Hey, How About That "Nip/Tuck" Reunion?!

Dylan Walsh talks behind-the-scenes of "Authors Anonymous" and "Nip/Tuck"
9:40 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Hey, How About That "Nip/Tuck" Reunion?!
Movie fans -- to carry on the days to the big premiere of authors anonymous it's set to hit theaters April 18 with an all star cast. Here's a sneak peek. And the differences can be seen who usually -- -- -- -- -- the other night the Holocaust. Can cost us wrong -- was faring on Benton who is. But there's. Dallas. I think our -- of power heavy right. But. I mean we we do not document there. We -- only to repair and so we love them. You don't let them regulate. Mean that that the cameras on. So that -- all of this was. -- -- -- The reality of the -- red haired young boss here an action and great -- I mean if it it at that hasn't brought people that. That the plot is relatively simple when -- it to this movie I mean. Is that would that that's rigorously drew that jury to the park. It's a writer's group let's face it writers are fun to make fun -- especially in LA. There was a little movie that came. Right in my -- hiatus from unforgettable and it was perfect total contrast to a residue on my day job hop. Regret regret regret this was a chance to play a buffoon basically this is a guy who takes himself so seriously. As a writer and easy for very meager talent. When I read the script laughed personals one of those movies it was a Jordan news no money it was just because you like doing it Teri -- and -- known each other years. And -- -- -- play husband wife and it's it's it's pretty fun. How close to reality is this count them. Oh I don't know I -- idea to drop names of realist you wanna get back at it for I just I just think I think menus you saw from that -- what we're doing we're we're taking the you know or group -- -- -- meet and they all kind of help each other out. And and it's that thing about -- as they tend to take themselves very seriously and we circuit just a little further towards this -- -- -- -- It's obvious you can relate to though as an actor an end the same time that when you actually filming this for you like you know -- the -- ought to rethink some business. Yeah and one of the things we got to do that -- in particular was improvise and you know writers are so. They do not want you to pull the improvised what -- there we were doing that in the movie about writers who are taking themselves -- -- -- characters would not have approved somebody. Improvising -- -- -- -- had that already been built into the script that it was going to be big -- you were going to kind of ripped a little bit or I think it's just something that we started to find the script is with so well written no offense in the script it's just that when you're trying to find these people you know. It was a tough schedule had no rehearsal time we came in there and I think it was that you have to loosen up and play to find. Common ground and that's what was so fun because. Let's you know unforgettable is has won tone to it and for me to be over going to something like this was great to be able to switch so quickly NN as you mentioned it is an all star cast I mean it's -- and -- -- -- up. -- the late great Dennis Farina is -- it he Richmond if I mean. What is it like to work with some kind of election well for a sort of makes you feel comfortable. That's the first thing that I appreciate but he had such a great -- -- -- he had -- -- in Chicago for a long time right before you ever started acting but. He was a pro he improvise to I think he kind of set the tone you know we're gonna kinda keep it close to what the script is. He's just a gentleman a great guy -- hang out with an eight. Obviously with his -- and makes the film -- -- -- much more meaningful that does and I'll be honest with -- it it's a comedy where being silly. But as the movie go. -- goes along what you start to feel it is is. When asked so much making fun of the people anymore the kind of the tone kind of develop says it goes it's hard to say without kind of ruining the whole thing but. His character in particular I think that the definitely he's -- silly. Right -- taking himself too seriously but his performance in particular kind of grows on you it has a little more. Meaning even aside from the fact that -- that -- passed away if it's actually a very in interest in tone at the end. -- each -- -- -- -- that that you brought -- -- -- and experiences or reflections of a viewer thoughts on riders can. It's always fun to hear about how actors their personal lives how it starts with you can start to affect what's happening on the on the set. -- -- -- obviously newlywed right there and and with the shooting was happening roughly around the time that that this kind of whirlwind romance took off. I don't know that I was unaware that she and Chris Klein had such great chemistry that's all we cared about but I am I -- -- suppose it was around -- I was so what you don't we we show up let's head and you start to read those things whether -- be about yourself whether it be about -- would. Whomever it might be. How easy is it to -- kind of put that stuff aside and just focus on the job and it -- an -- and and go through the scene honestly it is easy you know why because it's your own little world that world news all I have is I looked in your eyes -- -- -- lines with you. And there's that trust that it's built very quickly and that's your world -- a I don't know what she's doing outside of -- but that little world and everybody. Look actors are probably worse -- writers were so sensitive so over sensitive every little you know comment can be taken the wrong way. So that's all you have is that will stress that that that -- -- -- -- out sitting there waiting for the lighting. To get set and that's your world whatever she's doing outside of it was a fun that was a fun movie human as everybody is there only because they like they want to do it. Being really is -- it seems as if they in the seems to be kind of the the reaction on -- and getting. And -- -- about is that this really was a film that everyone wanted to do this wasn't like something that it was that this is that this big must do but this is that we -- when what you because the. The park spoke to them in some way that's exactly right for me personally I called him -- -- -- -- -- -- so unfair. But if it's the contrast to what -- I'm normally doing -- play out burns on unforgettable -- readily different guy. When I saw this has jumped off the page for me just his ridiculous -- this and they gave me something to play that I I don't get that. Get to play verio. Speaking of unforgettable even surprised about the tremendous response. That you -- fan base. Gives out to this this -- we we have been all over the place on schedule and yet we still bring along our. People and I'm amazed I'm I'm amazed they can still find us on what rate that is a very dangerous thing when it when it comes to programming because obviously Easter Easter play around with time slots and days and you very. Very realistically and risk losing your audience and somehow we've been well I think has the show is good -- all -- it's rare in this business when you -- a have a show and it's allowed to fall into something a little bit different that when it was when we started. It's more fun now. It's more romantic men. And these are all the things I mean so there's a reason -- people are -- Watson and I think it's a good show. It's -- -- interesting journey though I mean we've been all over the place on the on the man. We'll talk etched in journey ten years since -- While. I mean. Right. -- -- I've been here at some rumblings of a possible reunion in his -- looking it settled rumors right here I hear rumblings I would love to do that. I miss the show and -- those characters on this Julian. He's doing well. I -- that that group you know when we finished we did feel like we probably go on two years to -- -- Just because we had played everything we -- and we've made fun of ourselves we've gone everywhere we current. It was started feel redundant but now that you have a little time away from it I would welcome and anything. Anything to come back -- was have you heard the possibilities Tyler reunion. Show machinery and what about a movie. I would love that -- Ryan Murphy is only associated with about seventeen other shows -- equipment -- I don't know whether wedding I -- out of the -- -- -- thinks. But I miss him too you know it was a great obviously for me is the best thing ever happen to me in the business -- You know it was seven years it was a good run. I don't know if we'll ever get the revisited if we did I would welcome I mean the staying power of seven years is almost unheard. With -- -- to -- to go out and such a strong finish as well there. That that's another case where. When we first started that show people just didn't know where that channel -- -- pretty simple as that that I kind of be educated. And -- Julian and I were going to publicity we were we -- promoting a network as well -- the show right that's exciting. We felt like we were right there in the beginning of FX FX has only gone up and way beyond that but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So author is anonymous what's after that. Well -- back to work on unforgettable we're going to be shooting all summer. Shows are -- now they're gonna -- actually we also have a summer run as well so. But while -- -- -- has been all over the map it's actually going to be on consistently now for awhile. I was cancer going to be very appreciative of that and should that -- gut and check office anonymous and we still must thank you so much appreciate thanks for having me.

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{"id":23324337,"title":"Hey, How About That \"Nip/Tuck\" Reunion?! ","duration":"9:40","description":"Dylan Walsh talks behind-the-scenes of \"Authors Anonymous\" and \"Nip/Tuck\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/hey-niptuck-reunion-23324337","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}