Javicia Leslie dishes on her role in CBS drama 'God Friended Me'

Javicia Leslie opens up about her new TV projects.
16:12 | 02/08/19

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Transcript for Javicia Leslie dishes on her role in CBS drama 'God Friended Me'
It's Candice Williams ABC radio and I am very happy and pleased to have a beautiful young amazing talented actress sitting right across from me you can dance and Tony Guillen led clean REE. I also. Gray I love I've only just given up on me he beyond they have their native plant. And her guru in Russia. It is that this Alvin made the added that parents might. Expect that. All we talk about what weeks we have seen your face on which is an amazing theories and CBS all got pregnant meet. And first and foremost congratulations. On the second scenes and renewal all exciting. Yeah dad talk about just first off you play out the Alley or buy it did to know a little bit about you we knew cared today way. You play out edu and you than sensible. This weird that holds a family together I mean you have absent out in your own Jeter Alex that but I often give good advice yet rather mild to. You know is trying to figure out the dynamic between him and his father are in what not. When you first heard of this series what are your thoughts because it's funny I was talking about actually watch it here on Sunday in what not a not like I thought that very feel good type of shell yet but coworker who with the and it is about so you're finally get them on attack or your thoughts when you first heard about the series in the character you'd be playing a bit tighter. Those in just being but it didn't. I'm so used to people. You know productions. I mean interesting ways to get attention that I didn't think too hard into the tied yards and a wrap the project in love issues like this and kid says student who was also like. The voice. Of like. Of of just understand teen and end. Really like balancing because people get into their emotions in his heart for them to think clearly in cheese and voice of reason that allows. Another person to see the other person's perspective. And so I have older brother and I read the scene that kind of by this is just mean remember the dining haven't harassing Asian way. Indeed these united is your bag and nice Ryan and that's really what this conversations of happening between her her Brad and I. He's Epperson on his looks at attendance has come on you know that I. I mean I think we feel that we also. Feel like. You know this is something where it's very relatable yet he even if it leaks and of it being about you know up miles an in his you know being an atheist and him trying to. To unravel the mysteries of of of of why he's getting these French suggestions and act like a whole premise of the show yet. Until look different dynamic in with and the gang and exactly which I feel like anybody can relate to. At the end of the day. Talking a little bit about the show an an and how you are part of it you know is an engaged because we're trying to find this in the history that have do you have any insight. On where there. Kinda go I'm this year I am not mine I do not now. Like every time I we get that you know right now there partner Mimi two to three episodes ahead of reunited. Over not that far ahead and you and I still don't now. Enact any yet so we still have some street ego. Yet it's more than just that like that's cool to have the underlying mystery but with any show with Cheney you know never television Ari showing generally have to have the canyons in and the members. And the cast members and things like I needed to see his relationship between now and care and that kind of late development. You get to see his relationship between you know mouse. Our dad and I in how hard it wasn't lost her mom's lead and losing that in an interview kind of holds and together in in even need to step up. I needed to see me struggle with. I'm not ever sure movements sexual ID I'm struggling with. The world's perception of me once I'm out I'm very top name in who I am you know my character in. I I am a proud lesbian but I feel like I'm a part of that your or armor preachers daughter yen you know Damian arm in the world right now where it's really hard to be. A female a lesbian in black man so you Connie to deceive that whirled around Alley as well. Yeah I. I think what's interesting and you kind of segued into my next whole thing is that. You know your character definitely has complexity. And I and I would love for you to kind of get your thoughts on that complexity I think he kind of touched on it just then. Let the idea of being in the church you know this this is not necessarily a religious shelled by any means. It's a show that deals with you don't like real family dynamics and you know obviously there's plenty of people of faith you know investing within the black community you know pardon the black churches in the or even. I'll be having that an and old ideologies. But you know you being says. Person playing this person who has you know an out. A woman as UK and and you know what what are your thoughts on that and and how how are you going to position yourself in this character because the tricky you know it's. I take kind of personal because I remember being in church. And I heard a past. Really talked down to the gay community and I looked around the church and no it. That's a lot of gay men in the church at the time like I I looked and I knew them because iconic group are Al Menem to site. Most of your congregation. Is exactly who you're talking about and I don't think a lot of people I don't I can't speak for anyone I don't continuing chooses. To be jacking you are WR. End. You know the one place I don't think he should be harder to be yourself is the church now because you should be you'd most genuine self me coming. And so I comments at that as a way of saying I am honored to be that voice of that person that doesn't feel represented. It's so cool because it did episode yesterday. Where GO is talking about you know how to parishioner who came how and there they're struggle wasn't there coming out there's a tried in the either struggle was with the Turks still allow them to common worship in at least in respect and love him. And you know how I feel about them being. You know the the reverend. And he he just basically say you know having that parishioner who is my daughter showed me. That god is love. Got his understanding. And got is his acceptance of each other people and I am not be named to be a part of that story because those voices are not heard. In a charts atmosphere and charts story you know. I'm just curious and I think you know you kinda give us little tease about what to expect. Will there be more our opportunity for this narrative on the show I know we're still following. Smiles and his pursuit of these suggestions in helping people what not but. That's a very interesting dynamic to while houses an atheist and he's dealing with that type of battle we're well. Yes you're also having your own yet so you know for the first season was very important to establish. A story ailments which is a story that is with the show was about. If you watch any series as a series developed angles in the league starts against yourself. In sell yet you'll get to see how he kind of like. Maneuvered through this world. And and you know seasons role she's won for her psych degree of course. In the in you know dealing with the complex via our our relationship with her Brad there and seventeen to be that strong beam energy there. Yet you'll definitely especially in season to watch a lot of that the yeah. That's very exciting in and I think it's it's also Greek and yes such amazing Cassie are working with. I me come. Just amazing I think actors all across the board what had SE gel could I've seen a new doesn't bring scandal on me how I did well. Well you know how it. Once I found out that problem was my dad happy valley and makes me a Kerry Washington sisters. And I had some big she used the field and I'm here demand. And he's so much fun to work with in he's also directing a few episodes so it's kind of like actors who can't sometimes worked with GO. I'm Brandon irony leg pretenses. We sometimes it's a problem we have seen together because we can't laugh in the singles for violent moves like this natural. Outs in dean. By talented beauty and then we have serie who is literally callais areas like they did write the word insurgent who makes that character Iraqi national funny. That that's good if it seems like a very close that type of group or egg yen I can imagine now I have to say. Out in very different than character that I see new ad I have to imagine that Perez from the Latin. The family visited. OK let's get into that briefly. First off obviously this is a dare he. I guess people loved this book yet. And it is it is you know they I think it's eat away at the news and selling yes. It's like a cult classic for many people cell. First off did you know anything about the look now at to act like waves of Wilbert here in and I think at the time. I'm misery mean like a lot of like books apparently that you know then again. There muggy called street fixing but yeah street I was on my Dakota's whenever right. I still that they get accurate or not yet have a foot after I have a hadn't heard about it and it also because I. The head the east calls back not from DC but it is is a different kind of like each year and easy. And sole win when the party keen to mind as I read in and just. This hour yes. Yeah I take it means. Like she's. Play here about lake guns but sexy but play. You know sassy she has the worst attitude ever sometimes but she's loving issue a rat or die for her family. I'm really into you know mixed martial arts so she doesn't really tacked up the show and that with the Perkins avenue B and do things I do. When I gimmick I Brad do a lot of guns I love gunplay in lake you always pull in different weapons and things like that she's. And like my ultimate goal is to be an action film though you don't get to hear the story mentioning any historian Mike. The black email action Starr. Or you don't get to hear the story of like a black and me that was product while in down there the spoiled brats generational you know what I mean in his. Is critical acclaim that road show that we can be every different you know facet of wood with a human being needed and so I I low. And it. Yeah I'll I have because the characters just move very different act. How how does it. How do you go between to you because I can imagine I mean I don't know. I would think that sometimes when hearing your parents vote you Kagan of oh wait in this latest paid about it I've read Indians on its opponent Renee goes completely different I think that the. OK so one of the hardest parts with the fact that I was filming both shows saint. So I was literally going from. Whenever I wasn't filming in New York Kaplan said Alina machine. That there were two dipping characters I'm Jim and I in an emotional as head in I. Low key need to probably go to therapy in so acting is my hair he's so. For me it was a relief in of the release. You noting mean like there's a scene where at their man right there on the shuttle eyes. IA how I'm doing is like training late night time writing and while I'm doing it for some reason. I can't not mean UBC had not do these you cannot stop crying in my. I needed bat like yeah it's you know. Our art our craft is are released you know it's ought to be able to go back or in Ed did very inches because I I am trying to. You know having seen episodes in and look at stuff. Gar. And tried to make sure they lived in definitely okay well of course. You know family business beads he. Is there SE a two for that do we know ahead at Ingraham waiting and they have a lot of projects and yet they do daisy ad but I am. I'm so happy for them Americans all of them evenings and I hadn't seen me TSE. Is like my friends on games people play that you become Miss America it's like some really mega projects are coming now and I think that. Because of that we kind of like waiting to find out wind we come back and get. At the time we were number ten and cable TV. Yet all cable TV. Aaron never retained yes. Easy as it is funny because I'm trying to understand you know between its two I mean who bagel -- welcome you know lot. She asked that things till the fat fat. It's sassy right TVs at CNET TV today but she's very intelligent to Connie you did sometimes play. Vs bears it's like Allentown out to you out despite Brett actually they and their own thing yet. I lean toward the mean do you would you find one over another book completely opposite me alleys is being irrational. I think I'm rational act acting. I tents they allowed imports myself in how she is it's our goal to go out. Give every once and I have a learned and might be better sometimes just keep viewers see yourself until summer apps. As an in my pocket at least youth are preaching. And I am not pairs in any way shape reform added in beta amyloid a barely into the but she her attitude and if William is senator Bradley Nancy is. Out of this world but its settlements and is so much. And that he had. Well you mention of the primaries in Jiri carrying on that rainy where where are you with he's down it's tricky because. Got for enemies of CB Asia. In sell if you're a viewer in your watching CBS. And watch a character on once and meet current and was completely different here sometimes you've incidentally is not happening. Ages means. Efforts. Now I'm but Alton where are kind of like a cult favorite as well they come from the original Ceres which was originally cast. Reese and Gooding junior in richer las and so. You know Sheryl Lee Ralph reins girls. And I in Jermaine rivers we played those characters as the newer version. And you you're talking about I mean of light of Latin bouncy bouncy kill is not vendors sell. They never they led the and then literally have been exceeded all of us Nazis. Lag Sheryl Lee Ralph is on theories in an acting denying and Lance is OnStar is it and it you know it's just like. Comedian. I mean. It's lay back and then didn't you. I'm Menard had anything positive way and yeah I. Now. Wonderful well look you so much for talking to me and Indian aching I'm not your day talk. He began it Aaron I have absolutely. To be yet been a pleasure and an idly by eighteen and Sunday sending night because you know this woman right here she submitted by its at. And a adding. Check back. I got offended me and of course the BT theories and the business. On. Great. It's wheat we wrapped that I had a season last week the brightly. All eyes on him and yet has yet so just the you haven't watched the whole things. In. Well think again I can't easily at eight EC radio citing. Off. It.

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