Hannah Hart Home Chef Turns YouTube Mogul

Hannah Hart's (@myharto) meteoric rise to YouTube stardom started with a few drinks and some simple ingredients leading to the popular YouTube series 'My Drunk Kitchen'. Find out how Hannah turned her passions into a profession.
6:03 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Hannah Hart Home Chef Turns YouTube Mogul
I can and cannot hide and opt you do America. Human and also. A person attending not. Back in march of 2011 I don't my first video Mike I think it. Well. Over the ledge and KG. It was actually to joke that it may have one friend and sent to them via YouTube kid I know what YouTube Y. Then suddenly all these other people started watching the video shot. For the comment the comment section at that this is my new favorite show on YouTube. How accurate this joke that I made that friend was. Well liked and that to do another one I shot another set of my jacket and have a family friendly fun program for all ages. And I just kept making more videos because I love to do it some time. So far and it was at my grandkids and high blood to collaborate with like my friends family. Yeah. I may see it and aren't. Yeah. Yeah I can't continue this show. That I made really desperate people that I love and I'm really happy for me zoo Atlanta. You know people is asking what his favorite India and that's pretty that choosing between your children. I love them all that's why cannon on and I didn't love the video apparently when I was. I can't find any other hand I think it would probably be and both Lula. Who are. And I know who. Because I wouldn't have to buy any new clothes because I and I can extract the same way. On night and the kind of treatment that everybody come over my house because for me I want to party in the kitchen. My favorite thing to do is make it an attack that was it like it delicious hot that they getting me up negative there to a bunch of bunch of people. I really like guerrilla thanks to great apple pop that eats and yeah I'm actually just that now I'm just I'm hundred begin battering. Later this theory be able to find my second book by offering on your tail of the lightly loaded in sort of every act every team. In pre Arctic today online ad offering but dot com. And we have another movie coming out there anything you. Praised. I can't tell you about when that comes out yeah. One event back into the great salvage season having humor and I love that I'm a higher. All day. You know did our organic produce and no way this. Yeah. Had the unique ability. The kind of always know what I'm thinking that's the fun part. Sleep happened at a video I'm afraid of you and it was about how am afraid that no one is going to take action. Hey I called my representatives my district and told them that I don't want assault rifles and our country. Earlier today went and checked and made sure my senator voted the way I thought was appropriate. In terms gun laws. That everybody likes to talk about gun violence and that she's in America happened nobody actually does anything about it I really believe that we can be great nation and I want to see that happen. Don't start talking about things first. As part of my channel myself Nelson and the volunteer program don't have a heart. Behind me as one of the many houses being built by the international organization habitat for humanity. So not only to all of us get to walk away from today with a real sense of accomplishment and I were walking with the knowledge that we've helped someone else get that sense of accomplishment him. It's starting in 2013. And now has grown to be nothing countries in thirty cities across America every month are just sectional images but. My community liked to call themselves get together and they volunteered to kind of spend the day doing service. For others instead of just saying kind of worried constantly thinking about online it's a great great way to meet new friends and a Great Lakes death. Channel man. The background my phone is. Will it. And the app I use the most is that app called it mode he. And the last hit know the extent. And I didn't happen app called this it's like Yelp from the fifty grand. Basically you go and you can rate and if his act different restaurants. Five companies that issue now that it's amazing if ever looking perfect Eaton did he lie at age isn't a hundred different. Don't cooling. Think it watching me anything is featured instead Meehan I cannot heart death AJ acting. Oh.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"Hannah Hart's (@myharto) meteoric rise to YouTube stardom started with a few drinks and some simple ingredients leading to the popular YouTube series 'My Drunk Kitchen'. Find out how Hannah turned her passions into a profession.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40930803","title":"Hannah Hart Home Chef Turns YouTube Mogul","url":"/Entertainment/video/hannah-hart-home-chef-turns-youtube-mogul-40930803"}