Cognac Collaboration

Renowned graffiti artist Futura talks Hennessy project, street art.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cognac Collaboration
Lennon maker at the world renowned graffiti artist with -- hyper colored lines and graphics. He's known as few -- and he's been a fixture in the art world since the seventies and now he's got a new gay that brings him to the corporate world -- Future red joins us now welcome it's very happy here thank you first a little bit about your arts and how you got started. Well. From. Up from new York and I guess I represent what would be known as graffiti movement. Which occurred here. Does that mean that you started out by. Just painting the sides of buildings and subway car -- yes you know pretty pretty much subway cars and subway stations. In the seventies and then when I was in high school that's my first exposure to -- You know in the eighties obviously it. Surfaced and became quite -- kind of underground art movement in the eighties. People like Heath Herring -- shipments. You know an opportunity to. They certainly legitimized it right. Absolutely and sadly -- no longer here but both of them are probably the most. Recognizable names you know historically speaking so before you came became famous you have to worry about getting -- Yeah I -- and which I never did and that -- I never considered myself a vandal -- I was just sort of caught up in the wave of right. Creative expression and asked -- what we did and what is your style what was your inspiration. Well I tried to find my own styling techniques I've been considered the abstracts. You know artists -- of our movement and how is it changed through the years. Well I mean it has obviously. It's evolved into something you know. -- very serious artist you know the secretaries of the world the banks is in the world -- you know. Swoon I mean I could just name a hit list of great individuals who come from our our movement but. You know it's a question of progress in record time but your work how would used to -- York specifically it's changed. I mean I've tried to adapt. You know and evolve with with the times. You know what I was doing in the eighties I don't think. You know. People would understand today so I tried to -- my what materials do you use. I still use. Spray paint. I guess that's my main medium but I'm also. Not I'm kind of multi. Thus it is you know computers graphic design -- photography. And now you had a foray into the corporate world tell us a little bit about -- work with. With the Hannity yeah it's it's an amazing. Well I mean I got asked to contribute to their latest campaign that never stop never settle. And they've asked me to -- -- for them as -- as a fantastic but again very nice so I mean I'm. The second artists who they've worked with Brian Donnelly last year cause and so I'm just grateful for the opportunity has been agreed. Collaboration for me with a very serious label we -- not to do something like this again. I mean you know depending on who that -- -- -- -- -- so what does the future for a few to RF. You know it's unwritten -- and very optimistic about it well we look forward to seeing your newest creation thank you so much for being with thanks for having me really appreciated.

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{"id":17519022,"title":"Cognac Collaboration","duration":"3:00","description":"Renowned graffiti artist Futura talks Hennessy project, street art.","url":"/Entertainment/video/graffiti-artist-futura-talks-hennessy-cognac-collaboration-17519022","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}