody wrote an article. -- -- -- how do you live with that. I mean that that's starting right now I thought I had an area that. Theo you're watching the incorporate that in. That my self image. He's one more time I will but I'm gonna have to focus again OK here ago a young bizarrely off them. Technicolor dream of weird. And I would add -- -- live with it. One peppers. Is like reinvent me. You -- you weird. Feel very weird do -- -- in the high. It's bizarre. -- Yes. I want to check on but I don't know -- -- ever be sure everybody they'll let other people feel like it is exactly I don't think assistant. You know big given the fact that you're an actor and you're always out there presenting them. But look at the -- I -- the one before this and we need to talk about Kevin. You're this kid who's wiping out his -- right also the life of the the party in a different in different wet yet but it -- -- -- different park different kind of party completely. And and I remember you as the Chevy Chase there in city. You know the best part of death. So if -- sex part. Intact and nobody is quite casting. As the boy next door. And done. In. It's true to do people agents managers people -- -- to you -- tight. One. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- he's he's really. Use -- I might the particular. Years. In the world. Particular weird. -- Lynn itself. -- -- -- Mistake I'm -- We're used to the -- yet work what does it what does it mean he didn't really define what. What I think we're. I'm saying that I think. Human beings are amazing people love it. -- and an opportunity.

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{"id":17349269,"title":"Ezra Miller Interview on 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'","duration":"3:00","description":"Young breakout actor talks about new film and his own weirdness.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ezra-miller-interview-perks-wallflower-wierd-17349269","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}