George Clooney Gets Personal

Veteran actor admits he can't sing and probably won't be famous forever.
8:02 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for George Clooney Gets Personal
-- -- There's there's still the musical waiting for that for the -- now I mean a lot of people would think oh brother where art that was a difficult but -- -- taking home. It you know here's the funny thing about accident makes me. But I knew there was like -- district I felt a simmering my aunt Rosemary was one of the great jazz -- And so when we started to do the movie the Coen -- the directors. Assumed. That I could say. And I assumed that I could -- it. And then we got into the recording studio and I began -- And it looked out and nobody in the Booth would look -- there'll. This moment. That it -- it. I -- -- the good that governor elect. Let's let's play it back and play it back you can just it's just dreadful those terrible Adams -- It's -- it's humiliating it's embarrassing but I'm not I also want them to suffer a little too was so I was like I think it sounds great -- Clinton. And that openly as it gets your -- before I even finished the year at Benjamin's -- -- for -- And that was the that was well this is. The great thing about being on the show because of talk to -- -- numerous occasions never commitments and we don't do any show where I don't have the guest. You think something some song that -- In his or her head that means something to really have been an aunt Rosa her song it could have been the last time I saw him you were -- -- nation. Sure enough but it can be what every -- shoot. It and he community's homes. I always think of don't get around much in the that's when -- usually when I'm when I'm with you think you think that if you have the words with the words wrong. News the -- With a clear though with my two Brothers. Though brush -- -- much anymore that was had to get -- -- he didn't you didn't wanna take this opportunity to go full throated. To -- -- -- yet to access to show us what when it. You know there's probably somewhere. News and some guys were cornered and beaten that somebody has the -- they do and if they have it the I'm I'm gonna make that -- -- out of them and kill them to go out and find it but because it's wrong. There are -- from the get it fixed that it could change I feel water is song that there isn't that long last love movies somewhere in -- future. It might be there could mean. -- -- -- -- -- Big school. See it and use music isn't ending and each apartment. Good night it is used them. On the big to do everything from. -- -- -- -- -- -- Used to seeing out there I'm feeling really broken that fail. I I I understand that mean you should just let someone that go. When our family we -- -- put on show that's. The family got together and all characters and sang danced and things. Like pretended to play the ukulele and send him. Council had to do you. But we would only -- the -- at the -- They had to be you need to be had to be -- had to do was just as you head of the U that if you and -- -- ago. A wandered around I wandered around. It had to be you that -- finally finally found anyone and around it had to be you know just. Do that was aren't. As you're doing that I just keep hearing more and more. Frustrated. Saying the war what movie would you say -- you take out of the box that you have made any. Anything that people just didn't go to they didn't find -- a call on dvd they didn't do anything just. One that you would pick -- and and tell the world. -- That should see it's a tough call. I would think. Since so attached to it -- very good luck because it really all -- And made about -- box wasn't going costs Evans did. But that -- be black white people who doesn't get shown on television as a black -- white. So it was -- allowance varies. I don't did. Beat them it would be nice for. People to remember to -- To see. Steven soderbergh's. My first. -- again aside -- general office. When the last. Fifty or -- left question what don't we know. What's the secret you've been harboring. Forever and -- well I think it's important that people know that is it I slouch a lot. But that I'm about six foot six. And people don't and I think that you know if I were to sit up straight. Justice of the world. And indicated they would go that what happens when they theme for the first time that they -- -- short. I think hinted that does happen with it's such 511 -- -- -- -- -- short for an -- in the -- What you say but the food but it is the funniest thing because. New people or so sort of shock from the C I know what it's like Eric I was a young kid -- received Davis people persons were secured replicas are always. Older or smaller. Or greater than the people sort of pictured -- -- on on film. It is funny because -- good idea you know what sort of close Hewlett and -- access. It's nice to see -- there. Hopefully it can be fun you know it's not it's not always disappointment. No it's it's it in general that's just fun you know it's fun because I actually understand -- -- -- was someone who was not famous for. What most of my life. And would -- things people while ago. So -- shocked by it. Would you want fits somewhere that it was that actors usually -- -- shelf life it and everyone gets tired. And yet you know that that happened here. Let's -- you know it's it's the -- to drop and Matt Damon -- I think it's gonna happen. Much. You can next week he kept saying to me how you -- -- being contagion so bad that you wanted to play for five of the people who regularly buyers -- Whatever my skull were all all of your ocean guys are always present and mean in Brad -- -- -- still resent it he got the film which I'm still angry that. You I harbor a lot of anger those -- In general. They -- These you think that there -- -- -- -- -- and hear these. Pretending to be Democrats and updates there -- actors. And there they that they don't have what you. -- -- You know -- you did you think anyone of them -- one structure here 11. And they wouldn't of kept them you know what that would fit -- -- And that's why I think in thank you George it has to. Fifty. At that you have to make you say about -- equipment. It I have to I'll do it.

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{"id":14985920,"title":"George Clooney Gets Personal","duration":"8:02","description":"Veteran actor admits he can't sing and probably won't be famous forever.","url":"/Entertainment/video/george-clooney-personal-14985920","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}