Holiday Gift Guide: Graphic Novels

Geek out with these awesome comic books and graphic novels.
4:29 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Holiday Gift Guide: Graphic Novels
-- -- holiday shopping tip for you graphic novels make great stocking dapper than whether that person is a serious comic book nerd or. Even if he or she can't tell doctor -- from dark side. But we felt there are still some great gift idea about -- Rick Marshall a professional geek who writes for IFC dot com and -- dot com. It's here to share some suggestions Kyra great to see out the possibility this is that I'm going great as a sort of fundamental nothing about the graphic novel world -- this is very educational. There are a lot of new. Offerings it seems in very much so in this category. -- -- -- -- some of these that you brought with you it's. Well angelic super -- for the biggest thing in Hollywood these days. Fortunately publishers and made -- really really easy sort of get caught up with like that decades of history behind some of -- familiar characters in such. So they're bundling a lot of these characters from -- history -- -- one. Buck yet again they've got lot of collections out there's sort of get you caught up to speed with things some friends that you got things like. The -- omnibus it's over there they're. Four was a huge hit last year at the movies -- for one get caught up to the Turkish got a lot of history so this offers great introduction lot of classic stories. And then of course you've got Captain America. You've got -- -- man theory is right yet Captain America winter soldier it's a great book that's out right now. It's more modern stories and captain America's history. But it's a great way to sort of find out all kept America's major players in -- universe you know the good guys the bad guys decide kicks that sort of thing there's also the avengers we're coming out next year. -- -- avengers -- this out it basically shows that teen dynamic Captain America Thor Iron Man all those guys in the coming together next year. Yeah -- -- -- classics you know even people who aren't too big comic book nerds have at least heard of these guys. Are there some new worry and graphic novels out there on the horizon. Actually I'm well if you select superhero thing if you want the super -- there's invincible on invincible the great book it's more modern superhero. Tale. It's a bit graphic at times and that sort of thing that sort of lay in new superhero for sort of but a new generation. There's me hardcover out -- you can get to get caught up with that. There's also but still on the on the classic side there's the FX men on the -- some marble put out. -- class a huge movie last year. And so I want to get caught up with that stuff. Even came about dark tower this event graphic novel rendition -- his dark -- -- dark I was a great novel also great comic book series Stephen King partnered with marvel to basically adapting the entire series into a comic book form. And it's really amazing because even if you've read the novel. You get a lot of new stuff and that's a lot of spin -- of things -- in mentioned in the series or sort of alluded to they all get told in the series it's it's actually wonderful. Now I gotta say that a lot of these seem like they're a little bit more oriented towards men and our boy -- fairness some of these that you would. You would suggest for women. Actually -- Morning glories in is a great series that's really -- -- one of my favorite series to come out last couple of years. It's basically if you like that television show lost its -- we lost in a prep school -- that we concentrate at its lot of teenage characters -- they find themselves in this mysterious school they don't know why they're there they don't know why they can't get out from and they're basically this mystery sort of -- -- you read last week cliff hangers. All right now what about fat man a lot of people are being fat and -- anything. Well there's a first -- want to keep the holiday theme there's also a baton and a well which is -- nick Charles dickens' Christmas Carol take. And the Batman universe so that's nice them to be read all by itself. There's also -- -- These new 52 omnibus sat looks -- Yet it's a bit of the -- but. Decently loud headlines few months ago they basically we launched their entire universe with a bunch of issue number ones of the Superman comics Batman comics. Everything -- Wonder Woman all of that stuff. It -- coming on point -- across the entire line right comics somewhat and that they had on TV also big hit in book form. Absolutely had to walk and -- comic book series has been on going long time now. It's been huge in the comic world for a while what's great about the what an account book series and shouldn't getting all these hard covers that are there. Is that slightly different from the television show there's something new for you if you want to move from the television world for the comics world Rick. Thank you so much and we should mention that all of these books are available online or at your local comic shop for -- thank you so much thank you very much.

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