High School Musical Star Lucas Grabeel Releases Hot New Music Video

Lucas Grabeel's "135N8" heats up the charts.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High School Musical Star Lucas Grabeel Releases Hot New Music Video
-- it teen movie heartthrob started ABC's family hit primetime drama switched at birth. All the while landing six times on billboard's hot 100 of course I'm talking about none other than -- -- -- Who is also just released the hot new single 135. -- -- Okay. And Lucas is right here with us to tell us all about it right now teen girls of course are swooning and screaming at their screens at all. The cabinet treated time is so far I I am having a blast give me an idea you know -- -- 135 in a while starring on switched at birth. How do you would do both of those lines -- A lot of planning. You know. When are when we're on -- break with. Switch to verify it jumped in the studio in and -- crack and then at some music in you know one through five and it was really. An opportunity for me work with -- -- -- -- story the two choreographers from High School Musical and then a couple of dancers from High School Musical movies as well. So it was great to kind of -- the team back together even some of the crew members were there and kind of have a little reunion. He's dancing together is so much fun okay 135. And eight what does it mean it's the beats of the song. So you know like -- say 5678 so. 13. An aids society. Kind of review the songs I was I was. Wanted to work with them and actually create a -- -- fighting against. So. You know -- -- would you in this little -- thing that's that's 13 -- so here actually music producer to give me an idea how fun it was two. Get all of this music video I just. It was so much fun it it took us a long time says to put it all together. But I worked with a bunch of my friends and it's countless hours in the studio -- and over a long period of time we came up with something that -- really liked -- and -- for a really long time finding. -- The end result which I'm so -- -- I really love it. -- right from your music to news switched at birth of course the finale just taking place a lot of people still talk at all about let's take a little luck. Of a nineteen year old divorced. And -- and its people would learn from it. I want to -- with her. Your mom and -- Who were there for you. Impeachment of this -- moved back in with us. If things can be fine. That's a pretty emotional scene but it's a very popular series three seasons and now on of course High School Musical. How do you think the success of switched at birth. Became such the -- well it. You know it deals with so many. Different. Facets of family and and goes right along with the slogan ABC family and you kind of -- only. Bringing in and education deaf culture and and different sociology the sociological different. Differences between families in ethnic differences and all these people kind of mixing together in one place. Just kind of creates. A lot of drama on a lot of really interest -- things to watch. One thing I'm so proud -- this show is the sign language in the -- culture of I've learned so much sign language being a part of the show and and -- share with friends and just kind of like. Spreading that out there is just makes me feel really good. You know of music wasn't -- in a series you're also getting ready to compete in food network's chopped all stars going to be competing with the likes of Peter Scolari Michael imperial Ali and Todd Smith. -- give me an idea to get any kitchens though. I got some -- skills. All immature. But you have always liked cooking actually. Have a garden and program vegetables and and some for treason -- homes Saigon kitchen scales well a little bit Alyeska has set. But -- -- that show nothing can compare you for doing something like that I can't imagine. You know it's hard enough for a shaft to do -- buffer us people who have never like really worked in the kitchen before and. You know pressured to make something really quickly the time goes so fast it's it's -- it was the most. Pressure I have felt. Any other more than any other acting job that is -- is -- -- Lucas we will look for you that -- all stars as well as all over TV as well as music thanks for joining us thanks for having me.

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{"id":23052053,"title":"High School Musical Star Lucas Grabeel Releases Hot New Music Video","duration":"3:00","description":"Lucas Grabeel's \"135N8\" heats up the charts.","url":"/Entertainment/video/high-school-musical-star-lucas-grabeel-interview-2014-23052053","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}