'Come From Away' garners 7 Tony nominations

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to the husband-and-wife duo behind the new hit musical.
9:12 | 05/31/17

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Transcript for 'Come From Away' garners 7 Tony nominations
Hey guys on in the box here live in New York well it is. Of the Broadway season come from away is now nominated sports that any. Colonies. And I am the husband elected I'd musical right here with me in the studio David Hyde and I means they got. He's so much for being here Lester I think that's an thank you can you believe it's seven Tony nominations I have that right yes. Yeah. Now we can't believe it remains. Everything about mystery has been amazing. It's really nice you we were campers. Here now so it's really celebrated. I needed and people. Use it exceeded all expectations Nolan thought it would. Like that. I did you think that it would do as well when you first created it. We look better with. Resonating with whoever we were showing you like it didn't matter. If we were in San Diego or for an Oakville Ontario or Connecticut and eat it just the audiences just really resonated so IE you know. New York every now we had a fingers crossed in and think it happened by. We're grateful more than surprise does that make sense. I'm surprised that. Take a necessity it's a story about this little town in Canada we. And we are expecting high schools would do this hopefully some some point so it's in credits incredible to be here in New York it's incredible to. Be sharing this story that really. Has inspired assets one story about kindness and it's really incredible and sharing it. The world are fit for people who don't now. Give us sort of the basic premise here it is as you mentioned the story at the small town but it's really about the rest of the world Q and how we take care each other what is the premise. It's so it's a true story about when thousands passengers on 38 planes were diverted to this tiny little town in Houston land after the US airspace was closed after nine elevenths. And people there welcome them into there. Halls and then sent you don't look comfortable what you come back my house and they wash their clothes they would let the rush hour they fed them and in the sequential stay over. And instead of having 7000 people bottled up we're scared and confused they made 7000 friends and family members and it's this is just. This incredible testament to. Overcoming divisions overcoming differences and realizing that we're all in this together at the time. I remember actually hearing about it in hybrid like a local story about it at the time I just had working as a journalist. And it became an of those stories that sort of faded into the background because so many other stories to focus on at the time so what about that story. Grabs you so much that use that we we have to tell us even all these years later what was it about the story I think a lot of it had to do with. The fact that we were here on September 11. We're uptown at a residence for international students fare with students from. Hunt in ten different countries fans we all came together to look after each other. And eventually later tonight slump with a piano Muster playing music. And at noon the following days I'll just really kept an eye on each other and it you know of course we're waiting for people to return from downtown miraculously everybody did. Hours but fortunately got housed up him. So there's a lot of and especially in the days afterwards there's so much kindness here in new York and I think I think it across the world there was this feeling that we are all going through something together and we all. You what you wanted to help you wanted to reach out you want an end to what happened and you can land without experience and it just reminded us of of being. Here and that we sort of had forgotten that part of ironical when the second but also happened in New York where we are just kind of overcame a distances for seconds at a pay. How are you doing have you heard from her what you need to hear from what's happening with you. And just two seat that he planned to do this with strangers off of planes. At a time were they didn't know who was coming off the planes but to be brave enough to sail right. Let's let's see what's out there are gonna bring you and I actually you like my family. And to see the aftermath and fifteenth enough fifteen years later failures and we did research. They're also friends like they also keep in touch and also you know keep an irony each other. The come to New York theater show executive knew from landslides -- answer we see people from Texas music but from dander after many many years got a wonderful moment. Where and how a roar. It is the mother. In our shows another firefighter. September 11. There was someone that issue to the show there was someone in the audience who had been in the legion with her fifteen years earlier and they're just like. And they just you know has this been bringing Edwards flattery. The coincidence that the keep happening and the reunions but keep happening are just beautiful but just to me is eve. A lot of stories like this and one more about it and then messages. In some of the story telling I did not learn more about you if you don't get a lot of has been electing. Being nominated this way with a six under your belt that how did you come to work to get this isn't the first musically and together writer second musical guests over some with very different. He had this of the Christmas caught my mother's lesbian Jewish wiccan wedding which is that true story about my mom. And I should count me and we discovered her faith and discovered sexuality. And we started working together because between a job tonight jobs we never sites Heather and so warm summer with I'm just for a different show together and you did. Anywhere in Berkeley Allentown like I tied every second of the day and it's fantastic is that you. That's what you want it to Hanna. And yet he we have we have. Rules of working together. Let it doesn't look at the much more in person you're welcome I. Yeah. We're just interviews in the morning. Also and talking about the silent or tired or hungry. And we try to be released this couple who restated and it's funny it unity and married couple this with so much that you learn about. Conflict resolution and you know working together and you know where parents as well we have a three year old daughter's grown up alongside the child. And parents to learn about. Dealing and paid my god we're so tired. It's great they like there are complaints have been the best reason to be tired. If you weren't here unit weren't line that's important but he's. I definitely. It's actually everybody under the was someone who you love and who you. You know that your focused on the same direction and and who's gonna be honest with you and it's been that you know hold your Savard thinks it's like I can't imagine doing something else and refrain from. Looks like to work together I mean you actually went around collecting all of this story he spoke to dozens and dozens of people right both the passengers were stranded there. And the people in candor won't mind. It was. And extremely neat experience it because we didn't know what we were doing so he would walk in with. Very little expectations and you know much like a ten years for report that we be welcomed into people's homes or restaurants and we were just chat. They just have to be taking outs in our pennant run at a bank and a bit like OK and we. Pull out at Boehner record this is not okay and you're just supposed to open with their stories and then same thing they're like you know you know you just come for dinner and you know and I my brother Dave got the story about these people he met at the wal mart's that you got to come over that's a little bit from way back. They don't spend my Nana hotel just come stay with us and literally we just we just stayed with them use this incredible opportunity on the tenth anniversary there's a commemoration ceremony there and all of these passengers Ali's pilots and flight crew were returning. And so we just interviewed every one we could we came back with it in every single story record was better than the last and back with hundreds of stories that we couldn't wait tell. In underpinning musical with twelve actors. And out and you know journey of the show. Through week we've gone through five cities but we also took the show back to candor. Oh. It was late changing a sweetly aiming not only was it amazing to. To introduce your cast introducing directors and your producers who are so committed to getting it right and say. These are the people who inspired your characters this is the place that inspired because the place that we fill them up with the minutes wanna tell the story. But also to bush she put on a show to bring a Broadway musical together we were I think for the first one to play in the hockey. Here. That read it yeah. At least they can have yeah. To do a show that reflects their culture and what they did and celebrates that they think they will always tell you that it's just what anyone would have done that it's just ordinary. And it's it's amazing to have done that and then to show them that New York audiences saying this isn't ordinary this is extraordinary we we've brought fallout on opening night. All the people inspired us and with a cast held hands with them and that's your audience even if there's this huge year there -- standing out for the standing ovation and they just. Cheered for them and it was it was a credible seen them recognized and what they did celebrated.

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{"duration":"9:12","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to the husband-and-wife duo behind the new hit musical.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"47746377","title":"'Come From Away' garners 7 Tony nominations","url":"/Entertainment/video/garners-tony-nominations-47746377"}