Giuliana Rancic's New Life

TV personality talks motherhood and new breast cancer campaign.
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Transcript for Giuliana Rancic's New Life
To -- the last couple of years have been an emotional roller coaster for TV personality Giuliano -- -- is an understatement. Unsuccessful rounds of in vitro a miscarriage a breast cancer diagnosis and the double mastectomy and then the decision to have a baby via surrogate today -- Ileana. Is healthy happy and a -- not baby and worked in Oakland born late last month and give another babies -- a speak a new campaign for breast cancer awareness called -- -- -- girl that's why Julianna thanks so much for joining happy day for having me you must be in such a great place and you're like. Right now I really am it's amazing hearing you -- all of those things. And -- happened for the most part in a year which is so crazy so. It's just you know it shows me isn't so much can change you -- you could hit sections little weeds and then link that you can -- -- right up so. It's good it's a testament to the fact that we are so strong as human beings and he -- where we are resilient and tell us about little Edward didn't do it seemed -- the -- of your life that is the cutest thing ever I knew motherhood would be incredible. And -- -- would be like and just being in the delivery room. You know with him in and seeing him for the -- -- and now here you are this is your first work trip away from him my house that LA it was pretty hard leaving him listening to come to New York was topped -- came in from Chicago deals with -- -- with him. But I left crying and -- -- you know what it's not like you're going to new York and go shopping -- hang out. You're going for this new breast cancer initiative so I just think you know you're you're saving lives you're -- people -- you're doing it for good reason otherwise I don't think. And it's not -- area until about do it for the girl yes it's opening day I'm not -- mean you're thinking your. And still basically. PNG get home and the national breast cancer foundation are rallying women everywhere to choose. Give yourself a breast self exams is their -- national. Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And it's a time to really be proactive and knew that early detection can absolutely save her life -- saved my life. And I think a lot of you don't realize is that -- -- 98%. Survival rate if you find breast cancer just -- that -- and I -- you're gonna be okay I think key is. Early section right and so are you are you big proponent of doing that's what every appeared -- and that's self exam every month every. He noted is I do -- every month right and I always did do it every month there were thirty -- old breast cancer thank god. And so you that the whole thing is it doesn't hold you -- with -- and history not go to your doctor. You can see what that means that I -- -- shouldn't start getting him how often should I be doing an exam. Just how the -- and we all of the -- like we always have a plan for meeting -- -- I don't aren't currently. And many think of the -- -- -- -- spindle. And that's what it's all and you have a FaceBook page for all of us now I tell us about it's FaceBook dot com slash PG mine again -- -- -- again PG again. And they're all sorts of things happening and going and we're doing right now only Twitter parties and we're just released any it would explain. About being proactive about their health because if we don't care about -- -- Who went after an a lot of put ourselves on the to do. As we've got to be around for a long time we got -- -- -- and counting on hand and an Atlanta glad that I. Have yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Have to live forever and look for this and you know I want to be around now and we wanted to be around Ileana thank you so much for being -- -- saying and congratulations again -- you didn't.

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{"id":17273803,"title":"Giuliana Rancic's New Life ","duration":"3:00","description":"TV personality talks motherhood and new breast cancer campaign.","url":"/Entertainment/video/giuliana-rancics-life-17273803","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}