Hospitality: Brooklyn Band Talks Record Release

AudioFile: Indie pop trio chats about Elvis Costello, "Arrested Development."
4:53 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Hospitality: Brooklyn Band Talks Record Release
Students and yeah. -- Italian record really can't. -- -- -- -- And -- effective. I think -- this reminds -- -- -- am thankful that you get whenever they fit like -- And that. The incident like they have everything all about the music is we're. -- -- The 101000. Living -- that at a party and then I'm. Cool news -- a losing battle for years after that. And then -- variety of injuries and. I -- -- -- -- on music and released a -- album. A number of labels and. -- please listen to play guitar and his band. Which -- but can be playing keyboards and -- that simply morphed into this. What we recorded the record before we sign we we didn't know that we are in the referendum -- record -- with emergency. Effortlessly and it's been really nice to nice Stanley -- to support -- -- News we'll -- anything live. Four days. And then months later actually makes it then sent its recent attack. -- -- -- If we felt the -- fifty. And -- done the job that they pain and and the same kind of her hands off creatively. I -- Offense when it. I just -- it tells stories and he. Relates to. People who. You know like I like universal themes. I think different. Eighteen lovely dark and heavy and light melodramatic and I consciously you wouldn't have these songs this -- -- It is not to be you know. Not -- them. But I think that the subject. And needed statements subject matter -- The words but the but the -- -- -- And week. Goodness of the music. Don't know where they've lived through. -- thanks for myself juxtaposition I think. A schoolteacher. Second -- there's always interesting subject matter -- -- class himself. Little little facts -- tidbit that work that our study can fire me. Yeah. The New York was. I'm a big -- on the -- Right here. Who England's deficit actually. That the inspiration. Actor's. We. We really like that India's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Together really happy. We hope that we can have taken actors -- And as we can go. Spread the gospel.

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{"id":15879193,"title":"Hospitality: Brooklyn Band Talks Record Release","duration":"4:53","description":"AudioFile: Indie pop trio chats about Elvis Costello, \"Arrested Development.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/hospitality-brooklyn-band-talks-record-release-15879193","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}