'Hugo' Wins Awards From National Board of Review

Dawn Yanek on this year's Oscar buzz including Martin Scorsese's new film.
4:23 | 12/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Hugo' Wins Awards From National Board of Review
It's time to check out what's hot in Hollywood. Entertainment expert Don panic is here to give us with python -- yeah -- so all of the Oscar -- -- going on right now Martin Scorsese's Hugo is getting a lot of attention. It is and it just won the top spot at the national board of review awards it won best picture. And Martin Scorsese won for best director of course -- that was the family adventure film and that premiered last weekend at the box office that was not the Muppets. -- the other one the other one it's getting great buzz. But don't expect it to the issue -- -- for best picture at the Oscars. The last two years the social network and the -- -- rewarded of course they were on the shortlist but they did not win the top I don't. Also sort of a kidney is -- I've seen it yet it didn't hit movie and I found on those movies. Are busy day at a disadvantage when it comes to Oscar time they are bad it's Martin's goers say at least I don't elevated children and a great that the -- will be on the short list I believe we're best picture but some of the other movies are really the ones to watch talk about -- descendants and one right now -- A silent. Yes it's very art. -- but it's been getting rave reviews to eleven at the UN of those mega blockbusters that -- -- -- but everybody's going to be talking about it also Steven Spielberg's. War course which is coming out a few weeks that will be a certain contender Ron dawson's -- -- was also on that flat. Staying -- an interesting one we hear of great things about all these maybe that's got to get the bidding yeah I haven't seen any of them that much is I am not a catch up. But then Barbara Walters as specialists coming out the fourteen most fascinating people of the year some interesting people on outlets yes the Bristol does always debatable it's always -- This year is no exception some of the people on the list. Katy Perry signing towel -- Middleton and that's an interesting -- we. Much from -- we were seeing her Gary hair yeah let me could be seen yeah. -- -- People love -- she was the center of attention of course at the royal -- some people said she stole the thunder from -- yes but she. Through she doesn't talk much is not out there to make a fast buck and I think that's why people don't like her and admire her. On the flip side of course another inclusion is the car -- and gambling of course is everywhere I looked -- And I cannot wait to see -- Walters talking to them about Kim's 72 gay marriage and about the backlash that they're facing in for her to really not let them wiggle out of any of those hard quest I was glad to see that's it one thing's for certain somebody short sighted here we know that yes I am sorry and -- should also -- that only eight. People were mentioned so far for this list are -- -- two surprises including the top spot in this will be announced of course during the ninety minute -- -- ten total that I can't wait to see him as all are now -- little bit about Prince William Kate Middleton and Prince Harry they have been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Official ambassadors for the 2012. London Olympics now it's a little too early to set your DVR -- but mark -- calendars the Olympics are. -- going to be airing and going on between July 27 and August 12. And basically and they are going to just bring more prestige more attention of course where those tourism dollars to the Olympics of course -- -- that Arafat earlier looking on trial family you know who can compete -- back exactly it's about bringing more attention to you to all -- -- wonderful -- -- -- -- -- -- team from the Jersey -- is getting a record -- he is a -- you know one cast member of the Jersey -- Who is not in this allotted fifteen minutes of fame he has -- -- -- is not just. A reality show star he's also a really towns he DJ. And fifty cents record label Gmail took notice and they signed into -- -- will he be. DJR this will be original music -- -- -- that you are good. You know what can take a little bit him near bay and you read you look at -- has been rumored for a few months actually any dissonance and officially yesterday and there are very good now -- looks like Harry Potter will officially be going Hollywood. He well -- did he know of course we know about the visiting world of Harry Potter in Orlando this has done wonderful business for of course Universal Studios. And according to reports Harry Potter is going to be making his debut at Universal Studios Hollywood -- I think there will be a very popular rioting can't get in line now actually organic thank you so much thank you.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Dawn Yanek on this year's Oscar buzz including Martin Scorsese's new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15076320","title":"'Hugo' Wins Awards From National Board of Review","url":"/Entertainment/video/hugo-wins-awards-national-board-review-oscar-season-buzz-martin-scorsese-film-movie-entertainment-15076320"}