Fantasy Forecast: Week 1

With the 2016 NFL season underway, ABC News' Meterologist Mel tells you the players to start and sit based off of this weekend's forecast.
4:06 | 09/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fantasy Forecast: Week 1
I'm meteorologist Mallon is this your ABC news digital fantasy forecast right tell you explain to start and lets players that fit based on this week the weather forecasts. Let's start right here near the even the jets late angled in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday. Hot sunshine it's going to be feeling like summer then fog here. Temperatures again in the name Easter outfit game on Sunday at summertime warm trickle of right into this article all season. Players positive playing in the heat but that doesn't necessarily mean at their bodies respond well especially the bigger players but this is great news for the offense because the bigger players are neatly on the deeds and get worn out and tired much more likely the I want it's our right marched off and Eric Decker. As for Matt Forte and he evening into this off and I see how he fits and before we do you start him. Another reading at just in case for one now on the other hand the thankless you know starting AJ green running back situation is different we have aren't tight in and you know you Bernard and Sharon felt that burning star we're at me now that Martin young. And Mohammed that you are on and I very injured they don't need to take hours without workload. I think of the PPR Kelly starts human arts. If not starred Jeremy L and hopefully as a better isn't lasting now in the bond at Philadelphia. The Eagles played a grant in Philadelphia on Sunday. And Aaron at seven another heat wave that they're air show aired this summer and now they're dealing with only want to take a look at the map there heat index reading hundred degrees. On Saturday I Sunday at cold front moves through the wind shift from the south and north. Help the humidity high still 87 degrees they're still feeling the heat on sun next. And that the heat it helps the offense because the tyrant acting as. Much mark I think that the able have a bigger plays an easy place Gary Barnett impact herds bullfight and awful scenes. But there is one other thing I want it is a great start is Ryan Mathews. An Iraqi quarterback in the eagles' other going to rely on running the ball more but all felt the Cleveland Browns have one of the worst defense is in the heat. The inlet that heat I think right activists got out of it gains and got headed our hand and now we move on bombs. At a hot spot Baltimore that's where the bills and a ravens on Sunday afternoon. More and more heat just look you're eight temperatures are in need eighties on Sunday. Full these teens are from the north especially that they there used to playing in chilly weather about let me art. Nobody. Gets tired quick air but that doesn't need anyone every and I think it's out this week. Senior he had not only making his commented on Sunday he's older and coming off an injury other batons and eat it until now just reports that. And parents last it's a different story now on the bill I. If you had any one appetite acted that I any Watkins topical you know start and I'm currently at whether to take a look at the game's most impact it either flat there. The theme this week if the heat that's when it's taking active September 3 2000. We're the Eagles cowboys in ballot. Hot and FL games on record. The temperature a hundred degree and the Eagles cowboys 41 to fourteen. How it. It's that he will look even more prepared in the heat and how is it. And they have something in and bankrupt pack drink it that's right nipple on that dehydration and muscle cramps. I expect that it isn't does help with muscle cramps even more than water. They linking with our top player that day he barbecue and a touchdown it was the second most rushing yards and it Eagles game on record. The difficulties and bring it out the weekend I meteorologists now an Abbott EDB need a line. Anything where cats.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"With the 2016 NFL season underway, ABC News' Meterologist Mel tells you the players to start and sit based off of this weekend's forecast. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41986505","title":"Fantasy Forecast: Week 1","url":"/Entertainment/video/fantasy-forecast-week-41986505"}