Actor John Hawkes: "It's Hard to be a Rebel When Everyone is Cool"

John Hawkes recaps some of his more memorable rolls and displays his musical side.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Transcript for Actor John Hawkes: "It's Hard to be a Rebel When Everyone is Cool"
Aren't so clear a poet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's rather spend most of my time but -- today. Nice -- by the way. Some even ask you some basic questions okay. Finally he's -- really understand exactly what the -- lungs for Paul -- -- home. He's very few hours signing with the portable respirator depending how I feel. -- -- -- -- -- And how do you feel right now. -- Finish your breathing. Effect better than usual that's great -- -- get undressed. In terms of your career. People and you talked about this before and -- -- It's. You're supposed to be the bad guy because the goals that you -- put you in that position not fully. I mean I guess they just didn't see you -- this war movies like that let. You playing tear drop in winters -- I think at one point he said I play. Cycles nerds and cycle -- -- That's -- that's wanted to suspect then hit one and -- -- spectrum but that's not all that you buy. -- no. Always been interested in trying to ever a wide range mainly because I felt they would give me longevity isn't there. Certainly I've been really -- -- -- wide range just so happens that. Martha -- -- -- -- bound the last few things and gets hit with critics. In and with audiences and some people pigeonhole you but doesn't bother me I'm just over the fortunate to be able to find. A great role in the great script was capable people telling a story that's hard enough to -- you. But the judge the characters are judged the relatively light or dark. Ness of the character of the material on this looking for something really great to do. And happy when that when that -- and what's the first movie you did that people would remember seeing you on screen. Maybe from dusk -- -- You got killed -- and I sure did George Clooney thinks he didn't sound of my destiny points. Shot me or direct care right checkpoint in the hand -- a yen mayhem ensued you can but it was a pretty fun fifteen minutes on camera and Robert always. Spoke that is its own kind of little short -- and hours. Viewed it that way. Maybe those the first -- that people would remember. Yes I think so that was on the 11990. Six. And had been working for several years previous to that was maybe the first time I got to have -- -- jumped off the street. When you're auditioning for some. And they cashed in those two roles what why are they seeing any kind of menace and you at all. Oddly democratic -- fantastic director. And writer. Told me when she called me up to ask me if I was interested in and playing in the role tear drop -- winter's bone said. I like the vulnerability. From you and everyone we -- and that wasn't apparent defeat in reading. Her the role -- -- scripts. -- -- and everyone we know would be of any use to Europe -- -- he. Hello -- any connection to you. -- -- about trying. I was I'm very happy that she's something. She and I. -- very good natured and help the back and forth. -- throughout issues about how hard. We could make -- I was always fighting for. For for going for the extremely hand. Just just to serve the story. You know if the story -- as a young woman's yesterday. Try to find her father and Africa hostile territories situation and and I was to be -- ally. You don't play the inning as the actors so in the end I don't turn to be molester kills along the audience think that always in the -- -- -- in this -- guy who. Is on his mind and potentially harmful. So you know I was. -- Warren and maybe. It which is bound thing got -- Martha -- name. Because. Is -- others. What different characters it is. There's no level of darkness it is surrounds. -- -- at all. I don't think of winter's bone when you think -- -- and we just all -- you Jennifer lines or the other actors but. Is there a moment in that -- -- just stays in your head for you. We'll certainly. -- Set to it. There's that wonderful here on. Language there. Is he in the truck the last thing which. -- drive -- They wanted to get focus. That the director Michael McDonough and then at look into the side do you -- air force who can focus on -- -- and they just liked that -- to -- -- So I think there's alliances. In. In in a small ways is his iconic. Piece of that movie which is. My looking at the -- and and saying to him as a -- And -- Soviet we -- and and this and that the situation is. This is set up so well in the movie so well edited and it's it's directed well enough to -- -- -- that jumped from an hour. Now it is iconic. People remember. Well you know we always end the show -- either. We do you know and if I had -- -- to. I have -- -- I played to -- John are you don't block the deal over. They. Pete -- and this is one. Yeah I can see it on your fat she gets his trip through it but -- -- -- saying for me the last time I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It can be any -- and let this from. The but I need to have the ability. That's where you can square and all you want. Delay nothing. Comes -- to. I don't care. And -- a rebel group. Williams kind yeah its. Target durable -- -- -- river city school. And we're over everybody's on the edge subcultures and -- at least the fashion world. And world -- a long haired young he's right Harley's -- sport tattoos even preteen kids from -- been there. Everybody -- everybody -- everybody -- -- the whole country's cop an attitude from CDs hearings even look you are what you. -- -- -- I am trying to -- I believe in the most wearing outlandish revolutionary thing you can you 21 century. -- treat everybody people you know. People you know knowing -- you kindness -- -- -- -- you. And -- yeah -- about Craig says Ben Pratt. We got -- -- -- that wasn't done. You and we thought it was a net and literally you tuned it didn't lose.

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{"id":17566298,"title":"Actor John Hawkes: \"It's Hard to be a Rebel When Everyone is Cool\"","duration":"3:00","description":"John Hawkes recaps some of his more memorable rolls and displays his musical side.","url":"/Entertainment/video/actor-john-hawkes-hard-rebel-cool-17566298","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}