What's Hot On Blu-ray, DVD

A comic book legend and Clooney's latest Oscar nominee top new releases.
0:49 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for What's Hot On Blu-ray, DVD
Time to check out what's new this week on dvd and Blu-ray from director Stephen Spielberg comes the 3-D animated thrill ride the adventures of Tintin. Based on the beloved comic books the -- is an old fashioned treasure hunt featuring state of the art in motion capture animation. But it's features -- you -- its groundbreaking film was made -- history up to ten. Also out now the descendants starring George Clooney he earned some of the best reviews of his career and another Oscar nomination for his work. -- -- husband quote supports the -- some harsh truths after his wife is badly injured. Also available on home video the dark comedy young adult Charlize Theron -- as a prom queen turned struggling writer with all sorts of issues. Past problems come to light when she returned to her hometown. --

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{"id":15911967,"title":"What's Hot On Blu-ray, DVD","duration":"0:49","description":" A comic book legend and Clooney's latest Oscar nominee top new releases.","url":"/Entertainment/video/hot-blu-ray-dvd-15911967","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}