Hamilton star talks new Nintendo game 'Super Mario Odyssey'

ABC News' Nicole Phillip talks to Jordan Fisher at the Nintendo store ahead of the release of the latest game.
12:13 | 10/26/17

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Transcript for Hamilton star talks new Nintendo game 'Super Mario Odyssey'
Hi everyone thanks for tuning into ABC news I'm Nicole a look this isn't your watch to guess what it's Mariana time. Now Super Mario Odyssey was released to mark and their party people lined up outside of Nintendo and Nintendo store in New York where I am. Just a purchase that game. And it's not going to be having a special events are all super fans out there with a special guests that you might as well. Is Jordan fish just brought you dancing with the stars and out there are Disney Channel fans are Hamilton and oh yeah absolutely everything ranks. I don't even know where desire underline just an accomplishment and only 23 years old. Congratulations. And it cannot lose it in advance for everything that you will do they did you and everything that is allotted. Now while millions of area are now he is the volume the very accomplished artist in many mormons. He's here because of the supply. Odyssey really. Closer to Odyssey but. Are you most excited part of my god what minimum bid of an advocate of the franchise for a long time friends it really. The titles are really did for me the once and I really have a lot of memories Super Mario world and and then that's Mario Sunshine on the gamecube was what really kind of launched by my passion for the franchise that's the rate was the first kind of slightly sandbox style appealed for Mario game and it really revolutionize. What we felt Mario could do. Writes a kind of immediately by the combat sound weighted exchange evolved over time with video games this veto Odyssey isn't he great way to kind of celebrating. The technology that we have now with and it's in this which. I think it's the best console sits they gave Q I think one of the best council's ever created which is something I'm really stoked that. To be able to celebrate to honor and that way obviously other ton of people that are here been lined up some of some people don't mind a fight in the days getting ready for the launch of this event. Which is unbelievable and rightfully so because the game is under. So there are but to the characters and the Mario franchise in general which what is your favorite eye a minute I've got to go at the agenda hook Mario guys consulate putting his life on the line and then. It I'll always trying to rescue piece you can't seem to stay out of trouble but I he's got to he's got a new friend for this game and capping the written completely expands the entire way of thinking. In terms of yeah. Achieving accomplishments and be able to get from one place it together when it went feed. Defeating enemies so on and so forth than it's a plethora of different ways to cap you can kind of help you. Head and never the kind of helps accentuate Sam butts out of the game as well. This version of the video game Super Mario ought to be it's been 3-D version. Now we used to the Super Mario games whereas this besides growing tighter credit jump insulating things don't emotions and all that. Song which of the study prefer do you really liked this new version. Need you know let's as a purist of video games I I love what the essence this special Mario is concerned renovate it's definitely something that we know and just so you know that there are there are moments in this game as well where you can kind of revert back to that. That that style look Mario that you that you know and love really well but if you look at thank. Galaxy or sun shining at BCA even even 64 which the first one that we got to experience Mario and breeding environment. There has been a steady throughout the city evolution that feels very intuitive for us gamers and the way the video gaming has grown and this is just with the switch with the it being so where are literally what was playing the game. On a flight here last night afterwards with the stars' rehearsals the strategist called and said Ed play and be able to focus on one thing in. Mars and severe episode reason to fuels could it's nostalgic. It it it makes sense its familiar you know but there's something really special revenue about this game and I'm excited everybody play. That's amazing number. For lose you I want to ask the question because I wouldn't you would miss me to not mention yet. Cynthia SR BS and ABC news is they could the parent company as Disney or ABC advancing of the stars now light at the end the different television group suddenly back. I have to ask you filled it on this so how do you talkback known. Learning Q I mean really the question was over the top of the best we can we we've we've got to a perfect. Score on Dziena it was amazing especially considering we got the Pulitzer divine justice on the act to be for the more on the soundtrack which was. Unbelievable very very chaismatic in the way that it all kind of came together. And and that it definitely added an element of stress a little element of pressure. On us to be able to perform at that level again that we let the week later and if yes and you Latin. Professional ballroom dancers elicit from us the artist's style to do we got to run but it's the southern I was really. Frightened about veterans. It it definitely try to keep about this past week but I haven't needs more markets moving on and Shean made sure that it booked it about it we need to hitting 39 out of forty. Sounds really their wedding graduation Ankiel is a great way to kind of follow up. An incredible week them for doing it again. And one more thing. You haven't outlook. But just not talked to respect crap I had signaled that and other gay assets called nests in the videos out now I should watch it. To get a chance to be any of those things. Yeah I mean it's it is Keith. It is he Davies single off my debut album which we'll drop in 28 team members had her right here. It doesn't it at that time yeah I'm Eric and I think that I think that we're that are much smarter than men and I think that women out of many argue with that I have right AA giving you guys ahead of push our buttons and the best ways and in the worst way is in this kind of an embellishment on that basis bomb on experiences. It's it's it's a great sides by a significant sets the tone of the records hope you guys like. And well and we do we love you thank you so much prayers speaking with us and I'll let you gotta get onto the festivity thing you're going to be hosting the piano. I'm Nikki so much appreciated back. Are so we have to move on because there are so many things to talk about what this event it's going on today. And while I do love their Mario franchise I will first inning as one of my friends over here Alice. Who could tell us all about it. Please please please explain to all of our people are watching right now live on abcnews.com. Exactly what's going to be going on tonight for the Super Mario Odyssey. Game that was he said tonight was celebrating the launch of Samara Odyssey for Nintendo's wedge we've had fans lined up here for days. Waiting to get their hands on of course we're going to be selling the game to them that the effect among the first in the country to get their hands on it. But it's really a celebration of everything Mario and everything that's about this came so outside the store. We have have a large dance troupe is going to be doing a performance. The game as sort of a theme song that's got vocal scenes and Mario be dancing with the forty plus dancers and a very elaborately choreographed. Routine I'm not a dancer myself so I I saw them rehearsing this yes and I thought wow this is really cool I could never do it. And it doesn't ever been to the Nintendo store by the way but it's very well decorated. And I went I want to kind of get a look at why you're explaining all this may be coming right hypocritical over here. We don't want. I mean you know Mario is one of the great. Gaming icons. All time when the great entertainment icons of the past thirty years so he's all over the place here. We've got all the legend of Zelda. Lets you other great Nintendo franchises. Have past and present but here's an area where. When a demo of Yasser attendees will be before they have a chance that by thinking contaminant planet. For some of them this will be their first time ever playing the game. That's very exciting and again justice beyond there is sort of that outdoor area will have the big celebration we have. At a trailer. Traveling cross country and that the theme of this game is is traveling going from different places to different place. Country. He started on the West Coast travel throughout. Need four or five different stops and now he's in New York coming so many kingdom's Sunni kingdom yes kingdoms are sort of areas in the game that Mario travels to one of them is called new dunks city. Nick Johnson City and remind you and New York City so there are some visual similarities as far as it being a big metropolis. But this is where we're gonna cap off that seeks long journey for Mario. And I look at speeding up half you yeah positioning right into the did not part of the island active. Good character right here. Because giant Belgian I got on a Red Hat and he spoke capping that's happy he tells about happiness of the new addition to the Super Mario Odyssey Democrats Cappy is brand new Super Mario Odyssey. He takes over arias happens is of course very iconic and Mario confer it is easy air and it. Back cavium lands on certain objects or enemies apart can actually take them over. So previously in a Mario could throw fireballs or he could fly in this case you can actually become some of the enemy's been using and seeing for thirty years. All sorts of things are so many different things that you can capture that's part of the fun is during the captaincy and I captured this when and what can I do when I finally do. I had have you heard the front yard suddenly know everything about Nintendo the vendors and let this encyclopedic. You know acknowledged that I've had for the thirty years. Yes well thank you so much can we appreciate you Sarah all the odds of that and good luck tonight going to be amazing the art about people outside. And I think it's sort of suddenly move on out there. Fear. So again Super Mario Odyssey releases tomorrow October 27. But that's not stopped all people from lining up right now I see. Food IC chair is not Black Friday that's coming up in just a couple of weeks that he's been put an app to your right back up for another round events. And Cappy is going to be a new character. Cabbie is an anthropomorphic. Packs that Mario airs. And as it was telling us they can capture people or capture enemies and then take on the minds of those enemies just to defeat them. Right stepping outside here. As you can see. We have a whole lot of people like just a look at we need a secular. All the people lined up right now going all that look at the Red Hat and its people are ready. A long line. What does one person in particular that I want you guys to see and speak with because he has the first person in line and he's been here for about. Several days ten days right. How car after it how you dizzy Bennett anyone important you you tell a story even. All option. I've been here since Tuesday morning so I spent. Tuesday to let that I and the minds in the Thursday. And now we're almost there. And you listing ten days of that is valid but cannot apply attempted yes so basically while the stores open. I've been making trial beholden on the spot and every day for ten days now I've done. I've been out here. Wow wow so your first time comes sticking out right mail not at all. So anybody most excited fork of the have to be very sad Brazoban they're coming out for the Super Mario Odyssey game at this and that will obviously Odyssey and then secondly this crazy event that's gone on its. Insane and then thirdly what I would say I'm most excited about is as came out with. The rest of the community utilities to neighbors and saw people that does you know while what I love and on his glass glass. You something back here and yeah. Yeah. I'd like reverend had. It absolutely so you have heard there's a new character called title character a more compact I should say called Cappy yet. What are you must sign a valid and come without new addition. I guess be able to roam around everywhere and kind of get Mario into other characters and that just opened up the possibilities are. A lot more exploration in this game solved. That's yes it's going to be amazing talent I didn't playing video games are on the as long as I can remember honestly. The federal remember watching my my mother and then my father and then I got my own them. Bad dog from that possible thank you so much for speaking about half. And you haven't a club hours to go but then you're Schumer and looks like you're also not here everyone seems to be also have been ready to go. I dad are all a lot of antenna bands I hear and rob you Nintendo and Super Mario Odyssey October 27 can't understand and if you want to come out and be one of the first 200 people in line to be a part of the celebration happening. Later tonight's. Under Coppola and I'm gonna run dry and enjoy this solvers who must be.

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{"duration":"12:13","description":"ABC News' Nicole Phillip talks to Jordan Fisher at the Nintendo store ahead of the release of the latest game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50747154","title":"Hamilton star talks new Nintendo game 'Super Mario Odyssey'","url":"/Entertainment/video/hamilton-star-talks-nintendo-game-super-mario-odyssey-50747154"}