Jason Segel and Ed Helms on Comedic Acting

"Jeff, Who Lives at Home" stars talk about getting laughs.
6:41 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Jason Segel and Ed Helms on Comedic Acting
I was on the truck the truck came here back here I was meant to have a meeting -- destined. I learned something. That surprised. -- But blue line through musical acting. Is all about him not. Acting you know you it absolutely it's about doing a little bit and I think I have another acting -- and what. It's also. About making a case that matches the words used in -- -- This is why we have no business being here it's if I -- -- tarmac at the open market. I don't know what directors -- giving -- -- -- -- -- I -- emotions I think that and -- -- -- you want to pretend to be -- yeah. You can't do that -- I don't I can work with the. Sometimes -- without. Dialogue without anything just that's what I wanted to -- the debt. That you get together to meet to discuss being in movies and playing that wanted to do very Costner without speaking to. Why did you look at each -- and going and I'm doing that -- to. Yeah but you want to -- -- I wanted to do acting prevention act to a charge recharge you know welcome but I think you have a coffee. Yes that's I hate so please. The budget of -- -- for the apartment. And you know that's yeah. It now. -- -- -- -- -- But I'm unclear what we're doing. -- -- scientists look no. It's a tribute to the artists got beaten. We. Didn't help them but I don't know. It would help with the equipment. Who's got -- light switch. Why don't you just go in there and sit and talk to a -- -- you have no idea how adult relations where do you I need to find out exactly what's going on -- have the upper hand later. This is -- needed to costs. -- make small. And it's going to open this guy he's the once -- goal. That he will he will probably crush. Jet at the box. I hope so just -- -- and I and I hope fight crime and Oppenheim is that we did you know it's all dollars and up -- -- -- either way. It. So when they feel it when all the people that married -- agents publicists they have. I hear each on big TV shows network T -- sir I'm that you mother of the office -- there. -- handled -- billions box office read. The -- the -- And you brought the market back to us and then you say to all the people I'm doing this -- was that the -- via the 22 cents. Yes what did they say yes. I think everyone knew when the script -- that we are going to be so incredibly proud of the final product. It's as simple as that and the -- -- into the -- it does or something like this you know I remember. The in this movie is its the biggest movie that the two plus two others have done. And it there is a grams. Sort of ending which I loved. When I read it. But I remember when I -- Lars and the real -- for example couple years ago I haven't stopped thinking about it for some reason. And when I read this script and it's I felt like a similar quality like I'll I'll be thinking about this story from long time and be proud of the performance that I get to -- That's what -- about it. -- -- You know -- let's say hello -- -- pick up -- I know. I thought that maybe your somebody else but he -- what do you do in the days that you're not cleaning you really wanna know. You might do us some industry Canada not Iraq that I didn't say that -- a threat to your mother you have -- that's not good counters and have a mom. With credible and really is and you kind of feel like you made it by association. When you -- and that's -- Smithfield indictment on an amendment that you somehow earned acting with the president and -- he's just incredible now. And and smoking -- he means -- What 11 -- Yeah that nobody -- -- kicked out of the the only acting against the movie that was actually it was an attractive to -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he came across. -- All right we always go out -- -- Yes. We've been told to book beautiful -- and then you comply. It could be -- title song for Jeff with a home without any punctuation and all but yet we're can be anything that comes to. -- -- compose a song spontaneously are due to a picture lately it's been. It. I don't know I think comfortable in the spirit of the department of what they want him. I think that people are waiting for it. -- -- We may aid. Mood. Me. -- looked up from. These -- it's called -- -- is that go home. If who've seen June live book. Change. Or. A rare. And -- not hyperbole. Is accurate. There's actual. -- is actually. There are fears here that -- clean and yet. It's more than -- could have imagined. I think that. It's alleged the Broadway they and that it really can it can work. -- like to -- needs work. But I liked it. In the awkward uncomfortable. Yet humorous way. Amen thank you both children unit that was a -- and make you.

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{"id":15932668,"title":"Jason Segel and Ed Helms on Comedic Acting","duration":"6:41","description":"\"Jeff, Who Lives at Home\" stars talk about getting laughs.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jason-segel-ed-helms-comedic-acting-jeff-who-lives-at-home-interview-entertainment-15932668","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}