Growing Up Gaga

Katie Couric talks with the pop star about her family life.
7:10 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Growing Up Gaga
From a very early age you started playing the piano by ear. How did your parents help encourage your musical development. Well. My mother and father it is never -- -- to change me and if I was good at something. They wanted to help me be better at it. C. Had a piano and the living room and I guess the easiest thing that she can do is tell you kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- I was very young I and I hated it cannot -- kid and something just clicked and I was around nine years old and I just fell in love. With. Playing classical music is so much. About classical music structure that's very similar to pop music -- and the emotional journey and the changes. So I suppose I found love with pop -- sick to my love classical music. Not. In prepares you to deal with this level of fame is it hard for your money tanning need to -- -- we headed out in this piece so bizarre for that. You know I think in the beginning it was a little bit tough but we're -- really strong and now. It's really great. I get to do wonderful things but my parents that we never -- the day before. My mom and I are starting a foundation -- -- It's called the Bourne flick foundation. And my dad was always his -- to open a restaurant. So my -- night opened up a restaurant together. And it's called -- Where innocent. When -- feeling right now when he -- biscuits and Lucien. Must be nice for them and for you. To be able to give them -- gifts yes. As is always -- -- came to own a place and watching my dad. Put up downing. And -- 68. Street. Two blocks from where I grew up. And beautiful brownstone where they make Italian it. Until want to open a restaurant of his chains and have a call to land after his fifth tech. That's well. That's the -- yeah. The. Edge of glory is dedicated -- grandfather and I know he died last year. He was a very very important person in your life lesson yet. -- -- -- -- dedicated to him it was written about him while he was dying. Not. And I wrote that song about. A very specific moment that I song my -- and my grandfather share. They've been married for sixteen years. And the story of -- -- to tell me about my god I'm thinking and a Kyle street. -- that -- -- for being near her when she was at home. Cooking and -- -- -- and very very strict. There was no -- I think another crown counsel to look at. So and romance. My grandpa. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He was. And it feels wonderful man and when I thought I say good -- to him. I just realized that in that moment -- both acknowledged that. They had one Atlantic. Because. They won. Love with each other. You said -- fans I wanna say in saying the right things for you and I want to make. That one melodies that really -- your spirit that one day we'll have. That's such a great sentiment but -- a lot responsibility it and it's a lot of responsibility. But. I'm also very black. Family matters so much to you and patient. Yourself. Being married and having kids and -- having a more traditional existence yet. It's something I have now. I just thought why you can check. And children of -- yes. What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for. The health of all my friends and family. And I pray that every -- that I love. Well be happy and -- -- with the holidays. Mary tonight. Tell me a little bit about -- -- and what inspired it. -- night. And it's my favorite song on -- new home environments like. It is about committing himself wholeheartedly. To the thing you must passionate about. And for me. And with always means that. It is about that moment when I decided I was -- -- that that I was and then get married to my work. And that my work hoping that has been forever. That was the moment when I knew that there was no fire and no rain thank you get -- -- Yeah okay. -- -- -- -- We'll -- here this. -- so. And yeah. Diet. Yeah. And and don't want him. Okay. -- Yeah. Okay. There are okay.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"Katie Couric talks with the pop star about her family life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15025969","title":"Growing Up Gaga","url":"/Entertainment/video/growing-gaga-15025969"}