Filmmaking With A Message: Charlie Anneberg's Story

An Inside Look at ' Silenced', 'Unjustus' And
13:04 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Filmmaking With A Message: Charlie Anneberg's Story
It's not something use -- this is not a career goal to become a whistle it's -- -- doesn't matter with the public -- -- -- -- to Jordan say it's leaking. -- -- So whistle blowers it's clear have become an endangered species say it that way. And you have a government has decided. That they need to become extinct. So what happens when you share government secrets with the rest of the world silenced. Premiering at this year's TriBeCa film festival shows the personal fallout. To national security advisors that break their silence. With some damning information. And Charlie and -- is the executive producer of the film joining us now with a look -- -- being with us today. This has obviously in this issue of surveillance and a security has really been brought to the forefront of discussions obviously -- -- the most public face but. Why was it important for you to executive produce this kind of a film that really looks at that the people behind taking such a bold move. Well about a year ago. I guess everything starts with a personal story and over the last few years. There are some issues with the legal system and and I love playing with words. -- sitting in the courtroom. I started thinking the words just us. Break it just for us and we realize we live in a society where few economic means the legal system can be one of the great systems. If for everyone else -- to be unjust. -- and I became really intrigued about the violation of human rights through law itself. And the issues the legal bowling. In how to use film and social media to create accountability and ethics. In the legal system again. In -- really perverse that we live in the world now where the truth is a lie in the lies -- truth. Now when I was being raised if you saw someone doing something on a street corner. You to speak out -- and now when you help people speaking out. -- they're willing to be persecuted for that there's something fundamentally wrong and I think as a society were really. Craving integrity in values and accountability. It when people of the free world Parcells few leaders. And we can't tell the truth I think there's something wrong here. And that's how these films kind of cropped up -- come to me through this kind of -- just -- -- You travel the world youth. You have worked on more than 300 films and a lot having to do with. Human rights and injustices around the world but this far is here in the United States -- What do you think that the revelations which he for the audiences when they see silence or a justice which a lot of talk about just a minute well of talk about right now. -- Schwartz very Smart. Young very computer savvy guy was accused. Hacking into MIT's computer. Facing more than thirty years jail time a million dollar fine. Ultimately they committed suicide. And that. I think probably more so than what Edwards Jones case didn't really brought a lot of attention to saying. What exactly is free would what would you know what -- of the protections on information that are out there. Well you know its interest thing -- I believe. These figures both thing in silence to -- and Schwartz are really kind of bringing things to a forefront. You know -- life everything goes -- personal and everyone in the reliance -- Porter and others enough to draw a line in the sand. And stand up -- -- about these that you believe it. In what you -- these characters are people view really believed in the system and a set of values. You know they were trying to hurt people that wasn't like a malicious intent. And they've been punished for the united -- really message content -- -- just basic fundamental governmental things where. Freedom of speech. Telling the truth I mean these are like. Sesame Street for -- -- kind of concepts. In now everything's been turned upside down and -- there's a chaos without. And so I really think it's it's a return to -- your oath to authenticity you know -- to integrity. When you look at those two films and the and the message that it delivers into the audience you know. Initially. There might have been a response of someone like Aaron some like Edwards -- -- they're just gravel browsers are essentially just trying to stir up trouble but do you think that the public opinion -- the tide has shifted in fact that. They're actually doing a public service. Well. You know its interest -- them I'm sitting and a but he BC right here and in media it's it's very influential poll on how you can see your story and usually. There's no wrong or write the story there's something in the middle and if we -- allow these voices to speak. And really express themselves without cutting it -- sound bites and trying to shape it. What people want to hear I think -- hear a different story there's always an origin of why someone does something. And I think at the cornerstone what you see in the state uses these are figures he really believed in the American system. That's why they joined these organizations they weren't here put it down and in Salem -- -- joined the NSA it and destroy it racked. But then just like I'm getting out is how I think most people were raised -- -- things that really can sleep that night and they want it to express that. You can't go to your peer group -- your bosses they don't want to hear about it right. In and they drew one of the -- and in the struggling and I think like allowing. To articulate their voices. In allowing people to you make thrown judgments of it -- clearly always gonna have a -- to -- people are gonna say. -- anti patriotic rather threatening national security. And then you're -- have a group that's gonna -- -- this is great with this failed foreign and somehow I think that answer is in the middle but what's important is. For people just to listen. And get a better -- because there's no question in if you -- people that. People are truly -- integrity. Just a return to basic old fashion often tests that it authenticity to speak. From her heart be -- tell me the truth and now you hear all these stories and we -- lot of confusion. Yeah and edited that -- no hidden agenda no food no service the second the second issue to be addressed. You know what -- you have things in you you're the director of the Annenberg Foundation and -- dot org is is one of the project that you have created and developed and founded. I was able to participate last fall by going to have to Churchill Manitoba to see the migration of the polar bears -- -- which is just one. Just one aspect. Of pair of -- of the planet which use this. System of web cams around the world that really brings people they can be sitting in Paducah Kentucky to. The polar bears migrating up the Churchill Canada -- what was the catalyst for this idea. Well. First lot of pies obviously -- ask -- about the injustice if you believe in balanced than life. The -- of the planet celebrate the beauty and -- -- to come up close and personal nature. It Tbilisi and justices the pets live you know -- abuse. At the -- -- foundation I think it's important to tell all aspects of stories of life. It's a unity deal with how this ballots when we talk about these two projects that I -- -- -- -- -- -- as well what I hear you I got to swatted like you have the pits that you call this but it had played all the legal in this darkness and human rights. And pearls of the planet in with -- of the planet you know really to me it's about allowing people to get up close and personal -- nature and really intimate way. In become stewards of our natural environment so. For example. When people have the opportunity to look at the brown bears in the last -- -- You know -- on the salmon. You know really what you're looking -- as one of the world's great natural that the -- And I often think of these bears is the high sages were. It's the same thing when you're looking at. The polar bears and you're -- with issues like global warming. The you don't get to become a citizen scientists -- what's really unique is that we also live interviews with you know scientists and it's great you know I haven't been to New York in a while and sometimes -- last like what you want to accomplish with these cameras. And often I say. If people just -- for a moment and reconnect with nature just. Escape the stress just turn on and asking us that either natural habitats I think you're naturally given -- Steward of our environment without. -- -- -- -- -- -- to some connection you know to allow yourself to get up close and personal and study our natural world. They're highly addictive perhaps more times than not been caught you know -- up in my browser that is as I'm taking a couple minutes to sort of forget about the -- today. What was -- Is most -- about the it. As opposed to other other nature shows -- other documentaries is the fact that it's it's not edited is it's a live web -- so I mean. You you are able to sort of be that Boyer and kind of cash nature. In its most natural essence I guess there's probably no -- cleaner way to say it but. But but there's but the summit that that that's very -- that's very intractable -- -- in fact that this is happening right now former army you know copy that. One who would you trouble your job now -- that I did well we'll. By it. If there's one thing I can say about it's you know I was trained as you know filmmaker and I've always enjoyed that some of -- -- -- being on. Explores the -- really unique destination in its. Funded by -- private foundation work and so really. You know we don't have it's we don't have commercials are currency. Is our purity. And I hope you know so when -- on our site. You really getting the purest experience you care and on the web and you feel that. There and it's really for people. Feel to connect with nature and in that purest state without any form of manipulation. To you if you are often call -- Sesame Street for adults and adults it's -- like rediscover your innocence. For kids it's to grow and expand. And it's it's been -- remarkably successful. That's but that's really what it's about but when you come to explore and so if you're dealing with. Even slowed -- four here -- hope that our audience knows -- -- really pure experience and that they can feel safe. Because -- there's no manipulation I'm not trying to like drive you to go by Procter & Gamble I'm not trying to you. Make you feel that you have to save the world because in the Philanthropic world. I'm very blessed I can help people and I'm aware -- that. But I've traveled across America for the last seven years and projects and -- -- so many wonderful people and people want to get involved they don't know where to -- or who to trust -- a lot of people also -- how the economic ability to help. -- -- -- -- allowing myself to provide that emotional connection. They are helping displayed. That's what we don't mean you Robert -- -- we don't put money in the public relations it's it's a really pure destination. It's where it's -- -- with -- to harm its residents of granting over the world that so -- -- will never had access to physically be able to go to an end you're you're offering that window. But connect ability of its its. It's it's a real honor to be -- to be able to created in two. -- -- Stuart of the public can help people with that I mean when we get our currency -- for me personally outside of the purity is a feedback and we like. Letters from -- -- are elderly -- like. All people of all ages -- saying how the cameras truly help from dealing with. Personal issues in the rely for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Terms it's that it's it's wonderful and it's. And it's really important because. You know there's a lot of things at stake looking at the future. Being able to be -- Steward of the environment it's. It is -- -- them -- -- popular share with you right now we're very well we're very lucky to have it silence is that TriBeCa and justice is out and of course. -- the planet always available Charlie -- thank you so much appreciate if you so much we appreciate it.

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