At Home With Keith Urban

Part 5 of "In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts."
7:02 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for At Home With Keith Urban
Keith Urban may have come from down under but he stayed on top of the charts here in Nashville for a long time. So how -- to get that country -- council right how to overcome the dark days of addiction to end up with a glamorous movie star wife Nicole Kidman. I hit the road with him to find out and hear the sound some call urban country. Welcome to -- here. -- -- -- -- -- He's the incredibly fat fingered musician. Rock star -- And movie star looks. Yes this is country music. I caught up with heat during his get closer world war. As a sellout crowd filled the arena after a pre concert prayer and a little stretch. It's time -- light up enough. Many of -- signature songs are about the speed and freedom of driving. From days go by. Sweet thing. Who would want to be me. That mounting and. So it was no surprise him when he invited -- cameras home with him. They would be cars all around. -- drive it was not. The act of driving the isolation the intimacy -- sort of environment but the key -- -- it's only a beautiful to be long and at times. With few thoughts with the right here with whatever. Or to be with someone we can all relate -- that sometimes being the only thing I suspect that we can get away. CNN. And the alignment with special someone. -- special someone this is -- Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman. They surprised the world -- -- 2006 marriage she's been surprising him ever since. This is a this second anniversary gift -- my -- All. It was it was a magical morning got to say he has I just couldn't I just Democrats -- for the bomb like. I gave him like opening the door world do it. And I sinking it and like this. Does he didn't know -- Now I was fantastic. A nice job nag. -- -- -- So who had -- Nicole how would you describe her to them. Extremely cute -- -- really really extraordinarily. Rare I think -- -- spirit -- it's it's them. It's been a small -- trying to find the -- -- because its inner. Woodson and. In this case words -- -- -- -- -- but when it comes to her and whether any part of -- I'm -- music plays a -- today because music is that. The logic language and the -- beyond the limitations it wouldn't. Long before he met his fellow Australian Nicole Heath was living a less glamorous life as a struggling musician hoping to make it in Nashville. He moved to the US in 1992. And found moderate success with his band -- the ranch. -- decided to find extra work as a back -- guitarist. Here you can see him behind Alan Jackson in the video Mercury blues. But by 1998. -- struggle for success and isolation he felt living in America. Fueled an addiction to cocaine and alcohol. An ongoing battle began. Two trips to rehab which. -- is of the struggle to stay sober. And it was a struggle to live the life has listened to fool. Yeah that's that's what the actual real struggles and it -- once once wants anyone considered -- -- I'd like to sit there and and even an objection. When I stopped -- -- ceased to be a war. And that's that's really the perfect way to put it. -- -- Me. Yeah. Beats number one hit without you is a tribute to how the love of his wife Nicole grounded him. And changed his world. -- -- -- -- Limousine were. Its cattle. Now the -- sheer joy are their two daughters Sunday rose and little faith Margaret what's the best part about making that. All of it. -- coming in and jump -- and known Dead -- -- -- I've been in doorbell daughter's bedroom in the morning to get her up out of -- some times and she's singing pumped up kicks in having -- -- -- -- We said -- -- kicks. Well and and the great thing about I mean nick is just a phenomenal mother and that's that's what makes the job really beautiful. He hopes to raise his girls with the unwavering support his own parents Bob and Mary and gave him. From the moment he first wrapped his little fingers around a ukulele they back their son's dream of being a musician. Driving and keep all over Australia as he performed in country music competitions. I was really blessed that. Not have his parents that I got to get a real job. -- that that was a really good thing it was -- -- for spammers twelve. And and I left school at fifteen and I would -- sooner if I could have been really the end you doing and then housing project -- -- Just months through Fargo -- -- that -- nice having a meltdown with the kids that. It wasn't it wasn't for me. What do you want your daughter -- for -- -- I don't know I -- the saints a strong sense of family. And and and following their hat in hand. -- as -- -- -- with the following endless. Just following the thing that that gives them a sense of joy and in truth and and just following that -- even -- is difficult. He's walking his own road to happiness. His favorite part of a concert is the moment when he gets to race out into the audience. He's getting the most out of life. Living full throttle. Leaving it all on stage. We looked into the rear view mirror when he. The overriding thing for me is that it's this whole thing this whole lot inspection. Won't look back and don't miss it.

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