George Clooney Delivers in 'The Descendants'

Early Oscar buzz for best performance of movie star's career.
6:10 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for George Clooney Delivers in 'The Descendants'
Says -- that it boasted. -- -- Don't -- do it here. The defendant this Alexander Payne yeah it's good to see him directly to you couldn't it is it's been like what's six year stuffed inside. -- -- -- -- -- Now you had I think -- Him to have -- role -- sideways I believe the word -- would fit what I did -- last time I remember you saying and who was thankful for here. I'm still was which I'm still angry that -- monument -- But I really you know met with him for that -- -- And then. And then he called me at the Toronto couple years ago it is almost two years ago exactly. And and so in the -- them you want to do it. And before -- read it -- yes you know when he's one of the directors in the business. And reacted. Really things that. Here today that we aren't being directed by adversaries human yes and and people will call it sometimes and homage. He just hate him but that's why it's -- -- physically I've sent apology the first -- -- -- confessions and one cent. Apology letters from Mike Nicholson's. And then I remember I showed. But you can good luck. Two. Mike Nichols house and he got up and I says I still much up -- here and it and you before you've seen the film easily okay. And it after his editors you really did still catch up -- -- So -- I'm a big believer and stealing. You -- Guys my cousin. -- yeah yeah and brains yeah. Now I can't say do. I just -- he's been. -- -- But -- -- -- the descendants at least -- getting sent to family which is what's happening. And your character -- king and he's being sort of he owns land that he's handling his own. While he does but he's doesn't feel like. Most people who know a lot of land he really does feel like you know a bit of actual of -- -- sort of doesn't have his act together he's. He's varies -- concerned with his business but he's not very. He doesn't have great social skills and doesn't have great parents from the -- parenting skills at all -- and or husband skills -- it doesn't really have much much together. And and I'm not quite sure that he ends up getting that much together -- the -- but -- but the journey is sort of just stepped. Then there's the that are there is this kind of that he could and did journey from them which is an interest in ones that. Of coming to terms with the fact that he was never knew that he was he had lost any of the things that he thought he had. Along the way and and having -- to book himself and the -- and thousands of really wonderful writer really wonderful film makers mixtures of Oltmanns. Can't worry free. I don't know I don't know back inside -- -- on the swimsuit. High. Now. Luggage obvious to me. That's part of -- -- Healthy -- and whether. This part and -- character and. Like an accident didn't decide to all the -- -- -- to do it and and you had two dollars. Something you don't have a life something -- avoided. All this time shares changed your mind the united there retirement who have -- that -- children now now. That into mine now so many women have that you -- that. That happened but all the time. -- -- I think in this news that this is an effective relationship many critics I don't really care about the other wants me and think that this performance -- -- -- Just as an actor not -- not doing things the best you've ever given so they always they scream. Another Academy Award for you wouldn't. What happens you have an involuntary -- when you hear that there's another Academy Award campaign happening or you just happening go with the. Well it's it's you know after I did that the whole campaigning thing in 2000. For the two -- expletive ambulance here. And then -- -- you George it didn't hurt but I decided after that that I was going to do the normal things and less a vote. The chase -- and things that there does come this moment -- of the campaign goes from. Helping the film. To singularly trying to help yourself and that's there's that moment you and you you don't quite see who gets blurred a little bit but -- -- -- -- you realize that this is just about. Yourself and that's when you start to field him. Unclean so I didn't to have for Michael Clayton -- do -- -- here. I found it -- had a very good time just enjoyed people enjoyed the film because let's say that here's a funny thing. I really do enjoy it when people like the -- But the truth of the matter -- You don't really remember who won awards you know that the Sioux Falls off but it's on the you get to remind people you know that won an Oscar -- that -- I remember movies you know in 1976. It was bound for glory taxi driver All the President's Men network and rocky. Iraq -- rocky won best picture but you could argue that their four masterpieces. That year and one night. Then flipping the channels and All the President's Men is on network on. I'll watch it through to the end from that moment I I remember movies that's -- -- my goal in life is to make movies that. Last longer than an opening week.

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{"id":14985865,"title":"George Clooney Delivers in 'The Descendants'","duration":"6:10","description":"Early Oscar buzz for best performance of movie star's career.","url":"/Entertainment/video/george-clooney-delivers-descendants-14985865","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}