Inside the Museum of Broken Relationships

ABC News' Lesley Messer gives us a tour of the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood, CA.
19:17 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Inside the Museum of Broken Relationships
Here in Hebrew and relationships we've done isn't outsourced. This artifacts good times and here. Mexico Colorado. Singapore. And when they are is. There is still the greatest every everybody's very few people alone stories what happened and what happened. And when you do. Period if he really see that he's. Each. News. In the future and actually it's a real leaders. The problems he feels. And punk it's. This happens. It could also get through it. These are there from and instantly where conflict. And this is based on museum that similar to Croatia hand it was started in 2003. It is cool and which means you. Stark and easy. Over these leaders Sunday to try. Next question are there Americans. Troubles. World Anthony. Rick work. Each. Which is where our founders. It's not indications here. We have. Silence. Hastert talks. Well he did anything mentions that her grief is universal across the world. Aaron. Our. Vision in any way it's her right. So what he makes a little spin around the museum before we start shooting and there are still needed and are packed everything around. Really sort of sweet funny and she momentous Q breast implants can you talk a little bit about the spectrum that. Yeah. Yeah yeah anything really standing just feet. Okay. Something. Anyway he shows that you. No matter what we're giving you like yeah. I like. The investor. Also its. Relationships this isn't your list behind retired expletive yeah. Relationship turns from friendships and religion. Yeah you know it just goes. Place and so there is no. It is he's everything seems so that. We really tell her not to. Well let us unity has been around and show answer can you tell you how. Very soon this is just like yeah creams him but it's. Everything it's a little. Relationship. Here this morning in Houston and specific being thank. Eight receiver to grow community. Blues fanatics who gave her one actor yeah. Good morning Bob what type of gift into the we casino and he's coming from Serbia and husbands and you Wear them hearing. Wednesday into mid cap investment. Because the Nebraska Cornhuskers person for us. He's Nebraska fan and since she closes her hand when she is going to your phone one night. And he texted her broke out there and luckily she hadn't gone yeah. She never were and never more never learned just sent on to. And ended and Syrian. Selling and tank there. This is the time of the relationship where the relationships and play is seen in Tennessee how. Back you know overtime doesn't matter. How we need here. We have people who are completely peach relationships digitally we still kind of you know he broke up their attacks there's still physical. Artifacts. Physical reminder of heartbreak. This isn't an umpire. I guess traditionally you would expect is that he winder poetry. Can he hide for such a long time and then now. I think that it had placed. Because he'd spent so much time. Writing it and and then. Currency will be written in the relationship ended twenty years ago. Twenty years yeah. CN Andy Reid. At some math. This was just. Are you sure relationship. Yeah. Because you where did. Yeah even news. Iron as. He's tired my wedding C announced. I into the season. Yeah. And he even wanted to this planet really confused and. After you know what's it now believes. It's stories like this morning leaving tired weary penny can't help that sort spinning your imagination who these people are. Where they are now what was happening now and especially their referencing things and I that we you know no mugs and violent TV shows and and development BO they beat you figure out let him. Right at you guys need. You can help learns that his first name is saying and now famous person sound. Could be okay I'll be thinking about. It's really time that we're in mind is super classic story she was paid honor student since the bat boy. Stores streets I'm Michelle Wear them here and it's him. The cable news in the hands. Amy and but the thought and on their hands and painful you know we didn't help it. He's butterfly wings of Amy. Halloween when we hear the news chance of a discovered that I wasn't the only flowers bigger than she was happy after. Poetic theory. And this is that relic from somebody. Trip to Morocco he he'd it's and they were bare hands. And she looked okay and eventually. Woman in her home Shiite pilgrim and her their lives. Sun times that. But I'm not asking to let you know this is from someone in England there's something over there Serbia and easier from all over the world did you spend. And noticed her keep listening and how did you collect it was really interesting. Is that what are her. And it's. It's our obviously just started their friends and family here in Los Angeles where there were. I really lends itself social media just running. Museums. He's done before. But it's anything. It's. Bennett and letting go some thinking helping him ponder like anything. So you. We are sorry he's giving worsening their stories here. Australia and yeah. So anything. Bullying us. It's. Really. That's evening. News colored right. We're here. Future needs all. Very yeah. Let's talk a. Yeah. Because he's so horrible he isn't really good explanation why this museum. It hurts my revenues annually use machine is the first gifts that he can earn their her birthday and then. Q that they can smash. New decor and they broke up and she just every time she tried taking out the trash can. He really I think is each. Incidents occurred about us and she's a unique place you know he didn't want away. He and dean really style. Here from and calling him wondering here. Here. So here it then you can't tell us. Classic all of its. Really wonderful it's easy to really see how each one its own. Table and Yunel. Our at least we can remember some honestly can't feel for how long it takes me because hey tapes the attack. And he needs to take out our receivers to get one especially if you wait for the radio to Clinton's long. Don't know that he knows his new home actually look here what is this. Some tips. Isn't news this is 27 years were mixed team anything. While. I also got now winnings ground in pain because that seems to me. It seems disrespect them at one point it looked. And he's. The other. This isn't really cool. I agree that is is actually instantly. Indeed it's. Turning to recover the front it is a lover and its story. Okay. Okay great. I think. Saints special needs starter home projects that Hussein would super. Experience and and people were sending in pain since it is different. Can't passions in San Diego and she does know a whole is basically. That he can hear the pain medicine. And yeah. Super OK well. Under the bed. And then pay send you this isn't really interest. Jordan and the sweetest thing you can. Business those thanks for everything that is good news. Being pregnant. And then here we this is interesting he hurt. Her act is handling given his camera and when she went to him now she realized there was already an air activated when she decided to happen. And it has lately. Soon you know he's going to be just beautiful pictures she never heard he. Thank you. And saying. Oh that was minor. Just that's GE. Everything worked. An area according. That's grammar in displays me. It's buying throughout its history tells an eye contact and he. Look at me. This year there at its new ICM. You see this whole thing come full circle thing and think its relationships honestly didn't medicine now. From my mistakes of the luck. That's and you eat also saying that you had people have very different emotions coming through to museum and some people he mentioned. Let's hear some. People you know me through me. I okay. Okay. Ten. Yeah. We love each other while he went he gathered his things that are important us to eat immediately when he's on. We'll roommates actually this together. Yeah it's also a cathartic thing and it imagine people not only to people who are donating the objects. But needy people who are going through something similar and just want to feel. It's not so alone. Anyway you know your friends delegates matter anyway I think that's when he talked about it. There's very little. Feelings. I'm hearing you can see. You're so far. Chris Nolan. Don't leave these people. Room. Don't need your object story here is leaving. Yeah I and is looking over here and CEO and it shows again that. Here. News from Los Angeles right next to this topic just from. Ireland and then we go back to you California. Study that so. You've really done an amazing job representing the whole world. Did you were. And where it's important. You know to represent I mean they're not Angeles. Chart here in the end so we fit. The bigger picture in its collective history. And so it's. Seeing how. Right. In a season. Good news three. So how often he's emptying out the objects and when we expect anyone to. We'll call projects we have NC senator. Alliance and hear stories. An ancient Romans. We. This or about six months. CN. Start losing out Jack's. I was. Story again. And T and to be clear you're not sending yapping back. Send your taxes yet you're hurting like that forget the incorporating. It's Larry. Comedian try. Okay. Yeah. So we're always. OK yeah. Spiritually. The. Is. Unbelievable. Is there anything he didn't ask you about museum or the future plans for the museum is expanding to any other city anytime you. Let's get those things can. Here we're going to be. Programming here we knew me. The readings I am happy. It's hot it's Lance remember feeling right now. Yeah. It's easier to engage. The UV OK. Well you know. Conversation. Okay. So does this time people department. Partly not accident in about it here where he beat me. And thing and didn't put the camera again and they. OK right it's been so much I will be in this museum for the rest of the afternoon probably because there's so much to look at. Thank you so much her joining us on the tour again and lastly there digital entertainment editor for ABC news and it sees him.

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{"duration":"19:17","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer gives us a tour of the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood, CA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39917414","title":"Inside the Museum of Broken Relationships ","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-museum-broken-relationships-39917414"}