Must-See Films This Fall

The film critic and host of 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' gives a preview of what to expect this fall.
15:34 | 08/31/16

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This is the fall movie preview you know people you've all suffered through some. You know that you've seen suicides. You know that you've seen warcraft. And you know that you've seen and then her god summer could not and fast enough as far as I'm concerned. But it's fall and what happens in fall it is. Hollywood gets all interested in making good movies they haven't forgotten the blockbusters but they want even the blockbusters to be quality. And the rest is all aimed at our friend Oscar. Oscar watch the movie it's gonna do that so I'm here. I've been out there in the field I've seen these things and I'm gonna tell you what's actually working. And I'm separated from the stuff and you know it any season. There's going to be stuff that years say why did I waste my money. I'm only going for what you're not wasting your money so I'm gonna start wit and start with the block us now. You might have to wait till December to see this one but is there a movie. You want to see any more than you do rogue one which has a subtitled called. A Star Wars story it's the first and the lone Star Wars from the so in this one felicity Jones she's the one who got an Oscar nomination for the theory of everything. She stars in this movie as she and her so and she is part of the rebel army that is going to steal the plans for the death star. You need any more from me I am there to see. I'm in the trailer you could see who worked years for just the second Darth Vader. On why people so bring it on why the way have to wait till December remember that rogue won a Star Wars story. Then we have a movie called fantastic beasts and where to find. This is for all you potter mean acts JK Rowling wrote her first screenplay for this movie. We don't get to see the boy wizard because this thing is set in 1925 in New York. But you're going to see any red me playing a guy nieces who apologist who's got these fantastic creatures in his back. And when he's in New York he lets them ouch. So he needs is meant he needs is magic to get them back in. Again I can't even exaggerate. How popular Harry Potter universe that is and how much people are gonna see this. All right so what's another one of those movies that people can align fantasy. Actually me because this one's called Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange takes us back into the marvel universe but it's Benedict combat. Playing this surgeon Steve strange who is in a car accident that destroys its hands not good for surgeon. But we begin stand vis. These secret powers that allow him to do well I'm that we get any spoilers. Announcing to have an actor of that quality. Entered this universe. And surprise us with something. I am so there. All right. Another one of those is called assassin's creed. This is the video game but assess its pretty stars a really terrific actor named Michael fast Bender. And he is playing a guy who in the present is on death row. But his ancestor from the fifteenth century. Somehow gets in bomb and yes and we get to see things happen that we don't expect. In assassin's creed we're going to get not the soft Hollywood let's take the whole family version. What a video game this is going to be tough. And I can't wait to see. I'm also putting on mine blockbuster list even though they're not comic books or epics or Harry Potter. Two other movies one is called the magnificent set. I know you're tired of remakes nobody can stand him anymore but. Magnificent Seven was made in 1960. Start Yule Brenner Steve McQueen and now in this first and we get Denzel Washington in the Yule Brenner Rolle and Chris Pratt is basically in the queens Borough but they re invented what magnificence that. This thing moves like a rocket. It's fun it's interest thing and it's filled with another key word that he didn't hear last year when the Oscars were so why. Diversity there's not just Denzel Washington in the lead in this the director Antoine Fuqua has cast. A native American. A Mexican and this South Korean actor so full war. Of the seven are people of color and because I've seen the movie I'm saying to use it all war. And every single season. There's always a thriller or mystery that's going to come out because we've all read it it's based on the best seller. That burned up or can those we watched it and this season it is called the girl on the train. It stars Emily Blunt. As aid bitter divorcee voice she bitter and a raging alcoholic who while she's on her commuter train in Westchester does team. Something really wrong with two people through that train window and can't get anybody. Who believe well I'll see Emily Blunt than anything I love this book by Paul Hawkins so this is kind of the movie with that gone girl. So a lot of major blockbuster movies that we have so hope your side. The thing about fall and I can't emphasize it enough it. Who's gonna win the Oscar. What's going to be the best picture is it going to be something major huge or is it going to be something like last years. Best picture winner which is called spotlight which was controversial was about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. What is. Hollywood in the academy really into and I'm gonna start with the movie that's called the birth of a nation. DW Griffith made a silent movie called the birth of the nation in 1915 that kind of glorified the Ku Klux Klan. This is not that movie Nate Parker who made this movie stars and it. Is making a movie about the slave rebellion. Run by Nat Turner. Who to Baptist preacher who preached peace but couldn't take what was happening to these people. And what you're seeing in this movie and aside at Sundance this year makes it audience go crazy Dave Dave look at it and they say why. Isn't it because you're seeing scenes of extreme violence but you're also seeing. A creative guy like Nate Parker making a movie that says I don't care shot to our. I don't care if you think my feelings are too on the surface and too full of rage I'm going to show you what goes out there in the world. And I know. As everybody does that Nate Parker hand is a a scandal in his past rape accusation charges that happened when he was at the University of Pennsylvania. He was acquitted. Anything that happened in terms of that case but this is gonna come up all the time. It's gonna make people say. Do I want to see a movie made by this guy I'm saying you do birth that the nation. Is that kind of a movie that you'll hear in any kinds of ward off. He cast eats the most exciting. Motion picture that I've seen here. Another movie that I love that I would put. In the same level as the birth of the nation. And that I it just affected me so emotionally and I can't stop thinking about it is called Manchester by the city. It stars Casey Affleck as a guy he's dealing with tragedy in his life. Michelle Williams plays his wife. I'm not gonna say much more about it except that it's done by any playwright named Kenneth line again. Who is one of the best screenwriters and I now and when of the best directors and even though he's already made you can count on me and Margaret. This is the best thing he's ever done you see this movie it pains you to UC. Academy I don't even have to remind you're gonna remember this. Then there is a movie called billing wins long halftime walk it comes from Ang Lee the two time Oscar winning director did Brokeback Mountain in my upon. And what he's done in telling this story of an Iraq War hero being celebrated at the Super Bowl. Is to juxtapose that with scenes of billing and in combat. And what he's also done with this movie is to shoot it at a 120. Frames per second that's like. Five times the norm for how movies are projected that clarity. It can friar eyeballs it's that amazing. Is that gonna distract from what we're seeing people trust Langley you're gonna see something really special this. Then there's a movie called loving. A loving is a true story where a white man in Virginia in 1958. Married an African American woman. And was told that they couldn't live in the state that they committed a crime. This case led to a Supreme Court decision that said we can't have laws like that anymore. Jewel Edgar ten plays the guy and an actress named Ruth need to raise of this woman. I don't know if you've seen Ruth on any of the TV shows that she's done. But this performance is got to be out there Wayne anybody's talking about best actress in the years she's that good. There's a lot for us to look forward to and a lot for the academy oh. You know there's something about fall to where you want those kinds of John remembers that we do know bio pics are. So huge. In the fall because you can win an Oscar if you just laying this kind of role correctly. And there's a movie that I've seen directed by Clint Eastwood called solid about captain Sully Sullenberger who. Landed that plane in the Hudson in January where it was so freezing. Because he realized the engines were and he was gonna get that plane down and he saved all 155. Passengers on that flight. Tom Hanks plays selling. And and this is an actor that I admire. So greatly this I'm saying is one of his very best performances. And it's a movie that Clint Eastwood has made because what he admires about Sully is that this is a guy with. Nothing but modesty who says when people on the Euro. I just did my job so Steve this and academy should listen to that it is well. Then there's smoke you know we've seen the snow and story before it's been made before in this case. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is plain this guy who believes. We should see every document which unity have full disclosure of what the government is doing. Oliver Stone has directed at so things are going to be stirred up. There's also fall is big for love stories customers are kind of it. And I think the biggest one is going to be one called passengers. It stars Jennifer lines. And Chris Pratt and what happens to them is there on a space flight. That is going to put them in hibernation for 120 years and then agony get up. And they're gonna see a whole new world that thing that happens in this movie that. Nobody expected is that two of them wake up and those two were Jennifer alliance and Chris Pratt and what they can do alone on that space. Treat them. And then there's a movie called ally this is a movie set in the 1940s. About spies. Has a very cast a blank field it's directed by Robertson that yes he did Forrest Gump and any number of and it stars Brad Pitt. And marry on coty. They are the ones who were going to. Cree eight this kind of romance that we haven't seen it Peary found that still has spies it. So I'm very interest it. And then. A musical. Musical love story from the director and named image Zell who did whiplash I guess that was it musical two about rounds but it was the road to now. This is a genuine musical in which Ryan Gosling plays a jazz musician who falls in love was an aspiring actress played by Emma Stone. It's what they mean to Zell calls his is the be back cinema scope love letter to Al lag. It sounds insane intense how could this possibly work. And because it sounds insane I can't wait to say to watch where you are in our job comedy comedy. What more. Can I asked as a major fan of Christopher Guest who has made some old made me so many movies from waiting to Guttman. About. People being insane when they get together to enter contests this what's called mascots and it's about who's the best mass cots. At any kind of sports event they all gathered together to show what they can do. This is so off the wall as a movie and yet if you've ever seen any Christopher Guest movies you want to lineup concede that one. Billy Bob Thornton is also back in bad Santa two at my house it's like a Christmas programming. Which shows you what a twisted house. But the and I'm gonna end with. Something that not just in fall but all year this year and for several years before it. Is putting live action film making to shame and and I am talking about animation. Animation is already we have that this summer talk about saving this summer we have finding dory we have the secret life acts. The Angry Birds me. That people the technicians that are doing this kind of thing art are doing the peak work now and Hollywood. They're Smart movie I have great scripts and what animation can do is just the wonder. And you're gonna have moved geoghan have one colts seeing which is kind of an animated American Idol thing that sounds insane one call trolls. But the one I wanna see more than any is called mole on the it's the first Disney movie that says a Polynesian. Princess and it. And the music and the songs are written by Lin Manuel Miranda did panel that. So people I am soul. He tweeted recently that he played the first song that he wrote to his wife who he says is his toughest critic. And she cried so all and a cry too. So welcome to fall.

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