‘Insecure’ actress on faith and pursuing her dream

Actress and comedian Yvonne Orji discusses her new book, “Bamboozled by Jesus: How God Tricked Me Into the Life of My Dreams.”
7:15 | 06/10/21

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Transcript for ‘Insecure’ actress on faith and pursuing her dream
Any nominated actress and comedian any non orgy has quickly become a Hollywood headliner she's best known for her role as Molly car church on HBO's hit show insecurity. Eagle. President Cecil tens of all of but I'm doing something but I'm away and you think this stems from Isa she crossed the line my call me how I met with Andrea is there anything you feel like you could have done differently. In the moment honestly. Now she has apologized. March and now orgy can and author to her list of accomplishments her new book is called bamboozled by Jesus how Don chick Meehan for the life of my dreams. Welcome to the show anon so good to talk to you. Isn't he makes me. So first off this has been described as not a self help book but again yours book a modern day biblical blueprint. Would you agree with that assessment. Little League yeah. Well I will not let me get itself outlook as well but a lot of time it is due. I am in the air like rated just aren't air new look at her and then you look becomes equal. Instead. Of celebrating a raging in her life not. You get your team I have visited you are suggesting that a drop the look and you didn't tell you right now lady knew anything about my life. Is yours now. And you write that as a child of immigrant parents. Your might choose mapped out for you do well in school get a good job raise a family. You call following the good Nigerian girl protocol but you say that the genius had another plan for you how did you realize ultimately went up plan once. Yeah. An Indian air which you know my name is or. We will do comedy and I never got paid and an added ink and my bury him in Sharon's. Like India career and he I didn't know to be Cleary you better and so. Yeah me the real all of our land and how are being and some I did you get the other side and look good and let me see that it worked out in the middle it. You can see the light and ended. That he believed in the aids an endless stream that is buried in the beginning. And speaking of not being able to see that light of day you shuttle three years with how to tell your parents that it you didn't want to the good Nigerian girl protocol including going to medical school take ultimately for you to be honest with them and how that conversation now. A man and I did I am as big worry is gonna. I worked in words war and Nigeria owes how great why didn't he do about it may it continue is all aimed at a little easier than breaking your heart you know an immigrant community. Become it would it would let her eyes or their children and crummy like little I think Britain is ending. And Ali and every and short of going to medical school becoming a doctor and married they're there to be sell it or an. I'm not loses you know. Tears are now be looking disappointing that Allen's wife and kind of like a news. Shell not really following my heard is not really following their aunt and I. Kind of station and no it and it shouldn't needs adding years in the eighty. And I gave them made an eighty to 88 years and either they're. Give me eight years ingredient in entertaining and immediately instead an Angel went really. Look right Monaghan in tune with. An interview causing a say that it Jesus or faith and work for anyone even if you aren't Christian or spiritual how cell. Beauty of the they can look a principals right. AMBER Alert for anybody who were principled but we we know you don't really does know the Logan branch to the principle if you didn't you. And it is a baby in it but it leaders only real life you speak their religion that our. City of the principles that are down in the apple and that's what I saying Knight is the arm from have been. But yeah late golden rule is this is not the Ager. And people were critical. I'm so. There's a net and and James and I got a look at it. Even if you say how are you LLP is being it is cool is he reading and there's something here or. And the subtitled your book is how god trick me into life of my dreams you rank and she worked out pretty well for me and I'm confident that don't work out amazingly stream to push to what do you most attribute your success because just playing devil's advocate here a lot of people can be believers and not necessarily have success at least here on her. I mean eight or build it he edited a yeah this month there will be put into what I detonate you know like. I think in the end you're paying. A starred gene. We are. On NB a that all work we didn't believe you know there's Bain. And I definitely carry last jeans during a news and lay out. In the early agent just like Brian you go do you work hard you beleaguered. So I think you know cultural. And as well as and that they anchored there is. Please you know I was in my life I'm even be on it that you're going around the youths in. Let me see you know you want to call it on HBO premium cable satellite. And I mean I can get and issued an eight year and eight as well as. Hardware raid and pray and move your feet facing each of course -- industry that's often are comfortable with religion and people of faith bush but you've been very open about your relationship with god for a long time how are you made this work trio. I did not use I didn't know there is there. Or did need her like she wanna do my bidding while. You don't playing board and the I don't I don't like. Did you hurt is myself that I can't remember the last one last year so Brittany it just works at us India relationship with YC I am and what I do. Her in 08 is and how it's never in a way words like. It doesn't bite other people and it never and we Ingrid she Siegel and so for me I didn't fortunate that I might. We view any yeah. Me and it works. Do. You mind authority we thank you so much it is certainly working for UN arms book. Samples my Jesus is now out and available wherever books are sold in on once again thank you for your time appreciate you coming on the show. It left and Amy.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Actress and comedian Yvonne Orji discusses her new book, “Bamboozled by Jesus: How God Tricked Me Into the Life of My Dreams.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"78186767","title":"‘Insecure’ actress on faith and pursuing her dream","url":"/Entertainment/video/insecure-actress-faith-pursuing-dream-78186767"}