Inside The Mind Of Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra Walks Us Through His New 6 Part Program 'Timeless You'.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Inside The Mind Of Deepak Chopra
As one of the foremost experts in mind body medicine doctor Deepak Chopra has really transform the way the world looks at the physical the mental the emotional. Well being. Of health and now he is out with a new revolutionary program called timeless Hewitt he stopped by -- talk of about this program doctor -- welcome. This is really amazing. 75 books New York Times best sellers. How -- this program come about. Less so many years been talking about the fact that two biologically it. Does not have to match you know crew and allows utilities. Chronological loses the do you avoid -- it's on your Social Security. Certificate but biologically ages ho does your biology would -- immune function and -- of cardiovascular capacity. Him into functioning sex hormones. Skin thickness you -- routing -- even. These things -- to them metabolism. These things that tell us how would you balances. And we now know that we can do things to not totally stopped at Clark. But university was. They don't really change. So -- raging inside him our society has made a lot of progress and this wouldn't put us in reason. The fastest growing segment. Of the population in the United States right know his over the age of ninety. The rate of growth and you know if -- -- look at the future. Who -- being as a country as a society. Then. As people -- -- to have to be vital they have to be contributing to society. They have to be mentally alert. There was that he -- haven't -- In -- economic system. So I'm -- the program and doesn't include any kind of regiment of Botox does and -- president doesn't include any kind of regiment a game would be and -- 57. I don't know a single income in love that's there. US -- stress free life is now that's what -- Sahara okay. Is that you think -- that's -- serious factors that are actually. S is one of the most this is fact is that those stress directly and indirectly contributes to cardiovascular disease. Sudden dad. Strokes. Inflammation and many types of cancer. Even not -- immune businesses. Everything that's related to inflammation in the -- connected to stress -- stress number one epidemic about time. Which leads also to addictive behavior which is almost number one epidemic of lead time between those -- We. Looking at a future this the bleak. I want to -- a clip a little bit about what you have said as far as this new program -- concern among them. Do we think is -- something else. That is. Inevitable. And that everybody -- -- seeing me if you think like that and that's what is going to happen to him. It on the other hand do you think that as you get to -- -- you can get more like two more energetic. -- youth -- more than life and he can you have a joyful energetic body dressed Trulia -- mind. But if you think like that your body will reflect. So this is a program that's this is that this is an in depth program. But give me three things if I want to start today that I can immediately start to incorporate into my life because obviously you're talking about a lifestyle changes well. Three things. Get really good sleep high quality sleep. Restless -- -- the aid of drugs Oklahoma. Exercise every day. And third would mean learn to manage your stress through meditation. On that is -- in the does nutrition. There is healthy relationships. That is an emotional being -- contribute and is Halloween bush Steve. Ability aging process if you think you're going to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then you -- but remember that some of the greatest contributions to civilization. Came from people -- many in mid eighties and nineties George -- not show. You know -- Beethoven not -- -- -- don't -- Picasso and did a lot of people who made. -- contributions to civilization. And then two years Nelson Mandela. At some time that's excellent points. That the program is geared towards some of that is 45 and oh older stories he can keep everyone kind of -- and everyone can benefit -- benefits Doug thumb is geared to the -- quote. A demographic of young but I events -- letter about a fifty plus. And you know it didn't really into it and living in admitting -- -- time. Of a new science let it be genetics -- -- it -- means that will how you think how you feel. How -- you believe -- used BQ a social interactions. You -- relationships. And new emotions actually can change the activity and -- expression of his jeans so -- only 5%. Point 85%. Of disease really did gene mutations. Awfully penitent -- means you can't stop them some jeans. As time has gone on some folk -- so. When you think of the gene that Angelina Jolie had that was a pretty -- -- -- that the -- a majority of gene mutations. Disease related gene mutations. Can be influenced play your lifestyle. Yeah you're talking about the fact that it does take for lack of evidence description holistic approach mean you really have to chip but what this holistic meaning holistic means inclusive of body mind and spend. -- not just the physical machine that makes thoughts. Not you just thoughts that makes -- machine. You the continuum of awareness that because body mind and -- it. And -- to include of these things in your life says it's not a choice you know -- you are inspired. To live a life. May you experience every -- he joyful energetic body rest was alert mind and what because lateness of being. Lightness of being flow. The militant. Let me ask you this then because it does take it takes it had good degree of discipline and a good to treat it degree I would imagine determination -- two to. Hyde who look exacting plans to discipline the last refuge of opinion I don't believe in any of those things. I believe in expanding into -- us and then joy for the being -- -- to live -- life. Two and fully greatness. If you have to be disciplined and all of that and in not having fun you probably die in was jogging. Rule on the treadmill and you know and that happens to people right you have to enjoy it and you can enjoy a once you give USS steel produced an opportunity to enjoy trade the program -- a week two weeks and CLU fear and anyone wanna miss it. Let me ask you this thing you talk about disciplinary and may be allowed to might approach initially approached it that the that the planet's just because the fact that he is a change of habit it's it's it's a change of habit that's the first thing here in of this say that if you do something. -- -- -- -- -- You start to create new connections between -- -- that Stotts to become a habit if you do it for 66 days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you would not. Do you would do it automatically that changes taken place Sosa speaking of discipline militant I guess may have to maker to maker relation meant it to -- -- -- other people that that. Our interest did you exude unimpeded right right -- giant I'm I do and and the fact matters and which is why most hesitant to sign up for races because to me that takes away the fun nights because I I actually enjoyed doing that you know having fun. That's not a -- anymore right. What are let me ask you this and what what do you do for fun that that you that you think might be surprising to people because I would think that a lot of people would look at you Hussein. But you have all these aspects and -- of your life it's sort of in checked and imbalance. Is there any area is there any vice that you have that that you have to address is he I use used to -- coffees of -- really good. No low on the news that is coming good coffee prevents. He's hasn't ruined and preventing fight -- -- can serve. And as -- -- and liver disease so I don't Emmy Mason moment. It's and it's impressive and and it's since for its inspirational as well as it's great it's called timeless you. It is out there now and if it's amazing it's it's a very it's a revolutionary way I think people to live not all at any age point -- really doesn't matter what and when it is. Beaten to doctor -- we thank you sort of stuff you buy appreciated --

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