Star On The Rise : Sami Gayle

Pivotal film role puts Sami Gayle in spotlight.
5:26 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Star On The Rise : Sami Gayle
At the tender age of sixteen Sammy -- has already amassed quite a resume she co stars with Emmy winner Tom Selleck in -- series blue -- and she stars opposite Oscar winner Adrien Brody in detachment. The film premiere at the TriBeCa film festival last year and is now making its way to theaters march 16. And while she may be new to the scene -- certainly knows how to make an impact here's a look at one of the powerful scenes from detachment. -- you can't continue to stay here with me. I'm not Katrina -- its share. And. Think the only and they have Manhattan. Why can't be here. I can't give you what you need. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- And Sammy -- is here now a -- -- so much for joining thank you for having me wow that is some powerful acting there with Adrien Brody were you at all intimidated by working with him. He ends months. -- IA he says demand -- to -- -- -- Taylor he would be generously. Going to college an incentive for years island for four weeks and -- analyst the ultimate. Professor island so much from him that way I take with me having some of that amazing so you must be so proud of this film -- -- at the outset it must have been somewhat of a difficult decision. Because your character Erica is a prostitute was that hard for you to wrap your head around at fourteen. -- -- the tender age of fourteen it was definitely very hard to wrap my head around I think that I mean the right decision in the hands and influence these past decision could have -- because. Detachment percent of the springboard for me and working with aging -- and Tony -- and the ensemble cast that is so grains found me. And I don't Obama did say that your character Erica was -- -- The key to the phenomenon was so important to get -- actress what was that audition process like me it was crazy day I was going in for a commerce Tony ends. I got the commercial -- he -- -- script and he said don't worry about the processing and I said what excuse me. You and I read the script and I shooting commenced selling product -- -- -- -- meet me and it's Tony that the bodies have of this -- name like mine. Is this the characters are really looking for media conference sent noontime meal playing -- cut things like why. Since has begun about playing a process in my mom and batter in the dressing room I'm months that he has got the producer from the heart -- coming -- to -- And he throws -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sanctioning. -- I think nice nice -- had a couple lines and he's like not -- anything bad and that the high. Wow stopped and Christie sat back and and talked about how the -- was gonna be restrained beaten but I like to say that I was -- classy prostitute in India and that I was really -- ground. Who was troubled. Needed somebody to come and save each ratings Pakistan and aren't us rights as a bit more about -- what what -- her hopes and dreams. Well this story. As about it. A substitute teacher his dealing with the flaws in the education system. Public schools as well for Clausen is on life and he can count tanks. The process he would act on the street and second picks -- -- -- to a better way of -- unfortunately I think she feels. Fat chance to silence -- because there is no other choice for her -- teenage runaway and he -- and provides her with hope. In a place where she has a real lack crash she doesn't have parental guidance. And I think that's mean she really -- far and cannery. Provides her with fat may have -- obviously a great relationship. Yes now you have done to feature films since this -- so clearly your movie career -- on the rise but you started in TV is that right. I sent him Broadway stardom wrong way wow how at what age. I was eleven and I did Patti LuPone Gypsy announced it brings -- -- Fantastic. And -- but now you are also currently on blue blood -- and -- detachment France and lasting attachment I -- Koplan -- -- actually sort of worked at the end of speculative money being attachment for food funds that. And here and doing that as well. I I. Love -- lives -- is he must incredible snow dining water -- -- -- Tom Salant Kenya every day SATA have to pinch myself he pants. And in this. Moral and lest we forget you are only sixteen I mean how where hundreds pool and a little -- is the most. In important thing. And teetered on sat. I'm from finance and I still noticeable -- -- -- school system on a virtual school system teaches accountable to meet twelve hours a day parade on top of the -- --

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{"id":15889312,"title":"Star On The Rise : Sami Gayle","duration":"5:26","description":"Pivotal film role puts Sami Gayle in spotlight.","url":"/Entertainment/video/gayle-sami-film-actress-movie-celebrity-hollywood-15889312","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}