Glee's 'First Time' Episode Sparks Controversy

Fox show's storyline features two teen couples losing their virginity.
0:47 | 11/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Glee's 'First Time' Episode Sparks Controversy
Controversy -- -- -- this morning apparently they didn't episode. Called the first times it was about these high schools losing their virginity both straight couples and a gay couple losing their. For urgent need for the it was an average in the on the show but of course some conservative groups now very very upset about this -- -- -- and -- -- you know I'll be here we've heard this argument a thousand times -- sex. To Arlene glamorized Tulsa kids are young Aaron -- apparent. Talk to their children. That way they're not learning things from television and I knew you would think he would it work that we see things on TV apparently you know what if we don't think it's unrealistic to think kids in my school are. I admit it and -- to speak to their children not be angry about you know television just can't see us lead the about a hot water -- -- plays out I think they're doing the right thing by sticking to their guns.

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{"id":14913323,"title":"Glee's 'First Time' Episode Sparks Controversy","duration":"0:47","description":"Fox show's storyline features two teen couples losing their virginity.","url":"/Entertainment/video/glee-first-time-episode-sparks-controversy-14913323","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}