Inside Herman Cain's 'Sex' Brain

Jimmy Kimmel creates ad to address the GOP candidate's recent scandals.
1:56 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Inside Herman Cain's 'Sex' Brain
-- reason he had our number in his phone and called and -- with her 61 times is because he was trying to help her financially. Interest I thought he was against welfare and when this new allegation came to light yesterday Cain said it would affect his decision to run for president of this morning. He's chief of staff cities considering dropping out of the race the good news -- that probably other -- we'll have no effect on his chance of winning the presidency. Overall I I think the lesson is if you want to know whether your husband is cheating or not have -- run for president. -- -- -- -- proud to have a president with 151 ladies that would be. If nothing else make a great PH one a reality show. It does seem like -- -- and he made a speech on foreign policy tonight at Hillsdale College in Michigan and they just put out a new ad that will hopefully -- convince his supporters that he hasn't done anything improper. I'm Herman Cain. And yes I enjoy the ladies but -- only make love to them in my brain. See right there that's -- -- exactly what my secretary. In my brain. You're I had just in my life but -- also having a threesome with some ladies out recently met at a continental breakfast above -- In not bringing. Tuesday -- count. And remember that mistake got made about Libya knows -- Truman did. That time I was also -- -- jacuzzi tub with -- -- -- he's not brain. -- -- -- -- -- Herman Cain who have got a sixty -- and well.

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{"id":15054546,"title":"Inside Herman Cain's 'Sex' Brain","duration":"1:56","description":"Jimmy Kimmel creates ad to address the GOP candidate's recent scandals.","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-herman-cains-sex-brain-15054546","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}