Inside BookExpo 2017

ABC News' Rachel Scott takes us on a tour inside BookExpo 2017 to show us what's hot this year in reading.
15:50 | 06/02/17

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Transcript for Inside BookExpo 2017
Hey there Rachel's got here for ABC news and it is literally. Literary had been here it's apathetic and and seventeen booked acts now. This is the place where about 200 authors are coming to me. Or author's new lockers their peers as about the other industry leaders and publishers and book contracts off. Instant they of these their doctors and be able to come down and eat but people that they love so much that it be reading their bucks. I want to introduce you to they got as output those out. Plot pretty plastic. Eggs that are McDonald's you are the ad that director here. The plan on. Lot of behind the scenes work for sores you'd imagine there's that physical element you're basically the way out for days you're building shopping mall at night two days Najaf itself as you'd imagine the amount of freight coming through here electricity cameras on and on its. Really a herculean effort but it's so much finalists are kicked out. We have the pleasure having Bryant for our live in today he's gonna give us a walk through of the javits here. So go and kick does not believe the way. Yet let's head to remain anxious to see her Simon and Schuster they've got oats and looks at this and author signings going on what you'll see as he walked the floors a lot of mean doing a lot of meetings at tables are what happens at this event is essentially we have publishers that are coming together with. Bookstore owners librarians and retailers and just having business meetings author and or actions that sort of thing it's a trade only event at the moment. You part of this for several years what is different this year that eighty changed from last year. This year we've had a lot. We're focused on a lot of needy full interactions with. More meeting days we've really infuriated our audience are bringing really the best of the best in the retail market and give her publishers a lot of value in the course of three days and then on the author side we've done. Amazing programs at a political leaning we had Al Franken with the mark married here today we. Whitney Cummings really fun to pose for breakfast at Savannah Guthrie hosts are breakfast this morning so if they focus on author contact opposite. And of course had Hillary playing here last night she spoke last night with a highlight. Clearly the best thing at this event as it has ever been apart and her talk was just amazing she was interviewed by shows trade news. Obviously best selling author author of wild but. The conversation with so geared towards our book selling audience that there. There are captivated it was by far the best thing that we've been involved. And she didn't return as Avant after eight months and it's just two books coming out one children's book and want on actually election yes for sure one rob Moore kind of memoir life story in a children's book it takes him. So what else is there to see this is only the first lightly locking. Act we really do we really just step dead we could take a walk over here and see what else is going on there said he's need boots that the Scott's school. Interactive content and it. And just your perspective here guys here are so many people here. Waiting to meet with different publishers weeding. I'm the other authors maybe but authors that they looked up Steve little liberal but then spat broke but themselves do you also have aspiring authors here as well. Yeah we do that's a great question we have an area show for called off their market where we've worked to bring some authors and and at that point. There are meeting with folks acted either. Publisher book Riggans bookstores that sort of stuff we do we gotta hand select a hundred officers that we think have potential to be with the trade. And different publishers have booths like these ones gave Atlanta its show here David our producer here isn't it's a good spot to getting a walking backwards. I Disney is the parent company of ABC news but I do want to point out that these these political groups like this what is showcase. Different sort of looks that are coming out a lot of titles also being released here as well. Gasoline this is really the launching point where publishers want to bring their books out of it trade and all these books are coming out in the fall so there's a long lead time and started inside look for the industry. And what is the major difference that's been the event that's happening today. Vs the that the toppings knowledge is a common. A source of today is a trade on the audience and Saturday and Sunday is off fans lovers of books from. All walks of life and I'm Mary did not have to be remembered chain it's purely a fan pop culture that. Leavitt and getting another look around obviously the latest star or that about that's attracting high right now. May the force be with audio I have to grab bag it could be here not grab a block of course they mean. Come on guys this is so great ton of these really nice become participants are wars rope line and very often. Really exciting times regularly to be here need each other. Yet it is it is and you look at the franchise like this with Star Wars it's really amazing but what's great is. Star Wars is one of the greatest stories of our time not only on film but obviously it's amazing line of books that people really brave indeed in. And that's what we're finding here too I saw a lot never gonna lock pass very shortly for Wonder Woman fans that have been reading these books and comics. And then of course are falling in love with the movies as they come out. Yes I think what's important to note is yes books are the caddie oldest Marva storytelling communication but they're really pop culture and its. People are so hooked on them right now so it's it's funny all these tiny hands all these different presentations of different. Films coming tips to that the agents it's a great time. Let's keep walking near because there's a lot to get to this. A huge speed he spent about 200 authors are here. Yet to honor authors like close to 500 exhibitors. Which it said it sent shopping mall for. For those who of future. Also went by other on events not just put it I got on the pie and you have been startled or celebration in. Hey don't make some different. It. This in particular. It's so much different because. If stands books especially talking about what kind. The passion that they have in the depth of knowledge and rating to meet these authors is really out like anything else because its authors it's an autograph to it was a really able to bring people. Face to face a -- may not be able to do with that kind of a traditional. Film celebrities. And this is the line I was talking about rape here this the lines that are we eating meat on there. Wonder and there are lining up they've been lining up since we got your probably about forty minutes ago snow. They are patiently waiting very excited. I do want to see you can opt but movements you. I know I am I am I don't Adams are and the regarding these people flight number live. Apparently aren't you Wonder Woman the right side. And how it. I. Speechless leads us excited. The movie is also pretty have you guys gotten sick it's. Some things. Hopefully this weekend's. Only this weekend it's your first time here at acts. Yeah it's my first look textile luckily I was able to come here very excited and in any other authors you guys are looking forward to meeting. Com and he's in it. Ten I'll Armand we met Emmitt Sasha. And Lindsay Cummings spirit are in CNET and they're just too many telling name there there's something that you got to fix it or not they're really could be. Marriage in mass. As a master excellent value. It's like yeah. You know and they're hoping nodded agreement and. Yeah. And may the clothes I hear it look like. An op label of court really the opportunity. Act. Even higher obviously but you've been reading personal lives now you guys get back to witness lie. Think eyes and I'm gonna accurate Bryant. The guts to. Six. Let's take a look there is a little golden books busters obviously that childhood friend that so many of us throughout way. Here and we'll see that's. And again act together around applies to David naral that can't behind the camera right now he's doing awesome job walking backwards. And the Javits Center right now we're there so people. Some letters here. But so how does organized you have different sections or nonfiction and fiction and her cookbooks. We actually don't we try to cure rate the floor where we know where the most traffic as a beacon space everyone asked in a better user experience that we take kind of the biggest and kind of all spread them out so people can actually get around this place misery cram all the right opposite together it is hard to move as you're seeing right. And lessons probably learned of whereas several youth. At you sat it some hard lessons next okay. I would ask you personally who are you most excited to see. I I solid as I was excited to see and that was Al Franken marked man and it was really him growing numbers dates and states. And a little later this afternoon on it down and see. You know Patrick Harris enemies. Being awesome lineup Neil Patrick and it here Atlanta is thinking here we keep blocking. You guys eat peeked in and I but tentatively real excited about my upon. Tony I need you. Look at these beautiful display is matter here. These are gorgeous. Looks like even haven't have opportunities for people to come here and also color that looks great. Acting coloring tables here and and my five year old self is getting really excited right now Iowa athletic. Suspect dollar and that little monkey here but again it's all about inner action here and so has the chance. For not only people to come by air act each other other authors and publishers. Also chance lowered to three new notes until that I now will be happening a lot of what kind. Right Sabrina keep locking make our way through the crowds here it looks like another lying just born right in front of us. What do you guys waiting for and I hope and I think that he forming out of nowhere. So Michael Connolly will be signing his book Phillies. This is Kendall expressed a really cool independent children's publicist celebrated 25 anniversary. Here whereabouts. They. But more about planning for an event like this. I mean are you already planning 2018. Apps. Gary we've you know we worked at three year plants like a lot of other businesses react when he geniuses are ready. Well in the works will be back here in New York which were excited about leveraged Chicago last year. But it's fun but as you can imagine net book publishing event aligns. As far as. You know what else in the market we have our time injury here have a graphic novels comics. And beautiful displays that come with them as well on ATC harper Collins right in front of us here they're celebrating. 200 years of books this. Are there aren't here as I mentioned earlier is still little golden books bossy conceding its activity meant to branding and the graphical nature of that witches. Really fire event like this. Two days. Howl what did you guys have access inside get a load beautiful displays like this one after. Starter over the weekend so happy Memorial Day weekend for us that we were here and again it's up and running yeah I mean it instantly we built this matter. Cancel it days which is pretty daunting but rockets down. And what surprises you she mentioned even doing this for several years. You know this year any any new surprises. I think publishers are getting smarter and smarter about what they bring. It's at the marquis and it's all about unique experience its rating people are here almost like a film festival wherein you want to get the inside look you want to be the first of year appears to know about what's hot. And you go home and you're you're kind of that you're chattering about NASA she now with social. It seats you takes that we bring so many people together in the building but the bigger impact is. You don't need going on social and all my followers of reverend as far as ticket to see you do it's a thing really seeing a building minutes. The media and social impressions a sprawling from there. And I do ask you because has the hasn't been affected by the digital eighties. I it's been really straight to I don't know forget see it from here but we have in one of art glass studios there we have FaceBook live broadcasting. Exclusive author interviews all weekend so again back to that theme of being able to take. Amazing content put in a building. Where were all together and then blasted out to the worlds of digital has just helped us no no doubts. You begin to your advantage effort for sure and you know again that you mentioned earlier we run so many physical bands here comic constitutes you. You name it but people still want to get together based days. Pages to you some grunting okay harpercollins out. Having had been there and yes you guys are the master of all the pond and that's been silent thank thank god but but the book expo here. Hopefully we can see this 200 anniversary wall. I'm single lot of lines being one this is happening all their route being seated concern. Yet while the lines are all about getting you know getting an exclusive. I alleyway what you see here book expo is for so it looks so publishers of print. Galleys which are books before there fallible and Nazis utilized there's limited quantity. Of people obviously want us. Really excited for people that are fans that certain authors as well I come here and see those first months this is a really cool wall again harper Collins is celebrating their 200 years. I'm in this is sort of a timeline from where they started to where they are now. Yeah I'd say it's a great evolution especially around your question about digital earlier today. 81817. And all the way till amounts of ebooks and its U. Amazing and deftly has involved thank you talk about digital this is rape. Anything else that we are missing here I know this a lot to cover. Yeah there's certainly a lot one thing we did talk about matter now. What you're appetite for lines is that we are adapting area in the back in the floor that is jammed nonstop. We have that for book that's. As well. Not me wanting to think about us tomorrow is going to be awesome the public. And it should come in to to book time. Tickets we still have some tickets available at the book conduct and we're ready to roll also wrap up this trade portion tonight in just a few hours. And then turn it over and all the fans of Saturday sent. I would think you so much for giving us this sort of look inside the black expo definitely a lot this year and congratulations to you for putting on a another successful year of books and literary and I really appreciated it to thank started time you think you really appreciate it all right guys gonna sign out here. We are gonna try to bring some more interviews with some other authors and publishers here but for now I agree to stop for ABC news.

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