Garbage Interview: 'Not Your Kind of People'

AudioFile: Band members talk about breaking free from corporate labels, writing new songs after 7-year break.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Garbage Interview: 'Not Your Kind of People'
I -- garbage on duke of Steve. Put -- -- signs crossed that we are all ready to do this again. And when -- coming up together after a fight here is something that was like we've never left really. By the time we were done. Touring recording for ten years straight basically without any great integrity and he wiped out. I think we just need to sleep at seven years five years. -- -- -- -- Wanted the truth can be -- -- which started and ended -- -- and then. -- It was. We just took enough fun to make sure that. There were but not overdone but -- the -- part of would work for to a brief tour through some studio. And then and -- going. What we used to we would take. Two -- three weeks off and then. Come back and we've. A refreshing it was still fun whenever Jessica that -- -- -- four. But the poppies the video was. Through his ideas and she kind of came -- -- realistic filmmakers in the twenties and thirties and then ran some of the clips that you -- by Mathew director and he sort of took that irrelevant and and it was actually really fun one of the finest news that we've ever done with his speech we just wander around LA for a couple days and that. Illness and the you know it's really cool the song. Fifth in a way of this to me because. You know a lot of people think the songs. As references to. Afghanistan war. -- for the football metaphor for abandoned infant -- that the -- -- much dream. And so -- to serve that country -- quality of the video to me that's. Do you really well. -- I think. There probably is more optimism and record a hit hardest because it has a band you know we went away for a long time it came back and and we did feel rejuvenated him. I think we still feel like we have a lot of music started to get out of our systems and and part of that process was liberating and also -- America labels live. The route -- still a lot of really young kids that. It just isn't physically possible that this there are and so we started out in the new film for owners you know. Sixteen -- -- -- along with some people who have obviously -- on the reports -- Digital revolution has completely changed the way fans and fans in Herat and luckily we're getting up to speed it -- is really good at both. Posted on FaceBook and we mean it's just you get a meeting -- -- and instant feedback these -- and the hard thing about that is it's. You -- content to answer insatiable -- have to keep putting. We returned to clips on our own -- -- those filmmakers who were certain to me. And doing a lot of -- question thing right now I think against got to concentrate. Good -- under our belt. And concentrate on making --

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{"id":17556228,"title":"Garbage Interview: 'Not Your Kind of People'","duration":"3:00","description":"AudioFile: Band members talk about breaking free from corporate labels, writing new songs after 7-year break. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/garbage-band-interview-2012-album-kind-people-17556228","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}