Fairy Tale 'Facade'

US Weekly uncovers details of Heidi Klum and Seal's separation.
4:20 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Fairy Tale 'Facade'
Time did you all caught up on the latest celebrity scoops Justin -- from us weekly is here with other -- -- I just in vacancy at the theater so. Your cover story the shocking separation of Heidi -- and seeing counselors are yes and says -- they were so. Apparently in love they -- a -- in the mold of the celebrity relationship that didn't work right so what happened. Well they were really good at fooling everyone including -- -- there. Closest confidant their family we spoke her father hours after they announced separation -- and now this is going -- So what was going on behind the scenes there were major career -- that I mean you think of -- and see you think of Heidi -- Enormously successful everything she touches and the -- has TV shows. CS TV associate -- -- modeling pictures endorsements like everything she does is hugely successful is a global brand way and then CEO. And he's the guy that things case -- and crazy -- -- -- -- -- -- yet there were career tension that I think sometimes he sort of resented. How -- he was and how. Much of the spotlight -- just come and it right com and also they come from very different backgrounds Heidi as we know is very. Upkeep upbeat so friendly so happy -- -- I'm and CEO to come from happy. Family com and -- actually had a very troubled past and equipment -- London and he -- he plead the -- that scarred his -- so. He had had a rough time growing -- and and I don't know as a result of that I intend to be sort of a very moody -- her. In historic times and that anger issues yeah he's yet not a magic came -- on the matters it would have very explosive -- since the very passionate. Love affair you know they would either be. Happily and allowed by running crazy amount and or they -- -- -- with renewed their -- every I think yeah feel little could waiting to get this -- -- -- -- told us he had an -- figured out and get behind the scenes they were grappling with some major I mean. For them to sort of trying to sustain you know an output I have were told to get right what went up into the OK well we should point out there they're just separating there are no legal motions for divorce mean at this time they're just separating -- -- they're both very very devoted parents. That welfare that of those warheads -- is going to be. Tantamount to them on the time so no divorce battle no cuts to balance and actually CEO is even gonna maintain a home in Los Angeles. To sort of -- and. I'm here is that it will be fine yes lets kids who want to Kristin have you who need the reporting is pregnant -- have been that made me how confident that thing. Now this that and how this would play out on the Helms I'm okay so she and Jake where Chicago Bears -- I -- yeah there. Fish CNG have had a volatile relationship about seventeen months on -- on -- On the are on again in the Lina got re engaged in November and at the time -- -- was like if a fresh start we're gonna take things one oh. No rush to the wedding -- And -- There they are getting married on. Arms she is expecting very early stage is. By they're very happy. Obviously this is something that -- solidified their relationship. I mean you know hopefully -- -- that -- grow up you know she's a wild child but while -- Camping -- at right now let's talk about our Cambridge. Did you see when that news. It turns out that life may be imitating -- just absolutely. The protagonists. Played by Emily and camp she romances on the screen degrees -- there played by Josh bone and what turns out in real life there looking out and surprise surprise surprise surprise in -- -- -- -- a look at they -- in the new year together on the apparently they spent almost every night together. And he's very very private so I don't know their partners to together but I hope this is the -- without the subterfuge. And that -- let's hope that's storyline continues and he needs. A dark and we -- because that was in the first episode that's right I'm married yeah but hopefully the IMF will continue the average man do think you have questions -- to give you good to see you.

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{"id":15442083,"title":"Fairy Tale 'Facade'","duration":"4:20","description":"US Weekly uncovers details of Heidi Klum and Seal's separation.","url":"/Entertainment/video/fairy-tale-facade-15442083","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}