Rooney Mara: Princess of U.S's First Family of NFL

The "Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" on growing up as NFL royalty.
3:00 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Rooney Mara: Princess of U.S's First Family of NFL
You. How do. Something wrong with the yeah. -- program -- those who are interested in books -- there's nothing to change your opinion of him isn't. Scene yeah. You -- discouraging. Presented today -- When there is you are making and the -- and looked a little bit and a monitor or edit video or something you. Why it was your first reaction to. To seeing you in this full make up. -- hair the whole deal. You know I don't know because -- kind of got used all the elements one by one you know that we cut we cut the hair and -- indicted -- -- the iRows. In one afternoon and then I was -- later that afternoon. And that I had like a week to get used to that part and -- we did all these makeup tests. -- and I had time to get used to -- Parton and the wardrobe so it kind of happens slowly. Is there are some residual is best -- you even as you're sitting here talking to me I don't know I think. It's probably needs years. Question for the people in my life that know -- well have they behaved strangely -- No I don't not my beard turned them -- changed. You know I think I had a lot of hurt me to Begin Anson and maybe even brought out a little more but it's not enough for equality in that that you share with. You know I'm not I also and -- very introverted quiet person I don't mean I can be quite non verbal times. Very slow to warm he -- -- -- trust -- fallen. I definitely have to sort of investigate every every. Facts that have something in and I have to understand things fully before I'm willing to engage with them I think she definitely has. Given feeling that had been reticent being a little shocked -- -- that want major say I want to be an actress. I don't know I think it I think a lot of actors tend to be shy I think it's that kind of an escape for them. You know for me -- my -- thing about acting isn't necessarily the acting part of -- You never really stopped learning constantly learning new skills -- -- new things about people on to me that's really. -- -- -- on. What you have a system that's an actress. So the system in but you come from this huge football fan. It would seem that it's everywhere it's. Two great grandfathers that. That found the Pittsburgh Steelers and then your job and not just football famines but two different teams so what side he. Grow up deciding which team it. Why didn't really grow up having aside you know. Now you having lived in New York alcoholic and my dad works for the -- -- definitely patents. But you want to Patricia -- -- -- Room. And now why did you get -- you know I don't know I never liked that name and my dad goes by his middle name my little Brothers by -- -- him. It didn't seem that -- it and don't. But growing up your parents saying when you decide that you want to do this what are they thinking that it is it okay because your sister had already started. Well I grew up you know with my mom taking -- my sisters. To the heater on the time you know -- Clinton's -- plays and she is constantly plain old movies for Aston problem. Yes -- gone with the wind and bring him baby -- back and this -- is that your mission -- little. We really loved. You know -- I was taking sort of so it's very that is best thing. I don't know about bringing. Cyrus are taking the -- -- acting classes you know -- -- -- and I -- -- I don't think it seemed strange to them. You made the comparison between you in this back as being reticent and observing and looking at the world around you before you made that decision. But somewhere along the line had to be that decision that he made I'm doing this I'm going to do it was it just this slow gradual. It was a slow gradual thing like that I I refuse to engage in anything and I'm -- New Hampshire that I am capable of -- The look at the third took a little bit of time for me to admit that that's been violent and -- to make sure that I knew I could do it. We all know that the girl with the dragon -- didn't stop there. That's the -- -- wrote to what the books and you know even may -- another one that there are you. Contract didn't signed to do -- These -- the two movements that the happened and hopefully. They know we're going to the quick way to another directly think I could turn out yet what I think kinda do. -- -- stick with that and do it. 15. Years from. Would you like we -- -- Besides the third. Of all the way to third on a long pause and -- -- You know something different I really like playing characters that. -- are sort of unrecognizable. To the last I think -- and keep them. -- Writer director actor -- to sing a little bit a few bars some song that means something to them. -- -- -- -- -- But that's what we we don't want people who actually -- -- as with Vietnam -- to -- I would refuse to do anything. Else hopefully I heard it and I ignored and I went in I was in denial he's he can't -- I could. Sort of back -- plant but you would do freestyle rap from him. Well what about just telling me a song that need something. Tell -- the words or you could tell the what you think. Becoming you know the song I think -- played over and girls. Club as -- And that I was served with analysts and all year while filming actually listening to while we shot that thing. We know we can do mean -- can -- -- on. It and you can play where we'll just. Thank you don't think it's -- If -- open -- a.

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{"id":15260406,"title":"Rooney Mara: Princess of U.S's First Family of NFL","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Girl with The Dragon Tattoo\" on growing up as NFL royalty.","url":"/Entertainment/video/girl-dragon-tattoo-interview-rooney-mara-princess-uss-15260406","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}