Olivia Culpo has fun creating ‘80s prom-style looks in 'Closet Raiders'

Husband and wife Christine and Cody Andrew put together 80's inspired looks from Cody's parents' wardrobe.
40:00 | 09/24/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olivia Culpo has fun creating ‘80s prom-style looks in 'Closet Raiders'
I'm Tanya Caldwell and this is puppetry. I'm this episode were challenging at Fenway Cody fifteen interview. Come up with the bass output of the day you can only listen please can't afford. Your challenge for today is eighties problem. Haiti's. It doesn't know pastel suits. There's over this yeah. But that's always been pretty conservative word he likes to stick to the basics of Levi jacket and every chance I don't like mine a little more tighter fit. The most part this is looking for here this panel looks like being favored. I thought that the. Ron. And. And be ready parade in rock with the cool kids sleeping you know nine times. Fly. And loving thing he's been reelected that's scary. I like an oversized well. Rec room. I love. I. Reading options. I can't be. I love you Todd Haley become like a great home base for us and we travel a lot but it always of them individual. Our eyes. And the super competitive. Again. That's when monster delivery of the simple. Clinton on sat out I think she's pretty classic. The visible me. Love. I feel comfortable but also life brighter colors feelings with the kids. Yeah like Leahy to you. What's the story behind Nancy malignant. Sport and probably. Before reportedly born anyway if he hit a homey style to me about that triggered fresh from the game on. And I. Hawaii that this doesn't doesn't live in now and abilities from. I love of god. How I love your grade pink purple purple. New male thing I love it compact. I love the raffle for a lot has happened to me if I think between his three choices is getting hot. KY. And then years without faith that meant that the one that we're gonna pay between. Sorry I'm taking a look at Cody and page now pending indictment. Dead hand of bell and over frankly there was very eighties. He was struggling just based on the placement. I'm taking a look at Christine. This skirt is no broccoli and also very eighty feeling if she was super creative. He added this really interesting that he's the scene where eighty. Christine is my favorite and he is the winner for it out we'll see you next time on plot every.

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{"duration":"40:00","description":"Husband and wife Christine and Cody Andrew put together 80's inspired looks from Cody's parents' wardrobe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50031353","title":"Olivia Culpo has fun creating ‘80s prom-style looks in 'Closet Raiders'","url":"/Entertainment/video/influencers-compete-best-80s-prom-outfit-latest-episode-50031353"}