'HTGAWM' Star Karla Souza Dishes on Her Co-Stars Backstage

The actress who plays Laurel Castillo on the ABC hit series "How to Get Away With Murder" gets candid behind the scenes at the "GMA" Times Square studio.
5:17 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for 'HTGAWM' Star Karla Souza Dishes on Her Co-Stars Backstage
This is a big one for Meehan so excited brigade another often walked this act which congress he's rob Hahn to get away with Myrna slips. To the. Al are. Thank you can god. I spent all my prayers to make sure wasn't lower paying you know music it's all being. That's. We want community. Okay so. It makes his Hamas Egan Iowa and Ohio senate on airplanes I think it's. So for those of you lost last week's episode of kind of way and I'm sorry advanced are about to spoil everything you're not amnesty. Hands and you're you know. It is debating. Pull us live now I did of course and secretly I'm pretty I want the to let. Well at least I think he could either pre could be less or it could be you know someone calls niece. Her. Yeah. Making it could be anyone just because this shows are plot twist central. Also Islam it's easy easy thing. And yeah. This milanese yeah partly yes. Let's bring you do I didn't at all you. Here he hasn't. You're always allow. And here. East. Yeah because all the muscles and a half. Hey yeah. Good luck happens it is you have to be doing all the time. OK sounds promising that I wanna ask and ask these questions asked. Thanksgiving. Lightning round coming anyway. Described Viola Davis in Woodward. Polls. That's good and totally CA. Out of all Catholics who is most likely to be late with that. And him. This. And yet. And tacky so get past. The blah. And he silently Lancaster. Technically he lives in London right. In Iraq so click here but I don't standard and Canada. I'm his biggest prankster jokes there that definitely. That's surprising ending it's yet again. Who's most likely to need to retake the south because they didn't like that personally Asia. And I. And I. Let's do you look Michael retake the southeast overnight. And if you are. Grace the best sound. A half hour. You out of your customers is the most similar to you personally. It is endless litany Garcia whose accuse them. It now. And finally who's your favorite character on the show not counting your home. Currently seen world I want it. I can't they're saying. I think I'll turn. Lane mall owner yeah. Partners as well some. Car as he. I don't know I was. OK I. Across the street. Now he's come by his pop consumers these. For an. Series regulars. Hearing it. Now that's talent and it. I know you can't tell us into the eighty daddy's war if you survive and if you don't I won't just. Please. Still concerned whether it like me and I will not. Yeah tigers. But it exactly. Right up easily. Well identity of difference to someone and. But I think as this progresses we are not alone we saw a lot of you're back stories. Diseases on what to expect from laurel my fitness. Well I think at least her you know those higher I think she's. OBI hospital yeah I don't know and the effects. Yeah liberty. So. What it is earth so it. That's wariness in. Its name RI and how to get away with murder tomorrow night right here body. Even out partners. Email so begins innings as a couple minutes and.

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{"id":42914534,"title":"'HTGAWM' Star Karla Souza Dishes on Her Co-Stars Backstage","duration":"5:17","description":"The actress who plays Laurel Castillo on the ABC hit series \"How to Get Away With Murder\" gets candid behind the scenes at the \"GMA\" Times Square studio.","url":"/Entertainment/video/htgawm-star-karla-souza-dishes-stars-backstage-42914534","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}