Fans Mourn the Deaths of Two of Hollywood's Most Beloved Actresses

People gather at the Hollywood Walk of Fame to honor the lives and careers of Debbie Reynolds and daughter, Carrie Fisher.
8:33 | 12/29/16

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Transcript for Fans Mourn the Deaths of Two of Hollywood's Most Beloved Actresses
Hi everyone at Wesley master digital entertainment editor for EEP c. News and Karen Hollywood boulevard Debbie Reynolds star on the walk of fame as you can imagine went after her death their flowers are so many memorial have been laid out. Despite my let's take a look that benefit the cameras that you eat. When just that are read about it but it kind of media here are pretty creepy the. Allard. Move out of the way as you can imagine are the type of media attention on this star and I want to make sure everyone can get the shop at the need. You know live a little further down Hollywood boulevard. Again I aim here on Hollywood boulevard in Los Angeles. Right I think Debbie Reynolds start where there's been a makeshift memorial placed there flowers that are great images are at the start just for the big leap of flowers. As you can imagine people are very very affected by the news of the last couple days just to rehash your memories. Debbie Reynolds died yesterday one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died after going into cardiac arrest and a trans Atlantic flight. And down the block and can't Carrie Fisher made a star for her because actually she doesn't have one. So there I think that might be rectified invite your widget in out of touch it takes to get someone who's human cock start. Olivia visits down there with some of the people who did the make shift starts I'm going to you. Take a walk down that way and turning give you a sense of what kind he has I'm on. Very hot enough for F. In Hollywood right now it's obviously the end of the year it's kind of a quiet week. It not only to people are here checking out the start but these are where the most people are gathered obviously the last couple of days for an entertainment fans. Have been pretty content. Back to Friday carry Fisher was on a trans Atlantic flight from London to Los Angeles when she went into cardiac arrest. Rushed to the hospital and her brother was telling ABC news at the time that they were hopeful that things were gonna turn out okay. It's that they they keep having had the backing of doctor working on her. And if she was in stable condition but that was just injured but the gambling. What can that not a medical condition it wasn't necessarily indicate. We happening. And then unfortunately. On Monday. We got news that she died. In the morning in Los Angeles. Her mother obviously hired real game. Was with her son Todd Fisher Keri Brenner and all the heat that Katie he. How much she wanted to name it here. Yesterday was rushed to the hot but. And I later in the after. Really do. Been really hard for fan. Harry and his daddy yeah sort of undeterred. It happens so quickly. And so again I'm on the walk of fame. Carrie Fisher did not have a dark so the fan made what for her and its bid as you'll pianist acted. A gathering place for though it. Are mourning her and trying to remember her. And hiking trip to what they tend to honor her legacy and her memory though I'm gonna turn the camera and a second and show in a Libyan men. Have been at the start talking to people and she can give you an event what's going on here. Apparently. The end he apparently. Am Ryan and my skin. Fish and meat or even know me now and litany sleeping pill Bryant let him. We can't hear him being here I'm Eaton and the parents and all their the next. Yeah. Calling yeah. Nobody Jason that was presented on this. Man that's denying payment faster than the zero day. A hero. I got here Jason thirty here putting down the first couple letters saying we all you. Tonight. Stop doing. Just like block. Right right common hey Alan. There are not friends here blocking it off. Picture the way. And some flowers we. A lot of pain I'm in the end the very pictures aren't the assailant when your. So much. Gotta be though. So what's memory. Good maybe not here. Thirty or forty. Inside there. And I'm there. You carry. There like. Mayberry. A hearty evening here in this accident did bring businesses from opening night wears away and about that. She would find it. Still with us and let them eat I'm happy I'm here this card right here is problem. A long list of names on this time again. Palin did not come from all okay. Earnhardt and I ruins. Here but there's count I was penalized for. Let's come in and. We know. God doesn't. You know on star. No I don't. Pictures. We did this precarious. I like eight. Pat flatley yeah the Hollywood walk Damon to third that left fans like. Thank you so much for being with that again in eastern Debbie Reynolds tired. Fisheries meat since starlet about a block. DT from weren't thinking so much for joining.

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{"duration":"8:33","description":"People gather at the Hollywood Walk of Fame to honor the lives and careers of Debbie Reynolds and daughter, Carrie Fisher.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44455559","title":"Fans Mourn the Deaths of Two of Hollywood's Most Beloved Actresses","url":"/Entertainment/video/fans-mourn-deaths-hollywoods-beloved-actresses-44455559"}