'The View' on Bieber Paternity Suit

Hasselbeck points out the legal implications behind the allegations.
3:20 | 11/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' on Bieber Paternity Suit
-- -- -- Is reporting that a twenty year old -- woman. Has filed a lawsuit claiming that Justin Bieber is the father of her three month old boy. -- sees demand. He'd take a paternity test to prove he's. Not the bad on that he is today I -- militants went back out what. -- -- night that that they told baby he must -- -- that must have been some play date. Yeah and isn't that not talking about -- -- Yeah. I was not let me. Yeah. Are -- serious thing -- -- I can't let you know I actually spoke with Justin -- scene this morning and I just wanna read the full statement because only part of it has been out there. This team has -- is that while we haven't yet seen the lawsuit it is sad that someone would fabricate malicious defamatory and demonstrably false claims we will vigorously pursue all available legal remedy to defend and protect Justin against these allegations. Yeah Barbara you can probably see -- think that but I remember playing I went to the point one -- one basketball Justin Bieber and there. Is no such thing I mean it was literally -- verses like five of whoever was around him and I -- I listen. Yeah million need to thinking about that's OK number one -- -- Round of the little time -- objectively speaking the attorney for this woman who was throwing these allegations out there. I believe could potentially be facing sanctions because he is in fact she -- -- nineteen yet this his client. To claim that she was 19 am so that he start letting -- -- -- until -- -- -- -- alleged crime of statutory -- and -- -- by an attorney want to say I did not cynical I love that about him. But -- I say. -- -- little -- -- he's an eleven a rock and a hard place because I'm not sure about that the legal system but I think if you do. -- those kind of claims you can force the person to take a paternity test. Which were proven false or not but he's you know what I what I am concerned about is if if this is true because Elizabeth you know you are mother you adjust and be -- -- -- -- light. That you see and -- you know you got a young boy who's got hormones -- raging. It's I think it might be a little bit different. A world of girls who -- -- at the -- out as heck yeah. That's what she's at she went in there and Justin Davis say it was his first time they'd they did -- it was a -- -- on the side of the a building which sounds like -- to yeah. I don't think he was a -- Had a lot of young girls that are fans of Justin -- as I'm concerned about its credibility if this is sure I think -- he starts his new Christmas album when the Lear says. You know kiss and under the mistletoe now it might be kissing on a Saturday veil that you -- Credit. Hundreds and I think it wouldn't kissing kissing and also being accused. Of fathering a child -- a woman with a in nineteen at the time that she is claimed to have had sex with him -- Got any vulnerability of these girls they have groupies and that some repair mission is. When they get with these people so I -- naturally relatively low key. Our eyes and ears open and -- you know what what we know what I mean you know I don't does not -- who also out because I liked a guy like the -- alive and I'm sorry nineteen year old women I mean it's -- -- in jail for armed having sex with young UIs so this is going to be very insisting.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Hasselbeck points out the legal implications behind the allegations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14866363","title":"'The View' on Bieber Paternity Suit","url":"/Entertainment/video/hasselbecks-view-bieber-paternity-suit-14866363"}