Gaius Charles On ABC's 'Pan Am'

Actor plays a sailor looking for love on the new ABC series.
3:52 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Gaius Charles On ABC's 'Pan Am'
He's best known for his role as smash on Friday Night Lights. Now -- -- Charles is guest starring on the smash hit pan am. And -- sailor looking for love and he's here right now to talk with about it -- -- and welcome it's great to have you here. Be here thank you for having me. Your character on -- -- and -- -- and yes it's been a wonderful experience I've played Joseph who is a need be soldier submariner. Whose crew is coming back to the United States and -- run into the ladies of pan am. They're good looking lady -- -- are -- -- -- and I have a romantic encounter with. -- rob -- character Laura and you know given the context of you know civil rights era and what have you. Some complications occur and I'll leave it there with the military and I think that there is a chance this could become -- yes there's a chance we'll see what the writers have to say and everything like that but. In the meantime it's just been a pleasure working with the entire cast and crew. And very successful show pan -- -- -- celebrates. The heyday the glamour day Andrea Harris travel costs which is sort of exciting cantv because it's certainly not like that now did not -- a. -- that I wonder how would you know that's how -- experiencing now but no. I mean it's it's -- great to celebrate women in in the way that it does independent women. In just a lot of the teams that come together I mean even when you look at how -- incorporate the history of what's going on globally you know that's a wonderful show. But see your point yes. Travel you -- a nightmare travel. And oh my gosh you know just go with your bags and take now you know different bottles that you forgot you and you know how many water bottles were thrown away how much -- just taking up issues -- -- -- certainly don't feel like an elegant I have no doubt at all about her own good people are dressed up in their suits and had now. I don't think DeLia plane and -- -- you know what. Actually being an actor in traveling so much kind of -- the routine down pat you know no genes. I know sweat pants no belt he knows flip flops you can get away with me that this will strategic. You -- the bi coastal plain got exactly yes of course you know everyone knows and -- you from -- -- up Friday night -- -- a -- experience -- -- wonderful experience to -- These -- the show it and that's an Emmy love yeah. I think he does than I was watching this show and had taken Ewing Kyle Chandler. And Jason freedoms when the Emmys because it was just so. Such a big celebration for everyone was you know part -- -- -- such a great. Any chance for a reunion. It. I've been -- Friday night like that you know you say that there are some rumors that there might be movie in the works based on the TV shows so -- if this morning. And then after the show you sort of have a little in a low profile for awhile without -- design. Well I actually was working pretty hard in terms of you know acting that included four films to which won the Sundance I was doing a international -- a fellow with Hilton Hoffman. Talking bad happened just they're in the plant I did not. But she's played a -- as wonderful -- -- You know it was great time -- and actually. Went back and got my masters. Degrees. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Young men out of my goodness what did you think -- your masters in an -- -- I've got my bachelor of fine arts and have -- Mellon university that. Time to tell them how to lead our interest have a good is that hey you know your training actually got my master's in theology. One -- -- out -- very impressive -- any project in the pipeline well. Nothing's certain right now I'm reading them bunch of wonderful scripts I'm I'm really excited for you know some of the future projects coming on TV and film and you know I'm here to see where I can something and participate wonderful thank you so much for -- thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Actor plays a sailor looking for love on the new ABC series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14884296","title":"Gaius Charles On ABC's 'Pan Am'","url":"/Entertainment/video/gaius-charles-abcs-pan-am-new-fall-series-2011-actor-sailor-love-drama-entertainment-14884296"}