Herman Cain on His Derailed Campaign

Part 4 of Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011"
5:22 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Herman Cain on His Derailed Campaign
What started as a dean's campaign have a -- 66 year old black conservative businessman. Bucking the establishment. Ended in a night that sexual harassment allegations and charges of long term and infidelity. Hurricane. Has suspended his presidential campaign. But not his design and can be heard. So as. Today. With a lot of prayer. And soul searching. I am suspending my presidential campaign. Mister K -- you. Relieved to have -- life back. In many ways yes Barbara -- prepare for much of the things that I had to do but it was the vicious unrelenting. Character assassination. That finally calls too much pain to my wife. My -- and me. Do you think that in this campaign you have been treated fairly. I believe that in the court of public opinion. I have not been treated fairly. Because the accusations were false. But they continue to be spun as if they work through and they are not true do you think any of this had to do with the fact that to a black. Yes. Because I happen to believe that the Democrats. Did not want. An accomplished. Particulate. Optimistic. Black man. To face. President Obama. I can't prove that Bob. But I do believe that. For women accused you and sexual harassment one -- -- -- had an -- for thirteen years. What do you say to people who say where there's smoke there's fire. What I say to people is not in this case -- But if -- innocent why suspend your campaign. Because -- the pain that the rules calls in my life. And my family and me every. It is brought up in the media over and over and over there -- not gonna stop. -- your wife want you to suspend. Your candidacy know she would never do that. My wife and I have been -- reported three years. She shared with me how she felt it was their -- He believes me. And so I'm at peace with her she's at peace with me but you will hurt innocent of all the charges yes. Yes. I do think and that any of the candidate. From my -- you wish him running mate. I honestly don't think that they would win because the end the spin of the speed was thought all over again. What kind of cabinet position. I can light if it -- possible and we just speaking totally totally hypothetical right totally totally hypothetical. Department of Defense. What. Yes not caching I mean yeah 99 on the -- and I got a -- And why it's -- to defend. Because if I could influence rebuild and -- military -- to -- should be. That would be a task I would consider undertaking. If he was secretary of defense it would be important to be familiar. -- the various countries and around the world news had some different content with that mr. -- yes but I have been doing my homework every since the difficulty. Stomach when you're a little boy did you think some day I may be hesitant. Not in -- wildest dreams. I grew up. In these segregated water -- south. Momo mobile wasn't made -- chauffeur. Climbed the corporate ladder in corporate America and against the odds and one of the reasons. That -- made the decision to run for president. Was the fact that I am the American entry. You haven't -- singing voice yes yes. Why do we end this interview and a very happy note -- you think a little something for me only because as you. I won't do this -- about it I'm deeply moved and I never miss an opportunity to express my faith. Are you -- Amazing gray the youth. Will always easy -- -- My song -- pray and only it was gray. That brought me the -- I'll never know who. -- Jesus paying. Too little -- -- home. Moon. Look. The own. Unfolds. And so. My. Wounds. Merrier Christmas Bob Christmas. Thank you very much sentenced him.

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{"id":15158929,"title":"Herman Cain on His Derailed Campaign","duration":"5:22","description":"Part 4 of Barbara Walters' \"The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/herman-cain-derailed-campaign-15158929","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}