Hollywood Baby Brigade

Dawn Yanek has the buzz on new celebrity mothers.
2:11 | 10/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hollywood Baby Brigade
Savvy get to cap on the hottest youths and Hollywood dynamic from life and style weekly is here with all the DC DLC not yet -- -- biggest celebrity baby news his -- Tori Spelling actually welcomed a baby girl earlier this week -- Tori and dean actually opted not to find out the sex of the baby until she gave birth. Dean said it was the ultimate surprise to not -- and -- -- -- we have one of each we just want a healthy baby. Name to -- an old fashioned name. -- Margaret McDermott and that's -- are -- congratulations to -- NN now Aveion. Affleck and Jennifer Garner and they're having her they are and we have learned Atlantans sale weekly that they are having trouble why. And of course He has two daughters at serafina and violet and -- adores them but from what we heard from our sources He is so excited to have a little sports buddy we can watch baseball games -- -- play catch laughing -- normal -- -- top -- -- -- Kate got slammed her show. Got canceled she's got -- house defeat -- -- that's -- this -- -- -- actually considering returning to work as a labor and delivery nurse that's actually completed some courses to renew her license. -- is a little bit turf fight at the prospect of having to pay for all her kids private school educations. And they're living expenses. Look she's gonna do what she has to do but I would not rule out a TV comeback for Kate I think American needs a little bit of a break for her but eventually she may be. Working her way back into America's hearts OK finally let's talk about -- Pavel RA she recently got booted off Dancing With The Stars but in the audience her ex fiance. Jay Cutler was there and there's talk that they might get back together. Yes they've been spending a lot of time together trying to work things out. Chris is actually very hopeful that the two of them will still walk down IL. Next summer in Chicago it they broke up over the summer she was completely devastated it was just two days after a length and style photo issue where she was posing in wedding as. So she apparently -- an email recently saying that she missed him He reciprocated and now they are mending their relationship well good luck to all of -- -- manic life and style weekly thanks so much for I think --

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Dawn Yanek has the buzz on new celebrity mothers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14740837","title":"Hollywood Baby Brigade ","url":"/Entertainment/video/hollywood-baby-brigade-dawn-yanek-buzz-new-celebrity-mothers-entertainment-14740837"}