New iPhone Excludes Headphone Jack

Consumers are outraged at the newly-designed iPhone.
2:26 | 09/08/16

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Transcript for New iPhone Excludes Headphone Jack
They know I'm phone Sabbath. Has been an ounce. And people are freaking out because it doesn't have a head phone Jack. It'll come what come put on that time time. Called opt out how act isn't going to be awesome as completely wireless and individual here Matt's call air high and you know look you got all my everything else. They. Start remodeling their computer and I don't have desk guys Ani mar and it's the same way I'll get used to it if you want you buy an apt daring upon went into it not a big deal let's look at the plus side you it. Still better cameras front and back to you teach you speaker's top and he get extra home button a does extra features. And there's a jet black. But it only comes enough I can't do gigabytes which is like over he added actually does. It will actually make a phone call for you. From what they said. It's just these two little things that you can lose our air Aaron Sorkin you you have people lose accords are at Canaccord doesn't because those cords breaking news still got to pay that he thought Alice to get more of hundreds of points. Yeah now are about their wireless. As loud as people and and get a gridlock that you can't get. Albany earbuds if you want to just get over the air wireless. I have an auxiliary Jack that can next says. That thing at the bottom right doesn't cause nothing's right I'm ready which is why this is they had just didn't have a if you. So much about people. Because every time something new comes out everybody panics right I'm one of them I don't necessarily like change all time I used to my finding used the my little protocol in the second I that you still at some innovative person not act on down says now we don't have a wire now we don't have this so I think everybody saw only person massive audience it but you know in five months everybody you'll love it and then come out something new cell. Apple for ignoring people like me and early I know. It's not entirely off let me just upgrades. They have you know highlight redwoods lost a diaphragm and hang up a bit. Yeah. To make you make thing I realized about a mile car had been killed and I went yeah. You know where it is.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Consumers are outraged at the newly-designed iPhone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41951589","title":"New iPhone Excludes Headphone Jack","url":"/Entertainment/video/iphone-excludes-headphone-jack-41951589"}