Frankie Avalon Cruises Down Memory Lane

The Legendary singer talks cruises, malt shop memories... and Justin Bieber!
3:56 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Frankie Avalon Cruises Down Memory Lane
For those of you 120 you might -- -- Frankie Avalon was the Justin Bieber of his time a teen icon who had several pockets he started several -- summer movies with a -- from the cello. Now for those watching that are my age you're gonna remember -- rankings show stealing performance in Greece. -- -- -- Go back to. Yeah. And it. -- is a singer he's an actor he's performing music legend and taking his show. To the open season he is with us now to talk about this Frankie Avalon thank you so much is a pleasure to speak with you. Thank Stan thanks to those nice. Wonderful things that you said about me there Justin Bieber and Frankie like another is kind of you know similarity -- the only thing my hair goes up his goes down that it well listen if he can still have your hair at that age I think that'll be something an accident happening on tips -- so this is called -- -- memory -- telling about what started this whole -- -- a -- yet. Art imitates on the I've done a lot of work in the last few years with time life and of course they. They got this wonderful idea to do this first cruise and I yet they approached me to do it and I did it this is the third homer coming up with. But I did the first one and had such a great time doing this -- because. It is a cruise of the music. Of the 50s60s to seventies a lot of my friends. It's -- right Dell is -- of the great beyond. Darlene love there's so many different kinds of performers on this cruise. And I think that the best part about it then -- the fact that. You get the meet and greet and talk -- these people that have been with -- for tons of years you know so it's not just a performance onstage you get off. And you you're not seen again you really do mix and mingle. With the with the passengers and you'll have a good time in your reminisce about a lot of things that you've gone through through the years and you bring people you bring. Across to their -- I think what is so fascinating is that is multi generational. -- that they grew up listening to you or their parents -- but obviously you know you've got this huge. Pop culture iconic status I have to ask you about this your favorite song your favorite memory that people come -- you either on these cruises -- went on networks and other U -- but still. A very active schedule. Yes I did. But you know it it varies not been doing this for over fifty years Stan and you know -- -- so many different comments I remember when I saw you in -- Moines Iowa. I remember when you were singing this song when you were singing Venus. I was falling in love with my -- my husband two that's is now my husband. So many different things throughout the years so it's good to be a part of somebody's lines. For all these years you know having done it for so long as -- just get a little overwhelming. -- it -- know that you have just become this American fixture. You know what then that yeah I think about this you know what I'm on stage. And -- in front of the cameras -- the I'm doing what I do. Singing -- whatever it is one. Part of my life. Once I get off that you know I. I'm a married man above 49 years I have eight children -- grandkids and I -- pretty much of -- a normal life. Wow hugely successful -- obviously professionally and personally as well it is that. Obviously continued success to you it's called malt -- memories is the crew is an obvious adding a lot popular lately going. -- having a fantastic time Frankie Avalon thank you so much for joining -- remember the dates -- October 27 through November 3. Come on board be a passenger be a friend to that some of the great great artists of my time your time and the future. An invitation from -- out 100 turn that down thank you sir. Thank you.

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{"id":15331576,"title":"Frankie Avalon Cruises Down Memory Lane ","duration":"3:56","description":"The Legendary singer talks cruises, malt shop memories... and Justin Bieber! ","url":"/Entertainment/video/frankie-avalon-cruises-memory-lane-15331576","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}