Hot New DVD and Blu-ray Titles

"Game of Thrones: S1" and a superdeluxe version of "The Town" top the list.
0:55 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Hot New DVD and Blu-ray Titles
Time to check out what's new on dvd and Blu-ray a winter is coming for fans of HBO's the smash hit game the Marlins. The season one collection of the fantasy epic is loaded with extras including character profiles to help you figure out who's who in the kingdom with Europe's. It's the perfect way to get caught up in time for season two which debuted April for. Also out now the action packed immortal. Henry capital who will soon storage at theaters playing Superman in a man of steel plate the man caught in the middle of a war between gods and -- The Blu-ray version comes with deleted scenes and two alternate endings. And Ben Affleck 2010. Crime drama the -- also debuts on blue today. The ultimate collector's edition comes with an extended version of the hit film. That's twenty minutes longer and the one seen in theaters and spoiler alert it comes with a new ending.

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{"id":15860163,"title":"Hot New DVD and Blu-ray Titles","duration":"0:55","description":"\"Game of Thrones: S1\" and a superdeluxe version of \"The Town\" top the list.","url":"/Entertainment/video/hot-dvd-blu-ray-titles-15860163","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}