An Insider's View of The Beatles

Louise Harrison, George's sister, on the new CD of rare Beatles recordings.
5:45 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for An Insider's View of The Beatles
Okay. Fifty years ago The Beatles gathered for their first. -- studio session those songs are being released in a complete collection for the first time in the US. The Beatles with Tony Sheridan first recordings -- they treasure trove of early Beatles song. And here to talk about that with -- as Louise Harrison sister of the late George Harrison. Such a pleasure having you here thanks so much for being with -- well thanks it's been quite hectic day so far I'm sure it hasn't before we Begin we should point out that today is the tenth anniversary. George's death how how is that for you. Well I know that he was -- to go -- -- it had enough of this planet no nonsense he was going through. So but I felt so many coast in the distance and I'm sure he's been with me. And -- you don't own mind Evans at the since he was such an interesting man telling -- is being such an accomplished musician he was a film producer. Even on Gardiner a humanitarian. His Sunni fights to him and he was also brother. Abrupt death -- -- that was the most important part of -- and an excellent one yes that's helpful little bit about these. That of the recordings on the CVB. Yes -- -- the interesting thing for me. Is that I first knew about it when he wrote to me from Hamburg. And telling me that. Hey you know this wonderful led German. -- produce is going to be producing us. We're going to be singing with this guy Tony Sheridan this kind of -- big shot at that time. And we're going to be the backup band going to be on record and he was jokingly said. That means that. We can sing a song. And people can hit a singing a song -- -- Austin in the south. -- -- Mood of the bandit at this period -- they know they were just a bunch of kids. That having fun they was trying to learn how to play the guitar and having fact -- -- -- and even into his forty's and fifty's still can't say. Do you think they'll ever be good at it wow -- -- and so there attitude old all the way through us. Let's strive to be better that was their goal is always to be better than they were at that moment. And when you listen to this he realized that they were taking their baby steps at that point. And it was such a big break for them to actually. Get and beckoned -- night and so. I found it really interesting especially afternoon. Remembering that his writing to me about it to actually hear it because I've never headed people is there any particular song one song that brings back memories. Now mainly because I've never heard this particular record until I got this issue of it you know but you've been hearing -- bring back that time. Not so much you know I live in the moment now moment anyway you know that I -- to to me. I think it's really good to have because I'm happy to have it because I can hear back how they -- back when he was starting out. And after listening to them for forty years now and knowing how much they progressed. And how we tremendously good -- -- to live music. It's very interesting to see how they will when they would all began anticipated -- -- hoping to get some way sit there they take you by surprise. When -- Pennsylvania. I was kind of trying to help them to get that somewhere yes and you answered the -- letters didn't you tell thousands -- -- -- found a mom and dad in fact mama died. Said to be when -- I was living in this country already and when the things started happening LB and they said. They had been announcing thousands of Canada's mission is important that we the family. Give back the love. So that's basically -- might have been doing for the last now almost fifty years. And you've been very involved with the environment as well since I had an environmental organization. -- -- how to -- a little bit about you know your thoughts about. Your brother at this point do you think that he'd keep everything that he wanted to and -- life. I don't know really that. He did because. I guess he always wanted to be better but then -- never ever achieve the U -- -- you always wanting to be better than you unhappy but. I think. He suddenly started to understand toward the end. That they contribution that the -- of them had made. Was -- very very positive one for all of the stress that it put on them and all of the you know the manipulation. And the scrutiny and everything. That eventually started to -- as well they had done so much good. And at what they had done was a very very positive that for all of the holiday -- -- them and it was worth it. The -- and you you're known now as somewhat of a documentarian of all things you don't you. You keep things accurate do you want their books out there and and films -- bother you because they're not accurate. In fact have finally been convinced him to write my own book people -- people have -- the same thing you know for years. Isn't it about time you wrote a book about that the -- I said man up. There's enough of those there as of may be allies to brochure telling you which ones you shouldn't -- because a full of nonsense. But. And they finally somebody said to be able -- -- you know. I just -- he's and they said. You may not have much longer so if you gonna do that you had to do it now so it OK well we can't wait redirected to imagine what have you back on how to talk about it when it getting thank you.

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{"id":15049846,"title":"An Insider's View of The Beatles","duration":"5:45","description":"Louise Harrison, George's sister, on the new CD of rare Beatles recordings.","url":"/Entertainment/video/insiders-view-beatles-15049846","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}