Harassment Suit Filed Against Paula Deen, Brother

A suit has been filed by an employee one of the TV chef's Restaurants.
1:22 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Harassment Suit Filed Against Paula Deen, Brother
We Begin with plus from radar online and some shocking accusations against Paula -- and her brother Bubba here is a former employee. I -- the company. Vice filing a claim with some players have some pretty egregious claims as a lawsuit she's filed a lawsuit rather. She says that -- Paula -- and her brother used the N word and she was also sexually harassed. She claims infliction of emotional distress and assault now -- this woman is claiming that to be a brother. He's a frequent customer pornography he would download sites at work. She says that she had reported a second 2010 but because nothing was done about it she laughed and now she has filed this lawsuit. Unleashed -- former employees are also expected to come forward as witnesses. We think this is just doesn't come up to -- -- is -- hard to imagine apology going this far essayist it's easy some disparaging words of such as what's being claimed in this. It's just use it then somewhere against the president as well warned that we're -- with the gulf oil supposed to -- Mary -- No value is short shelf -- after the diabetes scandal and now this over not a good year for Paula -- you hope it's not true but. Get more person coming forward Danilo is 11 mile -- one woman is filing this lawsuit and there are expected to be other employees to come forward as when you're. Food -- Apollo who was not true Merrill.

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{"id":15857827,"title":"Harassment Suit Filed Against Paula Deen, Brother","duration":"1:22","description":"A suit has been filed by an employee one of the TV chef's Restaurants.","url":"/Entertainment/video/harassment-suit-filed-paula-deen-brother-15857827","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}