Jeb Bush Weighs in on Donald Trump's Christianity

Trump recently won the endorsement of the Evangelical president of Lincoln University.
2:15 | 01/27/16

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Transcript for Jeb Bush Weighs in on Donald Trump's Christianity
She is the gift that keeps on hitting Donald Trump was just endorsed white evangelical Christian leader and Liberty University president. Jerry Falwell junior and candidate Jeb Bush was asked if he'd thing. Hunt and Donald top is really good for instance Eilat. No I I don't know what he has his pulpit because the kind of relationship he says he invested here. Wayne. Shows that users. Just accepting the fact that we make mistakes that you seek forgiveness. That's that's one of the tenets of Christian faith they all everybody. Well I. Its currency you know but apparently he's not the only one questioning Donald Speight Nebraska senator Ben saps. One is of trump has repented for his quote many of fans who married women. I'm not saying that this is what it is but at ease. Apparently quite to have. Won't go on and you know it is bucks in his box while trump says you know I I've been with all these famous women I'm not naming them but there really under the name is Harry not at all married and is this. And I and may we want is he's the only one that could get away with his exact I no he brought up. Bill and Hillary and we did cautioned him about going into people's personalize because his has also been checked her out so do you think it's something people. Do care about is it a mistake. Bringing that it's interesting he's the one who's admitting he had affairs them and Hillary's the one who's getting hit her husband's a Fayette and so it's really not equal it's. It's not Malcolm. Really can't how many affairs they all have I don't care about their religion I just can't can they. Running a passionate and that's all I care. I think it's a double standard I think we hold him to a different standard whether we. We believe it or not and I think it's because he's not a politician and we think we think of them as a reality star I you don't need so I think he keeps away with so much more. Than any other politician yet that it's not commit acts I don't think it's even that simple it's because he's Donald Trump. Not whole lab a different level than anyone else in this campaign and I think it's like an anomaly we never seen or.

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{"id":36553827,"title":"Jeb Bush Weighs in on Donald Trump's Christianity","duration":"2:15","description":"Trump recently won the endorsement of the Evangelical president of Lincoln University. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/jeb-bush-weighs-donald-trumps-christianity-36553827","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}