"Game Change" Filmmaker Addresses Palin Criticisms

Director Jay Roach on the process of making politically-charged film.
6:53 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for "Game Change" Filmmaker Addresses Palin Criticisms
So much. Don't know don't know just just -- minute. Thank you make -- a sweet sweet you'll be safe. -- Not doing and how do you. What was the beginning of the process of transforming -- The first thing I did with higher vote tonight I did that immediately. And I am and we've had relatively short. Prep time two months. So I work at my -- every single -- that it licences you know listen to her book on tape listened to all for speeches and media appearances. We tried to get their vocal pattern down first before. -- -- county because she sort of neat to see that we've seen it. The gestures and then and then you know yeah -- worked on whose cash carriers what what what are gestures where she. She -- testers are never neutral -- there and -- to leave some sometimes. Sometimes negative sentinel -- and then after that you once you have that stuff and -- -- -- patent on that. You have to some how find -- way to put yourself in -- place. Which is you know -- -- -- to to -- to -- in another and another human being never -- be able to become far. I'm only going to be able to cut approximately in that situation. But I have to -- her we in the framework of this story. So attack to constitute on sixty days and that Torre -- it can tax and contextualize something otherwise they would of lost -- -- -- Food into them. In your travels have ever met Sarah pain and deep in -- Try try actually are still trying I'm against it could attract I don't I would love to I you know you -- -- regularly thank him. I would say of course you know what. What did you think -- Belmont asked what -- thought and then I would I would just try to understand. What mattered terror. You know and -- that's how that's the other thing that she's under. Stating is how hard she worked to figure out what mattered to her during that process in going to the psychological plays. What she was -- just that and what. What she's up against and what scared her what's. You know what and I thought the way she thought about it and then that that was at least as important and and and -- degree acts that she can. She can give you access to those concerns. Such as but I tried to reach I tried to reach their and I wrote her a long letter sent -- really wanted to tell the story. Well. And and faithfully to what everybody went through. It's not just about -- sports -- at least as much -- -- passionate John. It. But please talk to us because I can't get it right. You know from your point you must must. And I got very quick response from the lawyer -- checked she declined. -- -- -- When you look at them. When you're looking at as objectively as you can I just wanted to know about a moment not what you -- most significant moment or the toughest -- or anything just a moment in game change that resonates. With you. Person. Author yeah actually I mean it's not my moment it's the last moment and the movie it's it's wood is. It's when he says you don't get well I think he you don't get to have do overs and the question is Anderson Cooper pose this question says you know if you could do little overtime which you choose their parents and -- would you chose John McCain. And he says you don't get to. And I just think that means it's moment it's so powerful. And I think that's -- really. Exciting and and profound. Well. If you bring up Woody Harrelson who I think is spectacular and this speech. And and was singing it really threw his perspective we're looking at what had campaigned Watson. We see things about the -- and -- there isn't enough time to do it but. Forget for you what is it. -- moments in the film. That was -- -- one. Sarah -- preparing for the debates. And starts to shut down because that none of us knew about that at the time it's very much. About -- thing and we checked with so many people to make sure that was -- I knew I'd have to say. No -- she's really not talking she's really looking at the ground not. Reacting anymore to these -- and so I had to double triple quadruple confirm that with multiple people oriented restaurants and there were a lot of people -- Because it was a -- controversial and it was also. Sort of heartbreaking because it or or or -- -- -- sympathize with her that she was trapped at that moment after not doing well in the Katie Couric interviews. Having done so well before that. Kind of bombing for a little while now is expected to take on senators then you know do debates for three decades and not -- a knockout blow. That was that was -- -- Moment we always end -- with -- A hole. And just how has the latest now it's. A song you thinking is it that sums up there payment. Warm whether I didn't -- somewhere. You are listening to her and you -- you -- running toward doing so again the only other thing on York. It was I think I think it's me that's in line. -- -- They would be. Present my daughter -- in ice skating competition work around that period of time and so I ended up without one song I actually an act all the music off. IPods I would be tempted to listen to anything hopefully only out that one option. And I had that if you listen -- though I'm not as negative zero learning and I think that he didn't -- the upended who. Your news welcome such. She is the content and can -- June step. Their government all the passion that it isn't yet -- -- that you have been. -- all about. And any -- thank you so much for being this is -- -- people this is a provocative insisting. Fun. It'll stay in your head forever kind of movie and -- talk about -- -- people so you're not gonna get that from. Things IC and especially. Thank you as well. -- yeah.

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{"id":15887045,"title":"\"Game Change\" Filmmaker Addresses Palin Criticisms","duration":"6:53","description":"Director Jay Roach on the process of making politically-charged film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/game-change-filmmaker-addresses-palin-criticisms-15887045","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}