Harvey Weinstein: Sex addict?

"The View" co-hosts comment on the scandal engulfing the Hollywood producer.
5:13 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for Harvey Weinstein: Sex addict?
As you probably have been following the news this week the sexual harassment allegations are piling up against Harvey Weinstein. He gave the Paparazzi this message before heading to rehab. Watch. Guys I'm not doing okay. I'm trying. You know what we all make mistakes. Second chance I hope. Okay. So you know a mistake is locking your keys in the car. Yeah. He's trying to reduce a 20-year reign of sexual terror down to oops I made a mistake. Is that offensive. I find it offensive. It was really offensive. One he's saying I'm a sex addict and I need help in that sense. I don't believe it's about a sex addiction. If you know anything about rape and sexual assault that's the kind of work I did. It's about power and anger towards women. It has nothing to do with sex. This suggestion I'm a sex addict and that's why I raped and sexual assaulted and harassed women over a 20 year period. This is pred tori behavior. Even Anna Thompson said it. Let me ask you something. There was a scandal with tiger Woods sleeping with a lot of women. That's not the same thing. That would be consensual. Let's make it clear. We're talking about nonconsensual sexual -- Look at some of the incident. We heard the audio of a girl outside a hotel room. There's nothing romantic or sexual going on. Did you hear the power dynamic? Yes. Another is where he's blocking a doorway and plaezs himself while he's looking at her wants to leave. There's nothing sexual or intimate. How about the incident with the plant. That's what I'm talking about. It's too gross to talk about this early in the morning. We call it flora feel ia. In his contract he was allowed to break the code of conduct if he sexually harassed someone. Harvey as long as he paid for the sexual harassing it was fine. I was going to ask you is that -- Is that even legal? I feel like if I went to my lawyer and said I might sexually harass or rape someone. If I pay for it we're good? You can't contract away crime. You can't protect yourself that way. We're learning now some of the executives knew. Some of the board members knew. It seems like everybody knew. So much civil exposure there. I have hope these women get together and sue the pants off that company. Maybe they need to eliminate confidentiality contracts. The nondisclosures. Maybe people need to fight to get rid of those. Rose Mcgowan said she was raped by him. I know police in London are investigating. He's probably going to jail. How much time are we looking at? There's no statute of limitations in New York for sex crimes. California just eliminated it. London and the uk doesn't have it. Is that true on child abuse also? In many cases yes, not all. I'm working privately for child sex eye babuse cases there's no statute. If these women come forward in New York and California and London, he should be behind bars. Shouldn't he? Sunny read the legal statement. We have to say this because you're innocent until prove guilty. A spokesman for Weinstein said any noncon sexual sex acts are denied. He's not showing any remorse. He's like people make mistakes. Things happen. Ba da bing. Every statement he said I'm going to reclaim my life with no vict -- These men think us locker room talk. I like that certain men are coming forward and saying I have to look within myself. Men need consciousness raised in this area. Matt Damon is saying as the father of daughters. Well you don't need to have a daughter to know sexual assault is wrong. We'll be back with more hot topics.

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{"id":50467762,"title":"Harvey Weinstein: Sex addict?","duration":"5:13","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts comment on the scandal engulfing the Hollywood producer.","url":"/Entertainment/video/harvey-weinstein-sex-addict-50467762","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}